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A thrilling historical drama by a bestselling author and a fabulous storyteller Unending Devotion is the latest from the pen of a talented author I found the story unique from her previous two titles in that the themes were almost a bit darker But I actually liked the mood of the story It broods below the surface as Lily fights to save her sister from prostitution.Lily is a determined heroine What she wants she sets her mind too and she wants her sister back She has honorable determination, but how do you save someone who doesn t want to be rescued What I loved the most about this book was the parallels between Lily s love for her sister and Christ s love for us The beautiful weaving of faith and strengthening of that faith pulled at the story s strengths, weaving the plot completely together.Connell McCormick is such a fine hero Not very often do you find a historical hero we get to watch open up before a reader s eyes A hero who is silently strong, but also discovering who God wants him to be, instead of the expectations pushed upon him I loved watching him be transformed And I loved watching him fall in love with Lily Oh did their romance sizzle on the page All in all, another great addition to my Hedlund collection I ve failed to be disappointed.This review is my honest opinion Thanks to the publishers through CFBA for my copy to review. Unending Devotion I picked this up at my local library, I had a feeling it would be good, but I wasn t expecting AMAZING I couldn t put this one down You could say I had an unending devotion to this book This novel story and its characters rang true to the title Moreover, it reminds us of God s unending devotion to His people Lilly Young is trying to find her runaway sister Searching the red light logging towns, she rescues prostitutes along the way and delivers them to a safe home for young women Lilly had such a strong, God fearing heart However, she was rash a risk taker Her heart was in the right place but acting on her emotions could cause chaos When she finally finds her sister, she simply couldn t wait for God s intervention She soon finds that when she waits on the Lord and follows His instruction and plan, great things will happen Things she couldn t have made happen for others or herself.Connell is much the opposite of Lilly He is grounded, too grounded Connell plays an important role in the family logging business He can t afford a scandal Connell is trying to put his own life back together Please his father with financials If only his father could see how hard he tries, how much effort he is putting in to find out why the numbers aren t adding up If only he could stop trying break through to the hardened heart of his earthly father, and begin to rest in the open heart of his Heavenly Father He hides behind his ledgers and doesn t want to get involved with Lilly s plight Yet he is drawn to her He can t keep himself falling deeply for her and eventually falling for God s merciful, healing love The threads of a miraculous life can only be woven together by His hands.If you need a sweet, slow budding love with a little girl power and a mare s nest, then this is the read for you This is a novel I plan to buy to have on my shelf for cold day weather with a hot cup of cocoa I could read this story again and again Easily one of my favorite novels Jody Hedlund the Lord gave you tremendous talent. @BOOK Û Unending Devotion ⚡ Michigan,In Her Darkest Hours, Is He The Man She Needs Lily Young Longs To Find Her Lost Sister Or Will Die Trying Heedless Of Any Danger, She Searches Logging Camps And Towns, Posing As A Photographer S Assistant And Then She Arrives In Harrison, Michigan And The Sights Of Connell McCormick Connell Is Determined To Increase The Fortune Of His Lumber Baron Father And Figures As Long As He S Living An Upright Life, That S What Matters But When Lily Arrives In Town She Upends His World, Forcing Him To Confront The Truth That Dangerous Men Have Gained Too Much Power While Good Men Turn A Blind Eye Vexing But Persuasive, Lily Soon Secures Connell S Help, Drawing Them Ever Closer To Each Other Will Standing For What S Right Cost Them Both Everything Lily Young would give up her life to save and protect her sister When she arrives in Michigan, she is close enough to discover what happened to her beloved Daisy, but finding her is not that easy especially if she must fight alone the most dangerous man she has ever encountered When all hope is lost, will she find any help from the other people of the town What if it is too late to save Daisy If I had to choose a single word to define this book, it would be powerful A powerful story, a powerful heroine and a powerful writing Lily is an incredible woman Some of her choices are debatable, because of her impulsiveness, but she acts by following her heart so I guess her behaviour is understandable Her actions and beliefs inspire an entire town to stand up against a vicious man and, most of all, her fiery temper helps one man to take action and open his eyes, Connell McCormick Connell is a great hero, the one that you see changing