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Venetia Kelly s Traveling Show is a beautifully written story about Irish families living in a very turbulent time in Ireland s history.The narrator, Ben MacCarthy is telling the story of what happens when his father deserts the family to follow this traveling show and the beautiful Venetia and her mother Sarah, who are the main actors As Ben tells his story he often digresses, but this is a trait of the storytellers of Ireland, to stray off topic At first the authors style of writing was hard to master but after awhile I got so immersed in the story that the digressions did not matter At times heartbreakingly sad and often humorous this is a wonderful story about the lives and loves of very real people.The narrator has a way of pulling you into the story and not letting go Full of colorful characters, good and bad and even a ventriloquist dummy named Blarney I loved it I received this signed copy from the author for my honest review I was not compensated monetarily for my opinion. From my blog return Imagine yourself settling in with your favourite beverage and listening to a longtime acquaintance recalling a pivotal tale from his past Such is the manner Frank Delaney tells the story of Venetia Kelly s Traveling Show The narrator tells the tale of an 18 year old boy in the rather turbulent times in Ireland in 1932 33, yet the tale is not told straight from the 18 year old, but rather from a much older man telling the tale of his youth In a masterful way, Delaney commands the reader s attention with his delightful manner of recounting a tale, at times true, and at other times whimsical The cast of characters in this narrative are explained to the reader from the beginning and brought to life by the narrator, Ben MacCarthy Venetia Kelly s Traveling Show offers something for everyone, an eccentric cast of characters, political unrest and turmoil leading up to a contentious election, digressions, death, betrayal and beautifully narrated scenes aimed to bring this magical period to life Delaney weaves together an entertainingly long and delightfully ramblingly tale, much like the hills of Ireland, mixing in an eccentric cast with a story so unbelievable it often becomes difficult to distinguish fancy from fantasy, yet all the while keeping the reader s rapt attention from the very beginning until the last sentence is read High marks all around for Frank Delaney s novel, Venetia Kelly s Traveling Show, guaranteed to capture the hearts and minds of the readers Book groups looking for an intriguing and captivating novel to read would do well to choose Venetia Kelly s Traveling Show. I was privileged enough to listen to this book on audio, narrated by the author himself His Irish lilt was a joy to listen to and of course his characters simply came alive By far the best one for me was Ben s father the author got the stutter just perfectly and I loved every line he spoke Which probably makes you wonder why I only gave the book 3 stars In fact, it should be 3.5 because it was a good book, but it just didn t really go anywhere There was a lot of build up, and many digressions which the narrator has already forewarned us about but the ending was just a bit of a damp squib It s a pity, but if there is one thing I can recommend is to listen to this book rather than read it, for nothing else but the author s voice alone. Any book lover knows there are some books that find you at the right time in your life a book that couldn t have impacted youat any other time But there are also books that are the worst you could read at a particular moment in your life Books affect readers differently depending on what is going on in the reader s life and what is happening in the book Venetia Kelly s Traveling Show was one of the worst books I could have read right now I struggled with this one Wandering around Ireland in 1932, we follow young Ben s search for his father He disappeared with a traveling show captivated by Venetia Kelly, an actress, despite having a wife and son he loves dearly back home Ben is an innocent naive farmer s son, that has to change everything he is to fight for what is right, even if that fight takes everything else away from him Ben and his family are wonderful sweet people I didn t like seeing another horrible, malicious, manipulative, vindictive family using that against Ben s family There is never a pleasant phase in this book from page one starts the job of unraveling what went wrong I didn t understand the characters actions Ben s dad isthoughtful to his wife showing his care in tiny ways all the time than maybe 95% of the world s population could ever be, and yet he is so quick to break her heart Another character reacts one way to keep a secret, but then they backpedal and do something else that is the equivalent of shouting that secret from the rooftops I would have liked to see a map of Ireland with all of the places Ben visits labeled within the front cover, since he is constantly traveling I m surprised that Ireland wasn tof a character itself It takes a while to introduce the characters before the meat of the story begins With Ben as the narrator, he says I m prone to digressions and forgive me if I sometimes come across as jumpy and forgive me if I ve