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In a hotel room in Vancouver, Meriel as a young woman is putting on her short white summer gloves She wears a beige linen dress and a flimsy white scarf over her hair Dark hair, at that time She smiles, because she has remembered something that Queen Sirikit of Thailand said, or was quoted as saying, in a magazine A quote within a quote something Queen Sirikit said that Balmain had said Balmain taught me everything He said, Always wear white gloves It s best It s best Meriel smiles at that, not as you d smile at a joke but as at an endearing absurdity Her gloved hands look formal but helpless A kitten s paws.Pierre asks why she s smiling, and she says, Nothing, then tells him.He says, Who is Balmain They were getting ready to go to a funeral They had come over on the ferry last night, from their home on Vancouver Island, to be sure of being on time for the morning ceremony It was the first time they d stayed in a hotel since their wedding night When they went on a holiday now, it was always with their two children, and they looked for inexpensive motels that catered to families.This was only the second funeral they had been to as a married couple Pierre s father was dead, and Meriel s mother was dead, but these deaths had happened before Pierre and Meriel met Last year, a teacher at Pierre s school died suddenly, and there was a fine service, with the schoolboy choir and the sixteenth century words for the Burial of the Dead The man had been in his mid sixties, and his death seemed to Meriel and Pierre only a little surprising and hardly sad It did not make much difference, as they saw it, whether you died at sixty five or seventy five or eighty five.The funeral today was another matter It was Jonas who was being buried Pierre s best friend for years and Pierre s age twenty nine They had grown up together, in West Vancouver they could remember it before the Lions Gate Bridge was built, when it seemed like a small town Their parents were friends When the boys were eleven or twelve years old they had built a rowboat and launched it at Dundarave Pier At the university, they had parted company for a while Jonas was studying to be an engineer, while Pierre was enrolled in classics, and the arts students and the engineering students traditionally despised each other But, in the years since then, the friendship had to some extent been revived Jonas, who was not married, had come to visit Pierre and Meriel, and sometimes stayed with them for a week at a time.What had happened in their lives surprised them, and they would joke about it Jonas was the one whose choice of profession had seemed so reassuring to his parents, and had roused a muted envy in Pierre s parents, yet it was Pierre who had married and got a teaching job and taken on ordinary responsibilities, while Jonas, after university, had never settled down with a girl or a job He was always on some sort of probation that did not end up in a firm attachment to any company, and the girls at least to hear him tell it were always on some sort of probation with him His last engineering job was in the northern part of the province, and he stayed on there after either quitting or getting fired Employment terminated by mutual consent, he wrote to Pierre, adding that he was living at the hotel, where all the high class people lived, and might get a job on a logging crew He was also learning to fly a plane, and thinking of becoming a bush pilot He promised to visit when present financial complications were worked out.Meriel had hoped that wouldn t happen Jonas slept on the living room couch and in the morning threw the covers on the floor for her to pick up He kept Pierre awake half the night, talking about things that had happened when they were teen agers, or even younger His name for Pierre was Piss hair, a nickname from those years, and he referred to other old friends as Stinkpool and Doc and Buster, never by the names Meriel had always heard Stan and Don and Rick He recalled with a gruff pedantry the details of incidents that Meriel did not think so remarkable or funny the bag of dog shit set on fire on the teacher s front steps, the badgering of the old man who offered boys a nickel to pull down their pants and grew irritated if the conversation turned to the present.When she had to tell Pierre that Jonas was dead she was apologetic, shaken Apologetic because she hadn t liked him and shaken because he was the first person they knew well, in their own age group, to have died But Pierre did not seem to be surprised or particularly stricken Suicide, he said.She said no, an accident He was riding a motorcycle, after dark, on gravel, and he went off the road Somebody found him, or was with him, help was at hand, but he died within an hour His injuries were mortal.That was what his mother had said, on the phone She had sounded so quickly resigned, so unsurprised As Pierre had when he said Suicide After that, Pierre and Meriel had hardly spoken about the death itself, just about the funeral, the hotel room, the need for an all night sitter His suit to be cleaned, a white shirt obtained It was Meriel who made the arrangements, and Pierre kept checking up on her in an irritable, husbandly way She understood that he wished her to be controlled and matter of fact, as he