in front of your eyes, page after page He respects women, he protects them against the evil people and he slowly understands what really counts in life He lives in a place with thousands of temptations and yet, he is a gentleman at heart I loved to read his banter with Lily, they were lovely and hilarious and I thought it was good to have some light moments throughout the story Since the themes of prostitution, women slavery and violence are central and heartbreaking, I appreciated the fact that there was another part of the plotdelicate like the growing love between two people punctuated by tenderness and respect, completely different from the reality seen in the taverns and brothels.After reading the author s note, I was shocked to learn that some of her characters truly existed I know that abusive men have always existed and sadly they still do, but to know that all the cruel things the villain of the story did really happened, left me speechless There should bewomen like Lily,women ready and willing to help others and fight for their rights and happiness.A beautiful and poignant story of courage, forgiveness and love that will make you think about how terribly modern is the reality described by Jody Hedlund, even though this story is set in 1883 Ms Hedlund is a great author and I highly recommend this novel, whether or not you are fans of Historical Fiction. Review onon my blog to be posted 9 17 Devotion is the first of Jody Hedlund s books I ve read, but I don t think it ll be my last After reading it, I now really want to read her previous novels I loved how some of the things in Unending Devotion actually took place in real life and that a few of the characters in this book were real people It added a lotmeaning to the story and I just thoroughly enjoyed reading it.I found the characters great and, while I did get annoyed a little by Lily when she rushed to do things too quickly if you read the book, you ll know what I m talking about , I did still really like her character My two favorites, though, would have to be Connell and Oren he made me chuckle with his protectiveness.Overall, I found Unending Devotion to be an interesting read that helped me to understand how things were in the 1800 s what with sex slavery and logging camps I recommend it if you enjoy historical romance books with some history I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion which I ve done All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. If she had to leave an imprint of herself for all time, she wanted it to reflect the happiness of her life, not the heartache I ve said this about 37 times before, but Jody Hedlund is one of my favorite authors and reading Unending Devotion sealed the deal This was such an great novel on every level the storyline, the characters, the faith lessons and the deeper purpose.Lily s devotion to her sister is inspiring and I love the changes Connell goes through Not only a heartwarming story of love and forgiveness, but an inspiring one of change.James Carr was a despicable human being He is the perfect face for the issue this story deals with Human trafficking.Today Detroit is one of the highest cities of human trafficking and can be traced back to the lumber era where prostitution often where the women were forced , violence and alcoholism were rampant And the horrible Carr was a real person and so was one of the girls who he murdered It s heartbreaking to read these stories and evenso because trafficking is evenrampant today than ever before.Read this story and may you be inspired to stand up and make a difference As Hedlund wrote in her Author s Note May we rise up, stand tall, and fight against the injustices that still exist today P.S She s not just about words either, proceeds from Unending Devotion go to stopping modern day slavery If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor Desmond Tutu Where I got the book review copy provided by publisher This review first appeared on the Historical Novel Society s website and in the Historical Novel Review, issue 63.This inspirational romance is set in the lumber camps of Central Michigan in 1883 Lily Young s search for her sister Edith leads her to the shanty towns that house the lumberjacks and the brothels that service them Protected by the friendly photographer, Oren, for whom she works, Lily believes she can cope with shanty boys like handsome Connell McCormick But Connell turns out to be the boss s son, and his attraction to Lily doesn t mean he agrees with her views on cleaning out the brothels and saving the beautiful pine forests from total destruction.It s always good to see a Midwest setting, and Hedlund s vivid descriptions make full use of an underexplored slice of American history, reminding the reader that the swift progress of settlement created sizeable moral problems that had nothing to do with Western gunfights and cattle rustling I enjoyed the settings in this novel very much.I had some trouble liking the main characters We are told Lily is lively and has a great sense of humor, but little of either characteristic shows up, and she comes across as both earnest and foolhardy, a