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A fine examination of the Grand Gulch area of southern Utah I felt as though I was there with her and would still like to explore the area like she did Zwinger covers a lotnatural history, geography, Native Americans and local history The illustrations, by the author, are a wonderful addition to the text. It was due back at the library before I could finish, so I only got through 3 of the canyons But I enjoyed her keen interest in plant, people, and animal history of the canyons as well as the immediate experience of hiking them. Zwinger proves, as I had forgotten she was, to be a most eloquent writer on the wildernesss values and emotions it evokes for those of us who seek it repeatedly In a single chapter here she covers the wide range of feelings on knows from fear to deep contentment A fine read about a land that is still very wild and largely untrammeled. Ms Zwinger s love song to the canyonlands of Southeastern Utah Here you ll find deep geology, color in a world of bluff and gray, the mysteries of ancient people, and Child s secret knowledge of water Ms Zwinger s love of this little, rugged pocket of rock and sand is obvious Makes you homesick for places you ve never been. |Download ☨ Wind in the Rock: The Canyonlands of Southeastern Utah ⚔ Lively, Readable Nature Writing As She Details Several Treks Through The Beautiful, Rocky Canyons, Zwinger S Feel For The Animals And Plants Native To This Arid Region Enhances The Precise Sketches Which Punctuate The Text Readers Interested In Ancient Indian Cultures Of The Southwest Will Also Find Fascinating Reading, As Zwinger Describes Their Campsites And Lifestyles Library Journal