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Very motivational Great read This book helped me to understand myself and the man I claim to love I have started the healing process and hope to one day be free #Download ð Why Good People Cant Leave Bad Relationships ⚥ Have You Ever Wondered How A Nice Person Like Yourself Became A Magnet For Louses, Lowlifes, Lunatics And Liars If So, Then This Book Is Definitely A Must Read For You Trust That It Will Help You With All Your Relationships, Including Personal, Professional, Platonic, And Romantic Ones More Importantly, This Book Will Help You Have A Better Relationship With God And With Yourself Be Prepared To Be Shocked As You Learn Just How Bad Your So Called Good Traits Can Be To The Good To A Fault People The Great Enablers , Cindi Sansone Braff Will Be Seen As Their Saving Grace To The Self Serving Narcissists The Unfixables , She S Definitely Going To Be Their Worst Nightmare Top Ten Reasons Why You Need This Book Now Please Answer True Or FalseI Like To See The Good In Everyone, And I Give Everyone The Benefit Of The DoubtI Believe Everyone Is Like Me And Tells The Truth, Or At Least When They Re Lying, They Know That They Re LyingI Believe I Can Fix People, And I Feel Bad When I Can T, Because Somehow I Feel It S All My Fault AnywayI Forgive Easily And OftenI Am Extremely LoyalI Feel Bad When I Have To Walk Away From People, Even When They Ve Hurt MeI M A Peacemaker And Rarely Express Anger, Even When People Have Hurt And Betrayed MeI Tend To Turn The Other Cheek Therefore, I Make A Lot Of Excuses For People S Abuse You Know, I Feel Bad That They Had Bad Parents, Blah, Blah, Blah, Yada Yada YadaI Never Make People Account For Their Bad Actions, So, Everyone Gets Away With Murder Around MeI M A Giver, And I Really Don T Expect Much In Return After Reading The Above Statements, And Answering True To All Or Most Of Them, You Re Now Thinking Wow I Really Am A Nice Person Think Again These Personality Traits Are The Ones That Keep You Trapped In Unhappy And Unhealthy Relationships Reading This Book Will Give You The Strength And Courage To Know When Enough Is Enough You Will Be Shocked To Learn That The Above Traits Are A Form Of Narcissism What, Me A Narcissist Yes, Good People Have Their Own Form Of Narcissism, But I Will Refer To You As A Well Meaning Narcissist, As Opposed To A Self Serving Narcissist Having The Above Personality Traits May Make You Look Like A Saint, A Christian Martyr, But Isn T It Egotistical Of You To Think That You Can Fix People And That All The Mess Of The World Is Your Fault If You Possess Any One Of The Traits Listed In The Above Ten Statements, Or, What S Worse Many Of These Traits Then You Really, Really Need This Book Beg, Borrow, Kindle It This Little Good Book Is Your Survival Guide In A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World I stopped after I read the phrase only 30% of the people in the world are genuinely good in the introduction I would like to see the corresponding study After all I was expectingthan a simple separation of good and evil in 30 and 70 percent This is binary and just too simple Most people will probably fall for this simple idea, because it automatically makes them part of the good minority while reading it idealizes them The reality is The world is not so simple, unfortunately Anyway I ll give a second star for the apparently good ideas of the author, mentioned by the other reviews. Best book everThis book was so good I was at my worst and it helped me understand a lot about myself and other people thank you So this book was written by a psychic which I m still not sure if I believe in and she does note on the law of attraction here and there which I don t for the most part believe in but the book was super helpful regardless I was able to see that after a certain age people are very unlikely to change, especially for someone else, and that if a person has traits I can t deal with at the beginning I need to run far away I was able to see that the belief that I could change someone was narcissistic and that it is God s job to set up situations to help someone change, not mine I was able to pinpoint manipulation techniques other might use on me and this book helped me to finally block someone on Facebook that I ve known is no good for quite a while I m hoping with the info I ve learned from this book that I will be better able to walk away from bad people right away from now on I also learned that if I don t learn the lessons God tries to send me they will come back to me over and over in this case in the form of bad relationships and that is something I can definitely do without. Cindi is a gifted psychic as well as a relationship coach who incorporates the psychological theory of Transactional Analysis into this outstanding book, giving credit to its founder, of course It is a brilliant combination of spirituality and science Although she is known as The Romance Whisperer , her book is not at all limited to romantic relationships If you are an overall good and kind person, read it even if you are single You will most likely recognize yourself, to some degree, in at least one of the scenarios she describes And then, read it again It can rid you of the idea that the grown up you are should tolerate any kind of toxicity from another adult, whether romantic, family, friendship, work, neighbors, your doctor, you name it And, if you ever need clarification on any issue in your life, I highly recommend booking a private phone session with Cindi too