strange combination Connell s subordination to his father, his hesitation to fight the villain, Carr, and the way his desire for Lily renders him speechless make him appear weak, particularly compared to Lily s other suitor, Stuart While I commend Hedlund for not giving us the conventional alpha male, I find Connell s softer side and the overwhelmingly physical nature of his attraction to Lily a little off putting.Some dramatic moments seem contrived why, for example, in a location so well supplied with prostitutes, should so many men want to rape Lily And the prostitute Frankie seems to exist merely to further the plot.And yet my overall impression was of an enjoyable and well written story, sure to delight Hedlund s fans. Jody Hedlund writes engaging stories, no doubt about it This third release has a lot to love a strong heroine, a battle of good vs evil, plenty of romance, and a setting that is intriguing and full of all kinds of danger from the freezing cold to wolves of both the animal and human variety Lily is passionate about life finding humor and excitement in living it, and finding joy in helping others to embrace it When she blows into Connell s cold, career centered life like a warm summer breeze, hearts melt and fires blaze But Lily s impetuousness pitted against Connell s reserve doesn t make for a safe situationStorms abound throughout the pages as winter weather and evil actions must be faced Unending Devotion is a well plotted novel in that sense plenty of twists and turns, plenty of challenges to the characters, and a well placed climax I confess that I didn t completely connect with the heroine, despite her admirable qualities her choices are great for the plot, but there s just something about her strong will and her character s journey that didn t completely resonate with me The lessons about trusting in God s timing and plan, as well as refusing to be apathetic and inactive when it comes to standing up for what is right, are important ones Those lessons just didn t overly mesh for me in a powerful way.Unending Devotion is a great read The romance is sweet, albeit a little overbearing at times I think certain personalities might find the heroine and perhaps the heroappealing than other personalities But even though The Doctor s Lady is my favorite Hedlund book so far, Christian historical romance fans should be quite pleased with Unending Devotion With thanks to the publisher through CFBA for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion. A sad and haunting tale, this story moved me I found it hard to like the h in the beginning, but her character definitely grew on me Despite her judgmental spirit, the reader could see the good intentions in her heart Likewise with the H, his good heart was masked by his fatalistic outlook and outward apathy I can identify with both these characters and struggle to find that blessed middle ground where you let God decide how He can use you in His redemption story So why notstars Again, I didn t mind the flawed characters but the fact that they started their transformations very late into the book was frustrating I d prefer to spendtime reading about how their lives were after that started changing their beliefs Also, the constant push and pull between the MCs got old pretty fast This story was very sad and I wouldn t recommend it to anyone who avoids sad stories that pivot around potential triggers like prostitution, white slavery, and rape However, I would recommend this story tomature readers who are looking for a realistic yet ultimately encouraging story of God s love One star for the engaging storytelling, one star for the encouraging message and one star for the rich historical details. by Andrea Renee CoxThe fight against evil is a tough one I like that Ms Hedlund tackled this difficult topic in Unending Devotion, but the good fight got lost for me The leading lady was controlling and closed minded, not to mention bossy and rude and pretty unlikable The leading man was too passive for seventy five percent of the story, which always drives me crazy because, biblically speaking, men are supposed to be the leaders of their families and communities.There was also a lot of muck to wade through to get to the good messages of this story Prostitution was a heavy theme I thought it was handled well in the first couple of chapters, but then it took a negative turn Things becamelurid, suggestive, and indecent, leaving me feeling like my mind had been sullied simply by reading certain scenes Expletive phrases and a derogatory term were used repeatedly Immorality was shown as a lifestyle in certain characters, and though the leads fought against the immorality, some other major characters did not repent.Hope finally did come in the last few chapters, and I was glad about that I liked that the cover scene was a key point in the story, which is always a fun thing to discover The leading lady s passion for fixing injustice was lovely in the few moments when it didn t come across as being controlling The character I enjoyed the most was Mrs McCormick She was quite a delight.I was not compensated for this honest review.