taken too long to introduce the characters I don t feel these were Ben s apologies I feel they are the writer s and as Delaney is a former judge for the Booker Fiction Prize, I find that surprising I would have liked to see some of the interesting bits mentioned passively, written aboutOn Ben s travels, he rides in a hearse but that is all that is said on the subject Why even mention it at all Somehow I think I ride in a hearse could have added some much needed comic relief to this novel There is a sort of distance to the story which is only beneficial if you are constantly suspicious of these characters and would rather not get close to the story If I had been aware that from page one I would be suspicious of every character, wondering what their motives are to ruin the lives of other people, I wouldn t have chose to read this I m dealing with this kind of thing in my own life wondering what motives people have to ruin other lives I read books to escape my own life, not to worry evenI don t want to worry about characters the same way I worry about people in my own life I was even suspicious of the characters that became the biggest victims That isn t how I d like to read a book Not to say I only read books with lovely nice characters, but having a plot solely be about suspicious characters is too much There isn t really a clear, cut and dried ending either I don t like writing a bad review I can only imagine the amount of work it takes to write a book Who am I to say if it isn t good Again, it is largely my current problems that are affecting my enjoyment of this and not mainly the fault of the book Books effect everyone differently This book reminded me of Big Fish by Daniel Wallace and I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith if either book was filled with despicable characters I didn t want to read about, anyway Come on now, even a ventriloquist dummy is horrible Venetia Kelly, serene as the moon, sat and looked on, and Blarney the dummy ranted, his words driving spikes into the national spirit page 140 This book crushed my spirit as well. DON T READ THIS BOOK.You must LISTEN to it The author reads it and is the best narration I have ever heard He has a beautiful Irish accent and makes you feel like you are in the room It is full of Irish lore, wit, superstition, stories and eccentric characters It s set in the 1930s when Ireland was gaining independence Politics was the main topic but it s about everyday Irish people His descriptions of people are often hilarious One man s eyebrows are compared to a caterpillar that farmers use to tell how severe the winter will be One woman s heavy legs are attributed to the pope gave dispensation for her legs to be attached upside down Ben, the narrator, admits to digressing while telling the story, and even categorizes his digressions This is story telling at its best. This book had some good moments, but not enough of them to keep me reading to the end.As with many Irish stories, there is sly, witty humour, and morbidly depressing drama in about equal propotions in this story of a young Irish man who s father decides on the spur of the moment to run off and follow the travelling show that comes to town Without a second thought the man just leaves and goes with the show and the entrancing woman the Venetia Kelly of the title who he has completely fallen for.The boy s mother demands that he go and find his father and bring him home What follows is the boy s attempts to do that, but the amount of angst and heavy carrying on in the back story just got on my nerves by about the halfway mark When I realized I was rolling my eyesfrequently than I was laughing because there are some very funny parts, as there usually are with the Irish, who have a delightful sense of what is truly funny I decided it just wasn t entertaining enough to stay with it. I love language The story line in Venetia Kelly s Traveling Show is not too complex and not necessarily satisfying, but the language is exquisite I had the pleasure of listening to Delaney read the book which added to the enjoyment The book is basically about power and politics in 1932 in the new Irish state The real pleasure in Delaney is the Digressions The rambling patter of Irish speech is a treat to listen to Do yourself a favor and read it out loud to yourself. Just get on with the story i screamed throughout the reading Def had potential but never rose to it. {Read} ó Venetia Kellys Traveling Show ⚣ JanuaryBen MacCarthy And His Father Watch A Vagabond Variety Revue Making A Stop In The Irish Countryside After A Two Hour Kaleidoscope Of Low Comedy, Juggling, Tumbling, And Other Entertainments, Ben S Father, Mesmerized By Venetia Kelly, The Troupe S Magnetic Headliner, Makes A Fateful Decision To Abandon His Family And Set Off On The Road With Miss Kelly And Her Caravan Ben S Mother, Shattered By The Desertion, Exhorts, Find Him And Bring Him Back, Thereby Sending The Boy On A Homeric Voyage Into ManhoodInterweaving A Host Of Unforgettable Creations King Kelly, Venetia S Violent, Mephistophelean Grandfather Sarah Kelly, Venetia S Mysterious, Amoral Mother And Even A Truth Telling Ventriloquist S Dummy Named Blarney Frank Delaney Unfurls A Splendid Narrative That Spans Half The World And A Tumultuous Decade nope DNF at 20%