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Big Finish s first release to be focussed solely on the modern series, after they gained the license in 2014, this is a 4 part release that comprises a single story Kate Stewart and Osgood are the central characters, joined by three newcomers to fill out the ranks And what better way to kick off a series about UNIT than with the return of the autons, which also heralded the dawn of the UNIT era proper back in 1970 The result is, in some respects, a modern updating of Spearhead from Space, with 3D printers and fibre optic internet connections joining the deadly mannequins There are, of course, plenty of references back to the original series, with the Brigadier being mentioned quite a lot, but nothing that is likely to get in the way of the story for those only familiar with the new one the only plot point that does rely on a TV episode relates to Rose Redgrave and Oliver are both great in their roles, bringing their TV characters back to life The new captain and lieutenant show promise, although as yet there s little to see in Colonel Shindi, who mainly takes the Brigadier s old role of promoting the military solution There s also a glossy, modern feel to the story, enhanced by a good theme tune.The first two parts of the story are probably the strongest, although the second one is unusually short 37 minutes, rather than the usual 45 50 The latter half is, perhaps inevitably, stronger on the action, something that would look spectacular in a properly done film or TV episode, but can sometimes be a little confusing on audio But even so, it manages to be engaging, with a fast paced story and some good use of Osgood as scientific advisor Despite the combat, this does have something of aDWfeel, blending some of the original UNIT era s action oriented style with a modern series aesthetic.This 4.5 stars rounded up, rather than the straight five, since the story arguably doesn t have any great depth But it s a great launch to this new spin off, allowing us to see Earth under threat when the Doctor isn t around, and setting up new characters for the future. UNIT Extinction is Big Finish s third attempt to figure out how to do a UNIT spin off but while it does some things right and improves as it goes, the set falls short of the sort of quality we have seen with previous spin off series such as Jago and Litefoot and Countermeasures.Part of the problem is that UNIT lacks a sense of a signature style or storytelling approach to set it apart from their other ranges This is not to say that later releases cannot develop this and it may help if consideration is given to building up the supporting cast.The other general point I would make is that while having four episodes comprising a single story allows the narrative to have a sense of a global scale, there didn t seem to be enough story there to sustain the four disc release This is partly reflected in the short second episode on that in a moment.On to the episodesVanguardThe first installment really exists to introduce an antagonist and some of the supporting characters As such it can feel quite workmanlike and dry, in part because it does not try to tell a self contained narrative like the first stories in the Jago and Litefoot or Countermeasures sets.I also found some of the dialog to be awkward For instance, while UNIT s idea of secrecy clearly left something to be desired, why does everyone seem to know who Sir Alastair was and what precisely he did Moments like those feel far from natural and undermine the character work the episode wants to and should do It s a shame as the idea of this set has plenty of potential.EarthfallThe first thing to say is that this segment is brief Really brief As in the CD is only a few minutes over half full.This brevity reflects that this is a action focused second part with a brief combat sequence acting as a centerpiece It also made it significantly entertaining than the first, although I still found aspects of the production far from satisfactory.Most notably Jemma Redgrave gives a strong, cool as ice performance that is completely in keeping with her television persona but which translates as lifeless and flat on audio in these first two episodes.Overall, the second episode is better but this is still a long way short of Big Finish s best output.BridgeheadThe penultimate episode feels like a significant step up in quality In this chapter we get to see the Auton plan get underway.There are no big surprises If you know anything about Autons as a Who monster, you can probably guess how the 3D printers will be used Still, the execution of those ideas is solid and the application of a threat adds some much needed urgency to the actors performances.ArmageddonAs with the previous installment, this last episode benefits from a greater sense of urgency and grand storytelling There are some nice moments showcasing both Kate Stewart and Osgood s characters and that are clearly intended to build up the new characters If this doesn t quite achieve the latter, that reflects that the early episodes didn t place a strong enough priority on character development to