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Tremendous read on the creation of Washington It is amazing to think how much the city today resembles L Enfant s vision in spite of all the problems he had many of which were self inflicted It is amazing how much history repeats itself the construction of the city was perpetually harmed by Congress penny pinching and political backbiting Interesting anecdote, in spite of the fact that L Enfant was living in Washington when the British burned it, nobody knows where he was on that day Hopefully, some day some researcher will figure that out. BEWARE I DON T FLAG SPOILERS BUT I DON T PUT MY REVIEWS OUT ON ANY FEED, EITHER.I wouldn t go so far as to claim what the book jacket does that the narrative is as absorbing as that of any good novel but I found the material interesting and think Standiford did a great job considering that the only verbatim dialogue came from diaries, letters, articles A few of the bits that made an impact on me 1 the notion that D.C s location was not a surefire thing, 2 that it had several names incl Federal City and Washingtonople beside Washington D.C 3 that Washington had farmland not far away which was probably enhanced in value by the siting of the nation s capital 4 that the destruction of D.C united the nation in a way that the construction of D.C never achieved.I didn t like Jefferson as well as I thought after reading this quite a harsh guy in some ways.I liked Dolly Madison in the end, when earlier I had no opinion of her at all.I liked and disliked Pierre L Enfant, which is what I think Standiford was going for L Enfant was a larger than life character who never got his due during his lifetime, in part because he could be so annoying.One quibble w Washington Burning I wish the author or publisher had commissioned a map illustration that would have combined some of the 18th century landmarks geographic and manmade of D.C., with key modern landmarks superimposed.As I m not a hardcore history buff, I have to say I couldn t sit and read this through instead, I d read for a couple nights, then lay off for a night or two, then resume. Well done book and review of how Washington DC was built Politics have not changed The end of the revolutionary war is thought to be the war of 1812 and the start of this fascinating book The building of the capital city has am interesting history Well done book and fun reading. Interesting seems like politics haven t really changed that much since the start of our country. The description calls it riveting I think that s being a little kind At first I was interested in the story of Peter Charles L Enfant, the architect who planned the city of Washington But the story bogged down in detail pretty fast Then the story would get so far ahead, then in the next chapter back up to some insignificant detail I really found the story of the British invasion and destruction of Washington in 1812 to be great reading, but then the story slowed down again with detail This book could have been so much better The personalities are big the history important But the book was not well organized in its construction The writing was usually good and even funny in parts The conclusion should have been better And it needed lots photographs or illustrations of the people and places he was writing about And just a minor grump I hated the rough edged pages It made it a nuisance to hold the book and turn the pages.In all, good for true history buffs, but for most other people, only worth a skim. Les Standiford s Washington Burning How a Frenchman s Vision of Our Nation s Capital Survived Congress, the Founding Fathers, the invading British Army tells the story of the creation of Washington, DC how it came to become our nation s capital in December 1800 The book gains its title from the burning of the city in August 1814 by the British in the War of 1812 follows the decisions made by the Continental Congress to decide as to where exactly our nation s capital should be The main focus is on Pierre L Enfant who becomes the designer for the layout of the new city who also once deposed of the project spends his entire life trying to get credit for the design of the city Standiford s story spans the majority of the years from 1782 until L Enfant s death in 1825 shows the struggles the new nation had in even establishing the city let alone keeping it viable It also reminds us that bureaucracy was just as strong in those days as they are in the present one While the history itself is a little bit interesting, the story goes astray in starting off with references to the 9 11 attacks the over focusing on the destruction of the city by the British in 1814 There s also a bit of disorganization of things when it comes to L Enfant s legacy the the timeframe it took to complete the city itself Overall not a bad history of DC but there are likely better ones out there. Gave it 3 stars for subject matter but for the book itself would rate it a 2 star Was a slow read but the amount of historical content I learned by reading the book was astounding I love that time in history, the birth of our nation and never was taught in school the political debate and firestorm on where to place the nations capital Even back during the early years of our nation the government was built on lobbyist and special interest groups When the writer focused on those areas was I most interested He lost me at times when he started quoting letters or assuming that is what some of the founding fathers might have said in response to L Enfant s letters I don t want conjecture just facts please I picked up this book because I wanted to start to be intentional about knowing some of the history of Washington This provides pretty good insight into the creation of the city, but I have to admit doesn t do a very good job of describing the actual construction of the city It is truly just about the struggle to choose the capital and design parts of it mostly the Capitol and the White House Not bad, not great, but a good introduction to how the city was founded and pretty well written. I picked this book up because we were traveling to DC and I wanted to read something related.I found this book completely fascinating I had no idea how DC came to be or all the controversy surrounding it Standiford was able to weave the story of how DC came to be and how it s first few decades went in a way that was informative and entertaining without being too technical I enjoyed the book tremendously and loved the history lessons learned it.Sometimes, though, Standiford jumps around a bit, then goes back and it took me a few seconds to realize there was a jump But overall, I enjoyed the book and recommend it ^Read E-pub ☟ Washington Burning: How a Frenchman's Vision of Our Nation's Capital Survived Congress, the Founding Fathers, and the Invading British Army ⇷ Amazing Book, Washington Burning How A Frenchman S Vision Of Our Nation S Capital Survived Congress, The Founding Fathers, And The Invading British Army Author Les Standiford This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Washington Burning How A Frenchman S Vision Of Our Nation S Capital Survived Congress, The Founding Fathers, And The Invading British Army, Essay By Les Standiford Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You