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~FREE PDF ☨ Unforgivable (Untouchable, #2) ⚕ Annalisa Believes She Finally Has A Chance To Share Forever With Micah, But Her Fear That Something Will Destroy Their Happiness Grows Stronger Every Day He Changed Everything To Be With Her, Leaving His Horrible Past Far Behind As They Begin To See A Bright And Beautiful Future Together Unfortunately, Someone In The Mob Isn T Willing To Let Go Of Their Best Hit ManThe Second Book In The Untouchable Trilogy Takes You On A Journey Of Love, Passion, Sacrifice, Heartbreak, And Hope She Touched His Heart, But What Happens Next Should Be Unforgivable Totally loved this series It had the perfect amount of romance and action in it to satisfy any reader The relationship between Leese and Micah is so intense, angsty, and swoon worthy This book has twists and turns that you do not see coming etc there is one event in here that totally takes you off guard and you re thinking man did that just happen but trust me no matter how horrifying it really does add to the plot of the story I have read all 3 in the series and totally loved them all but felt the need to comment on Book 2 The religious themes in this book, like the first, were a little overpowering for me I get that Leese s religion informs her choices and the way she lives her life, but it is so in your face especially toward the beginning of the story Putting that aside, I couldn t put Unforgivable down I considered it to be better than Untouchable The character choices and emotional reactions seemed to be much realistic and raw or perhaps just better written I was really happy to see a lot of Ryan in this book He is such a good guy and I just adore his character Leese going back and forth to L.A for the show I could take it or leave it The plot line is one we ve seen before girl leaves boy to save him his family because she loves him SO MUCH Obviously, she doesn t tell him the real reason and they re both heartbroken for a while trying to go on without each other until somehow their love fate God brings them back together and the truth of her sacrifice and love is revealed Then, they face whatever came between their love together and stronger than ever What made it new and refreshing was Delagair s writing and the emotional ride she brings the reader on There are a few moments in this book, especially in the latter third, that were absolutely gut wrenching I was tearing up quite a few times, which doesn t happen too often when I m reading so you know it s GOOD I m glad it had a HEA, but after the false sense of security I had after finishing the first book, I know better than to assume all is well for Leese and Micah and I m still holding out a teensy little shred of hope for Ryan. Wow hard book to rateFirst let me start by saying there is rape in this book Brutal rape I wish it hadn t been played out the way it was because without it I would have given the book a higher ratingMinus that distasteful scene it s another whirlwind book about love, hit men, The Family, danger an forgiveness.It starts out beautifully with the planning of Micah an Leese wedding Then it all goes to hell in a hand bag.What we do get is to see Ryan shine in his own right Overall it s a good book view spoiler I couldn t rate this higher than two stars because that brutal rape an battered body of Leese by the hands of a man who loved her made me sick to my stomach.The fact she got pregnant from it made her happy The quick forgiveness she gave Micah was unacceptable.He freaking DRUGGED her when he found her jeopardizing her an the baby Then they run off to the doctor,like one big happy family, to make sure the drugs didnt do permanent damage.Uuggghhh hide spoiler Right now I am holding myself back from continuously smashing my kidle over a counter top I dont like leaving bad reviews, I swear normally I just wont write anything So heres me not writing anything..Na fuck that I will say SCREW YOU for hooking me I read this in 2 sittings because I just had to see how this all panned out So Props to Lindsay Delagair and I honestly mean that, hooking someone into a book is never easy and there was no way I could put this down However Holy Fudgenuts Thats all I can say without offending anyone I really dont know what Im feeling right now Theres a lot of emotions actually, shock, horror, devestation and most of those feelings are just because Leese s awesome porche didnt make much of an appearance The WORST thing about this odd feeling I have inside is that I know for a fact, Im going to read the third book FML.And once again, HOLY FUDGENUTS. 2.5 Frustrating StarsWhere do I begin with this Unforgivable was such a disappointment WHAT HAPPENED WHERE DID THE STORY LINE COME FROM There are so many things that went wrong in this book and excuse me for my slightly spoilerish review.One of the reasons why I enjoyed book 1, Untouchable so much was because it was just so action back and there was this crazy love story Unforgivable starts off where Untouchable left off Annalisa and Micah are engaged and plan their wedding.For the first 30% I was pretty annoyed with the religious references I kind of skimmed the bits and pieces that were mentioned in Untouchable, but oh LORD, it was so apparent in Unforgivable If I read another it was God s plan I think my eyes would have rolled back to my head.Then to see how innocent Annalisa was, I was like, is this girl for real She s never masturbated nor does she even