have those moments pay off.While the strong second half left the piece on a higher note, I feel the range will have to develop significantly with future releases for me to have much interest. UNIT Extinction is the first box set in the UNIT spin off series featuring Kate and Osgood from new series Doctor Who, which is separate to the original featuring the Brigadier and later Elisabeth Kline in UNIT Dominion, a character from the Big Finish main range of audio dramas.It follows the same four hour story format as UNIT Dominion with a behind the scenes interviews on the fifth disc The main attraction of this set are the main characters Kate Stewart and Osgood who have only appeared in a handful of episodes of Doctor Who so far It s also interesting to see them against the Autons and the Nestene Consciousness given UNIT s history with them However they are given a modern spin by there connections in the story to billionaire Simon Devlin who s company is about to launch a revolutionary new gadget Other new characters are also introduced, all of who add something to the story.I m glad that there are now stories with Kate and Osgood and I ll be happy to listen to the following releases, and hopefully well see of them back on the small screen one day. Loved it New characters, exciting edge of seat plotlines, and wonderful theme music. ( DOWNLOAD E-PUB ) ☨ UNIT ♸ In This Four Story Box Set, Kate Stewart, Osgood And The UNIT Team Confront An Alien Invasion By The Nestene Consciousness And Its Army Of Plastic Autons Vanguard By Matt FittonWhile UNIT Attend A Skyfall Incident Under The Eyes Of Watchful Journalists, Reclusive Billionaire Simon Devlin Is Planning A Product Launch That Will Change The World Earthfall By Andrew SmithLieutenant Sam Bishop And Osgood Are Deployed To The Gobi Desert In Search Of A Nestene Energy Unit But There Are Autons In The Sand Dunes Bridgehead By Andrew SmithCaptain Josh Carter Has Gone Undercover Inside Devlin Futuretech But His Safety Is Jeopardised By The Activities Of Investigative Journalist Jacqui McGee Armageddon By Matt FittonAs UNIT Leads The Fightback On Every Front, Every Continent, Against An Implacable Army, Kate Stewart Must Look To The Past For Some Clue To Defeat The Plastic Menace Fantastic adventure involving the Autons A must audio listening to any Doctor Who fan Love the new Unit stories. Autons are trying to take over the earthagain and this time they are helped by 3D printers shakes fist in their direction but never mind as Kate, Osgood and the rest of the UNIT lot are on hand to save the day and a ruddy good job they do of if too This is a delightful listen, there is a gentle humour running through it as well as high drama and has rather jaunty title music which pleased me greatly I loved Kate Stewart leadership, she s strong, decisive and has a great understanding of her staff and treats them as people and not just workers, she knows about Osgood s chess club for example This box set manages to show what UNIT are capable of without the help hinderance of a certain bloke with a blue box Sadly, this story did fall into the trap of mentioning Kate s dad in her presence every chance they could I think we all know who her dad is by now can we not just let that lie and have her come into her own, after all there was a reason she dropped the Leatherbridge from her name sorry, that s a bee in my bonnet subject lol The ending was great and definitely set things in motion for other stories and I ve very interested with what they will do with a certain UNIT member after their encounter with the Auton, I do hope the writers don t just forget this particular plot line All in all I loved this and can t wait to hear the second series. Ho sempre amato la UNIT, probabilmente colpa dell imprintig subito nel 1980 quando il quarto Dottore e Sarah Jane, Harry Sullivan, il Sergente Benton e il Brig fece la sua fugace apparizione sul piccolo schermo.Questo nuovo serial ha la nuova UNIT come protagonista, con Kate Stewart e Osgood in primo piano I comprimari sono ben definiti, grazie alla storia unica divisa in quattro parti, e l intreccio si dipana con calma e senza accelerate o frenate improvvise, ma con un aumento costante del ritmo e della tensione.La scelta degli Auton come primi avversari perfetta I primi nemici omaggiano il ritorno della UNIT.Ennesimo ottimo prodotto della Big Finish. Loved it Nice to have Kate and Osgood in their own challenges And to meet their teammates Wasn t quite as head over heals as I was with the River Song box set Part of that was, I think, was perhaps a bit of Autons weariness on my part It s hard to beat that Pertwee Auton s story, the first color TV broadcast And Pertwee s debut And then they were used again as the first villains of the new Doctor Who TV show in the first episode with Christopher Eccleston s debut Sort of makes the Autons a debut episode tradition at this point with using them in the New UNIT premiere box set. Really loved Kate Stewart and Osgood Nothing else really stood out ETA 07.30.2017This is a work that really stands out on a re listen I love this particular series having become invested in the others.