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4.5 Daniel starsBless me, Father, for I have sinned It has been fourteen days since my last confession I have had I have had impure thoughts about a man in my care The priest s voice registers a mixture of distaste and boredom And what impure thoughts are these, my sonIt is a unique, beautifully written book Short but packed Mr.White is a mystery that i would really like to solve It is intense I need.Finally my book hangover is starting to fade.Thank you Moony for this little gem Hugs. DNF.Sorry, I just have problems reading books written in PRESENT tense They always seem so detached to me, and this one especially Maybe it works great with the story and everything, but I really don t care, I don t like reading present tense POV and that s that.Thanks for the recs guys, I m sure I would have liked it if it was normally written D You know when you finish a book and you just stare at the kindle and keep clicking the doo dad hoping for something , just one sentence, one word even, just please Then there is no but you are still staring at the freaking page Just breathing and staring, and thinking about everything you read swallowing back the lump in your throat, all the while knowing that it was one of the most beautiful stories you have ever read.Well, that just happened to me John T Fuller has created an outstanding novella here Set in the early 20th Century.Dr Daniel Archer is our narrator he is a physician at Link Hill mental institution who battles with his pious conscience and professional ethic when he develops a dubious affection for one of his young patients When Archer looks at his patientArcher feels his heart clench, an exquisite ache of such magnitude it scares him, as witness to this rapture such as one touched by the LordAs Archer goes about his job at the mental institute, battling his growing feelings and searching for justification in his methods just to be near the silent Mr White, he also unconsciously describes the day to day treatment of the patients This in itself is an appalling look at an era of terrible treatments and abuses against the mentally handicapped When Mr White begins to respond to the Doctors treatment, through music and attention we discover his talent for mimicry to draw, dance and play any instrument This spurs Archer Could Mr White feel the same way Does he want the same thingLooking up into White s face, the doctor feels like his heart might burst he is recognised special, belovedFuller creates an effortless Victorian Gothic mood for this book The writing is faultless and enthralling This novella encapsulates everything you could want in a story, and then some.Whatever moral issues I questioned about what the Doctor was doing, I knew it was right The kindness and compassion he shows and the fierce protection over Mr White is a testament to the man he really isIt s not always a very pleasant read, but it s compelling and beautiful and sickening and erotic and exciting and dramatic in just the right mix to make it unforgettable It manages to portray a really surprisingly tender love story without ever dulling down the terror of what doctors used to do to their fellow human beings in those asylums Richard Rider s review John T Fuller is a genius story teller A must buy author for meThanks for the recommendation Richard Madness is fascinating, the idea of a mind turning on itself or giving up, losing all sense of purpose and identity and desire Humans are appallingly fragile I believe very little separates us the sane from them the broken The first thing I love about this story is this theme, and how Dr Archer coaxes his mute, fragile mental patient, dubbed Mr White, view spoiler out of his perceived madness hide spoiler [ Read Pdf ] ⚆ When the Music Stops ☧ When A Handsome Young Mute Man Is Admitted To Link Hill Insane Asylum, Dr Daniel Archer S World Is Turned Upside Down Whilst Dr Archer Battles His Inner Demons, His Superiors Begin To Suspect That The Doctor S Interest In His Patient May Be A Little Than Merely Professional But Who Is The Mysterious Mr White, Is He Really As Unknowing As He First Appears To Be And Can Love Possibly Triumph Even Against Such Stacked Odds 3.5 Play it again, Sam Stars Book SynopsisWhen a handsome young mute man is admitted to Link Hill Insane AsylumSOLD Yeah, I didn t need to read any further The author had me at mute asylum you should though, because there s a lot to the story and this chick s lazy Toodle oomwah 4.5 stars, with a rare round up Damn y all, this was amazing Beautiful, evocative storytelling Where did this author go I don t have it in me today for much of a review, but if you can stand some moral ambiguity in your stories, I highly recommend this one Maybe after I re read it, which is definitely going to happen, I ll write. All we need is loveGosh It was pretty INTENSE..And in a perverse way BRILLIANT.Utterly TWISTED..And sooooo GOOD WRITTEN It grabbed me from the first page and didn t let me go until the last wordDanielIt is not a typical candy romance Link Hill is an Insane Asylum Doctor Archer and his errant patient Mr White don t fit in a predefined love couple scheme view spoiler I was afraid it wouldn t have a HEA The title The cover Can you imagine to be happy after reading a book with THIS title and THIS cover BUT I SWEAR, I WASDanielhide spoiler THIS BOOK GRABBY HANDS John is a really good friend of mine, I m so pleased he s decided to publish this novella because it jumps up and down on all my buttons so hard that I m not even ashamed, even though I sort of feel like I should be I recommend this to EVERYONE who s into erotic historial m m fiction, even if you think you find the subject matter a bit repulsive and inappropriate That s kind of the point, I think When the Music Stops is a story set in a Victorian lunatic asylum, following the actions of Dr Archer who becomes infatuated with a patient I know loads of people might think OH WAIT, STOP RIGHT THERE don t think that Wuthering Heights is full of repellent characters and actions as well, but the reason that works is that they re never portrayed as sweet fluffy nice people, we re not supposed to sympathise with them in the same way as we do with decent people in nice romantic comedies The whole reason stories like that work is because the characters are so fascinatingly horrible, and it s sort of the same here to a lesser extent We see what Archer is up to, and we know how staggeringly inappropriate it is for doctors to behave that way towards patients but Archer knows it as well, and that makes the story I can t remember the last time I read a character who s this full of juicy Victorian repression and self loathing IT IS DELICIOUS It s all so English and stiff, I love things like this It s like erotic Merchant Ivory, with straitjackets instead of corsets GOD HELP ME I M GONE.It s honestly not just a straightforward story turning the institutional rape of a man who can t consent into something sweet and romantic, which I really would have a massive problem with We start to see fairly early on that Mr White, the patient, might be in control of himself than he seems to be, and it s a really interesting layer to the story and their relationship This is what makes Archer so easy to sympathise with we can see exactly why he forms this attachment with White, and how he struggles against it then struggles to come to terms with how it s not going away.It s a sort of horror as well, which I somehow wasn t expecting the first time I read it stupid, really, considering how obsessed I am with British history I know what went on in Victorian asylums The story is so clever in holding up these two things that we can all pretty much agree are horrific doctors getting off with patients, and the treatments and conditions of asylums of the time and making us re evaluate our opinions It s not always a very pleasant read, but it s compelling and beautiful and sickening and erotic and exciting and dramatic in just the right mix to make it unforgettable It manages to portray a really surprisingly tender love story without ever dulling down the terror of what doctors used to do to their fellow human beings in those asylums.And the scene with the chocolate and the finger sucking in Chapter 5 made me need a wipe down Just saying.Inappropriate erotic historical romance with a happy ending GIVE ME MORE OF THIS GLORY If you re even slightly intrigued by any part of this review, please please give the story a go It s fantastic. 3.5 stars