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[[ Read Pdf ]] Ò You Will Obey ½ Meet Michael Baines Happily Married Career Man By Day Submissive Slut To Other Men By Night For Years, He S Kept His Double Life Hidden From His Friends, His Family His WifeBut Everything Changes When A Mysterious Stranger Uncovers Michael S Dirty Little Secret A Stranger Who Has Just One, Simple Demand For The Man YOU WILL OBEY Now, With His Back Against The Wall, Michael Has No Choice But To Submit To This Unknown Tormentor, Coerced Into Following His Sadistic Instructions And Enduring His Brutal Punishments, Thrown Into A Kinky World Of Mindgames, Manipulation, And Sexual Slavery Used, Abused, And Degraded, Michael Will Be Broken Down And Pushed Far Beyond His Limits But Nothing Will Prepare Him For His Elusive Master S Twisted Endgame AUTHOR S NOTE This Is An Adult Story Focused On Themes Of Bondage, Discipline, And Sadomasochism Between Adult Men Subject Matter Includes Explicit Sexual Activity And Increasingly Intense BDSM Scenes Captivity, Electro Torture, Dubious Consent, Watersports, Fisting, Enemas Etc , And Is Intended Purely As Erotic Fantasy For Mature Readers If Such Material Offends You, Or If It Is Illegal To Own Or Read Such Material In The Area Where You Live, Then You Should Find Another Title The concept is interesting, but it s true It s not actually a m m romance.And I m very put off that GR deleted my reviews. Ugh this was het romance masquarading as m m BDSM Loved the beginning, then the end made me feel unclean. Hmm And another one, where GR deleted my erstwhile review. I picked up this short after reading Breakdown Motel, which was one of the hottest M M reads I d found recently It s a clever little story, but just doesn t have the scorch factor of the other book The writing is solid, but I just didn t care for the main character as much as Danny in Breakdown I think, in the end, this was because the story was just a bit too short for the author to develop Michael s characterization.VERY MILD SPOILERS FOLLOW view spoiler Michael Baines is a closeted BDSM sub who has just scratched the surface of the local scene Happily married okay, this was a bit of a stretch for me, since we re talking the gay BDSM scene and successful at his day job, he receives a note at work from someone who knows about his kink And thus ensues a bit of a mystery as the blackmailer orders Michael about, drugs him, etc Without spoiling the end, which is clever, suffice it to say that Michael s life will never be the same again hide spoiler