understand what that means Is she what 12 The whole doctor visit was just odd and of heaven sakes, Micah is 23, what 23 young man, who s had sex a lot is uncomfortable at the gyno s office Then, all hell breaks loose at the 30% mark and sorry for saying this, but I am pretty pissed off, but of course, what happens The main character s separate I can t tell you what a pet peeve this is for me You have no idea how many series I read, where in book 2, the two main characters separate and do not interact until the last 80% mark There are some scenes here and there, but really, that s it.I wanted to die I wanted to throw my tablet across the room and curse this nonsenseThen, Ryan comes into the picture and I m like WTF Why is Fucking Ryan coming into the picture Is this a love triangle book Annalisa can t sleep without Micah, so Ryan sleeps with her ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS ANNALISA YOU WHOREAm I harsh Yes, but it s true Look, maybe if Annalisa and Micah were not together for like 4 months, I get why she needs comfort, but for five days I think you can make do without a warm body for five fucking days Annalisa is a dick tease, she keeps on telling Ryan how much she loves Micah, but gives Ryan mixed signals I just basically started to hate her.Then and you will laugh, but Annalisa goes on a show like American Idol Where the fuck did that come from What happened to my crazy action pack mob story Why am I reading pages of Ryan and Annalisa kind of hooking up and Micah going into the deep end I didn t sign up for this shit and I don t appreciate.The ONLY saving grace was the last 10%,where things started to go into the direction I wanted, but by then I was so hurt, confused and emotionally spent from reading, I just don t know if I can forgive Lindsay Delagair Yes, I m emotionally hurt I can t believe Ryan was written in and had such a HUGE character in this series I wanted a love story between Annalisa and Micah, them against the mob kind of story, not some loose girl who can t decide between two guys.Give me a break I m not sure if I can go on I will have to seriously thing about it.Series Order REVIEW I love this story I love Micah and Ryan Who wouldn t want two hot guys dying to be with them I love where the story line went with Ryan I have had a Ryan only not as hot so I really got their relationship.I just wish Annalisa wasn t so perfect She is filthy rich, size zero, sweet as can be, a fantastic singer, a super driver, knows how to kick ass Then we find out in this book that she has a super hymen Really She is that wonderful and has to have a magic vagina too Before I start my review I want to warn you that if you haven t had a chance to read book 1 Untouchable then you need to turn around and go back to GO and Collect 200 dollars because below lies spoilers SPOILERS BELOW IF YOU HAVEN T READ BOOK 1 UNTOUCHABLE DON T READ ANY FURTHER LAST CHANCE TO TURN BACK BEFORE YOU SPOIL THE BOOK, JUST SAYIN So when Untouchable ended we learned that the new guy Evan Lewis was really Micah Gavereen, the sexy, Italian mob hit man sent to kill Leese This book picks up where Untouchable left off, with Leese and Micah planning a wedding after he had gotten out of the mob to be with her I KNOW Shocker right I was so happy they fought so hard to be together and overcame the obstacles in the first book The wedding goes off without a hitch and Leese and Micah spend a very steamy honeymoon exploring each other Things get so intense between them that Micah has to give her CPR because she actually stops breathing Talk about hot, that shit had ME holding my breath too Everything seems to be going so well between these two and they are so much in love that when Leese is briefly kidnapped yet again by the mob I almost held out hope that things would be OK But this author knows how to keep your emotions in a constant state of FUCKED Leese is confronted by Micah s old boss D Angelo and he gives her no choice but to leave Micah so he can have him back Leese resists at first But when he threatens everything she loves, she decides it would be better for everyone if she did leave She calls Ryan and explains everything to him and he helps her get away, making it look like she ran off with him Micah doesn t believe she would just leave and chases her down but she does such a great job hiding that after a while he does exactly what D Angelo wants him to do He goes back to being the best hit man in the mob Months go by with Leese and Ryan living together in his home state of Colorado and the lines between friends and lovers is starting to blur Leese is bound to honor her commitment to Micah even though their marriage has since been annulled While in Colorado Leese is approached one day by a mystery man from L.A who wants her to be in a televised singing competition that is about to begin filming When she realizes she might be able to vocally sing her apology to Micah in front of the world she agrees and so begins the next leg of the drama Week after week Leese sings her heart out in hopes that Micah will hear her and every song choice is picked for that reason alone When Micah shows up after one of her performances she wants nothing than to throw herself into his arms and be with him again but her promise to keep him safe from D Angelo sends her running and Micah is crushed yet again He is determined to get her back and follows her home but he realizes that something is wrong with him and chalks it up to D Angelo putting