was, and not to lay claim to any sorrow that he would be sure she could not really feel She had asked him why he had said Suicide, and he had told her, That s just what came into my head She felt his evasion to be some sort of warning, or even a rebuke As if he suspected her of deriving from this death or from their proximity to this death a feeling that was discreditable and self centered A morbid, preening excitement.Young husbands were stern, in those days Just a short time before, they had been suitors, almost figures of fun, knock kneed and desperate in their sexual agonies Now, bedded down, they turned resolute and disapproving Off to work every morning, clean shaven, youthful necks in knotted ties, days spent in unknown labors, home again at suppertime to take a critical glance at the evening meal and to shake out the newspaper, hold it up between themselves and the muddle of the kitchen, the ailments and emotions, the babies What a lot they had to learn, so quickly How to kowtow to bosses and how to manage wives How to be authoritative about mortgages, retaining walls, lawn grass, drains, politics, as well as about the jobs that would have to maintain their families for the next quarter of a century It was the women, then, who could slip back during the daytime hours, and always allowing for the stunning responsibility that had been landed on them, in the matter of the children into a kind of second adolescence A lightening of spirits when the husbands departed Dreamy rebellion, subversive get togethers, laughing fits that were a throwback to high school, mushrooming between the walls that the husband was paying for, in the hours when he wasn t there.Read the full text here The savage award goes to Aunt Muriel who knew what was going on I could tell, she said with some impatience I used to be a devil myself Great read, the author really captures the emotions of the main character Read for free on the New Yorker website only marking as read so I can write down some of the parts I liked does everyone else handwrite quotes they like it s such a hassle i think the first time i read munro i came to it expecting lyricism than i got she s not a particularly word oriented writer in my opinion straightforward to a fault anyway, i like munro s knack for writing down parts of life you notice, but worry you ll forget, or die, without ever preserving them in any way Was she tempted She was probably just letting herself imagine being tempted. I have a special attraction for seaplanes Is this a remembrance from my readings of the Tintin comics Or because I have only seen a few Or is it the feeling of freedom suggested by this aircraft which, provided there is enough water around, seems able to take off and land pretty much anywhere.During my visit to Vancouver it was a rainy November week seaplanes were everywhere Despite the ever menacing rain, I walked a lot during my stay, in particular towards Stanley Park and its views on the sea, the city and the mountains Many times I lifted my head to follow a seaplane taking off or landing, like an invitation to the islands of the Pacific North West Doctor Asher is one of the characters in Alice Munro s short story What is Remembered published the collection Hateship, friendship, courtship, loveship, marriage He is a bush doctor who is moving around with his aircraft It is not said whether it is a seaplane.That story is a superb example of the art of the short story as practiced by Alice Munro When she received the Nobel for literature in 2013, the Canadian octogenarian was compared to Chekhov and celebrated at the Queen of the short story Most of her stories take place in the provincial cities of her native Ontario, but in the 50s she lived for a few years in Vancouver with her first husband It was a time of her life when, as she writes in What is remembered , the husbands were starting serious and resolute lives job, mortgage while their wives could allow themselves to fall back into some sort of second adolescence. This short story demonstrates the mastery of Munro s writing when dealing with human frailties and the human experience Profound writer I will read of her. When she went out into the hot sunlight she saw him pacing by the car, smoking He hadn t smoked before not in Jonas s parents house or on the way here or with Aunt Muriel The act seemed to isolate him, to show some impatience, perhaps an impatience to be done with one thing and get on to the next She was not so sure now, whether she was the next thing or the thing to be done with This incredible story pulls off a sensual and complex description of an affair, and how it persists and transforms over time in the memory of the main character. Indelible story writing People exist to transform characters into stories. *DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⇧ What is Remembered ↡ A Fleeting Affair Lingers In The Memory Of A Woman Thirty Years After The Event, When Both Husband And Lover Have Died, She Remembers One Further DetailPart Of The Storycuts Series, This Short Story Was Previously Published In The Collection Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage shake hands 4ever friends Relaxing and thoughtful, based on deep sentiments and observations The lack of action in stories adds on a bit of mystery and gives way to reader s imagination.