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( Read Epub ) Ô Boston Jane: Wilderness Days (Boston Jane) ⚤ Remember You Make Your Own Luck Abandoned On The Frontier By Her Faithless Fiance, Jane Peck Prepares To Head Home, Only To Learn That The Philadelphia Life She Once Knew Is No But Can A Proper Young Lady Find Happiness As The Only Woman In A Primitive Pioneer Settlement Armed With Only A Finishing School Education And Her Natural Determination, Jane Must Endure Life With Her Flea Bitten Landlord, A Perilous Manhunt, And The Traps And Hazards Of A Blossoming RomanceWill Jane Survive The Challenges Of The Wild, Uncharted Frontiers Of Friendship, Love, And The Washington Territory I absolutely love this series I finished Boston Jane 1 at around 12 00 A.M I was so intrigued and then went out to buy Boston Jane 2 because I was so excited I was not disappointed I finished this book in 2 days This book is awesome Okay, now, I m editing this review, two years later I still totally love this book, even though I ve outgrown the age group Vibrant, fun historical fiction You love Jane because she has SO many faults she s so real I love Keer ukso, and I kind of have a crush on him But Jehu.oh my gosh he is just so wonderful Like, seriously, why can t people like him exist in real life Unfair Total fun for kids, teenagers, and adults. I liked this better than the first It could also be called Jane Grows Up or Jane Gets Over Herself b c that s what happens The time frame is relatively short, but she grows a lot Of course, her father died and she spends the whole beginning of the book wallowing in self pity Then she gets eaten by the jealousy monster with a new woman in the settlement Her woe is me, and poor little me and nobody loves me attitude is finally broken in the wilderness and she truly becomes the Jane I hoped all along she could be She s often described as plucky or spunky Maybe Certainly not in the first book, butso here, though I m still not sure those are the right words Gotta love Jehu Patient enough that we know he loves her, but not willing to let her be her worst self Yeah, he s the best part of the book I loved it when he told her she was prickly. If you liked this book, you might also enjoy I m reading this series at the request of my 13 year old This second book is a fun and innocent story with a stubborn, yet likable heroine 3.5 stars.