something into his wine from his lunch meeting that day When Micah confronts Leese at her home he does something violent and Unforgivable that just might end their beautiful love for good.This book had me in so many knots just remembering all these things is causing my heart rate to pick up speed I am in love with this series despite the angst and depth of emotion it has drawn out of me This book is a beautiful blend of Suspense, Drama and Romance The love story between Leese and Micah is amazing and at times makes you feel on top of the world and other times takes you to the depths of the sea I have to say that Leese drove me completely fucking crazy in this book Her relationship with Ryan made me want to tear small kittens in half I swear my neighbors are probably pissed off at me for stomping and screaming throughout the whole two days I spent reading this I literally had to fight the urge to hurl my laptop across the room While Leese is on the run from Micah she gets way to close to Ryan for my taste Leese and Micah are one of those couples that you root for constantly and you hate anyone who tries to get in the way What I did love about her is that no matter what happened with Ryan she knew without a doubt that Micah was who she was supposed to be with.Micah Gavereen is one of my absolute favorite book Boyfriends Just saying his name makes me giddy just knowing the things this man can do I loved watching him teach Leese how to have hot SEX I swear this guy could make the polar ice caps melt I seriously love him so much I have a hard time with him not being real In book one he was the torn conflicted hit man who despite his better judgement fell in love with his mark He had every intention of killing her even though he loved her and seeing him struggle was painful yet beautiful In this book he was the loving, attentive and hot husband to Leese until that bitch lost her mind Seeing him so devastated by her abandonment was brutal because you fall so hard for him Even when he goes back into the mob you can t help but love him, especially when he makes a crucial mistake that ends up being a HUGE catalyst in the story I still loved him When everything comes around full circle Micah learns exactly what sends Leese running and handles things himself which in turn sets off a ripple effect that is felt well into the next book I can t praise this series enough because it s been WEEKS since I read them and I STILL can t stop thinking about it There is a specific moment in this book that involves the song BREATH by Breaking Benjamin that made me stop and listen to it and I m glad I did because the lyrics are so hauntingly accurate for the situation and will burn itself into your gut so when you hear it again you will only think of that moment I loved that about this book It was so gripping and emotional that a SONG can make me feel those emotions all over again Lindsay Delagair has become one of my top favorite authors and has done such a good job with this series especially being a new author I hope you give these books a try because you really need a guy like Micah on your boyfriend list This book is not for me because of this. Unforgivable begins with the wedding plans What begins as a happily ever after soon becomes a nightmare The young couple is forced to separate, and both of them are utterly devastated Leese relies on Ryan, which leads to a lot of confusion on both their parts as emotions escalate and cause Micah to believe she s cheating on him, while Micah turns to his old habits and anger to get him through For most of the book they are apart There s no reconciliation at all until about 85% of the way through That makes this book a difficult read for two reasons 1 This is Micah and Leese s love story Everything else seems like filler without the interaction between these two main characters.2 The time we spend with Ryan and he s of a main character than Micah in this book , the we want Leese to fall in love with him instead of Micah Her life could have been so much different BETTER if she had fallen for him instead Ryan is everything a guy should be he s gorgeous, smart, honorable, gentle, passionate, and he is willing to do absolutely anything for Leese Micah, on the other hand, causes a great deal of heartbreak for Leese.Let s talk about Leese for a while She s still convinced that God allows everything for a reason, even extreme acts of violence She forgives Micah when he commits an act of violence against her, which I thought deserved a lot dialogue and suspense She should have made Micah wait a while before immediately granting forgiveness and expressing her great love for him He doesn t seem to love her the same way she loves him, and I felt she was the archetypal white goddess symbol of peace, longsuffering, and love Which is great for Micah, but I was screaming for her to develop a backbone by the time it ended.Ultimately, I felt the book was ineffective in causing me to root for Micah and Leese UNFORGIVABLE is aptly named, because I couldn t forgive Micah for his many transgressions When push comes to shove, Micah proves his weakness by returning to his old, dangerous lifestyle and becoming violent and bitter again I d like to believe that he s a changed man, regardless of circumstances, but instead I feel let down It s a good thing the author s writing style is so engaging, because in spite of the faults with Leese and Micah, it held my interest and I m wanting to know how their story ends.