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~Read Pdf ☲ Undertow (Undertow, #1) ⚕ Eila Walker Knows Luck Is Not A Friend, So She S Downright Shocked To Inherit A Million Dollar Cape Cod Home And Yeah, Her New Town Isn T Perfect The Cheerleaders Are Heinous Clones, The Local Rip Current Can Kill You, And Apparently Her Great Grams Was Fried By Lightning In The Harbor Square Still, Eila Is Hopeful Her Luckless Days Are In The PastWhen Raef O Reilly Becomes Her Friendly Shadow, Eila Thinks Life Is Pretty Darn Perfect But Just As Her New Hometown Starts To Feel Normal, A Beach Bonfire Party Turns Into A Nightmare When She S Hauled Beneath The Waves By An Undertow WITH ARMS Raef, No Longer Able To Hide The Truth From Eila, Must Come Clean She S Possibly The Last Of Her Kind, A Supernatural Assassin Who Should Be Able To Wield The Power Of Human Souls As A Weapon, Just Like Her Murdered Great Grams Soon Eila Finds Herself Under The Protection Of Raef And An Outrageous Crew Of Allies Unfortunately, She S Now The Hottest Must Have On The Supernatural Black Market, And The Teenage Gang That Is Trying To Guard Her Is Woefully Lacking What an amazing and absorbing read The details and descriptions from K.R Conway blew me away and I was sucked into this book in no time It s a really great beginning to a series It has that classic paranormal romance feel without seeming like all of the other books Undertow definitely stands out in the sea of YA paranormals I really connected with these characters They seemed authentic, and I could relate to different parts of all of them Characters are always a big deal for me, so that was a relief There are different layers to the characters, and I loved getting to know and about them as the story progressed It definitely kept my attention I had no idea what to expect whenever I started Undertow It can always be hit or miss with me and YA paranormal romance But wow This author absolutely blew me away If you re a YA paranormal fan, you simply have to read Undertow I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation. I should preface this by saying, I am the author And normally I don t ever review my books or rate them but I saw other authors doing it and though, What the heck Undertow is the first novel I ever wrote, though far from the first thing I ve ever written I ve been a professional writer for a long, long time and honestly, UNDERTOW was never meant to be than one or two scenes.Basically the book was born because of some followers on Facebook who knew I was a journalist I can remember posting two scenes The opening prologue and the bonfire scene.I wrote them out of boredom As a journalist I d never written fiction, let alone dreamed up an entire story line, characters, world, etc Quite frankly, it s HARD Once those two scenes were up, however, I began getting constant requests to finish the story.The rest is history I hope you enjoy it I wanted answers instantly.Come to think of it, answers would have been helpful before I moved to this cursed strip of sand.Why couldn t Mr Talbot have said, Oh yes, the home is lovely There are some sea monsters with hands like Schwarzenegger and your eyeballs may start to glow in the dark, but other than that, the place is greatSweet dreamor a waking nightmare For Eila Walker, inheriting a million dollar Cape Cod home is a dream come true Her and her legal guardian Mae can have a fresh start putting behind them the hardships of the past Mean cheerleaders weird neighbours aside, the whole thing seems too good to be true.That is, until Eila realises she s inherited than a house She s also inherited a deadly legacy The present and the past collide.Finding out her great grandmother was a kind of magical warrior is the least of Eila s worries Because the evil that her great grandmother sacrificed herself to destroy is still out there, lurking in the shadows one hundred and sixty years later And it ll do anything to get its hands on Eila The last of her kindand the key to limitless power With the darkly handsome and protective Raef O Reilly plus her friends Ana and MJ and Raef s brother Kian by her side, Eila must unravel the mystery surrounding her great grandmother s death if she s to save the lives of those she loves But at what cost Undertow is an intensely thrilling paranormal tale that will pull you into its depths from the very first chapter.With clever plot construction and a great cast of characters, this book has all the makings of a great YA novel It will be interesting to see how Kate Conway develops the concepts in Undertow further as the series progresses A new heroine rises in a darkened corner of the world Join her on her journey today. I love this cover The simplicity is perfect, yet it still does a good job of giving us the feel of the book kind of mysterious with a little spunk This is the story of a girl Eila who inherits a mansion on the coast She moves before her senior year of high school and finds a lot of interesting friends who help her as she begins to unearth dangerous family secrets Raef is new to the school too and seems to be watching out for her, but Eila is equal parts afraid of and drawn to him.Eila is analright character I never connected strongly with her At first she seemed like an old soul to me, too smart to get caught up in the drama of high school and content to be alone While not a leader, she seemed pretty confident in herself As the story goes on, she talks about forcing herself to be confident, to step up Maybe she needed a push to become a leader, but I don t think she was ever the timid flower she seemed to see herself as and tried to convince us she was It seemed she was someone who never cared what people thought until this group came along that she wanted to help, to impress, to be a part of I loved watching her step up and commit to whatever needed to be done, and how she never apologized for how she felt There were plenty of moments she redeemed herself and, in the end, I liked her, but never loved her.Raef really was the best character in this book He was a perfect blend of vulnerability and strength He never came off as creepy, but he was definitely watching over Eila from the start He also trusted Eila and never pushed her into any kind of danger, but would willingly follow when she made necessary risks He was a great YA male lead, the kind girls should swoon over.The premise of this story is really interesting, with Eila being a person gifted with ability to kill fallen angels who live off of the souls of humans We also have shape shifters and a character who can read and influence emotions It was a lot to take in I m torn between wishing we could have learned about the soul feeders and the feud that has developed between the two races and interest in the other paranormal beings Since this is book one in the series, I suppose I ll be getting of both The writing here is great with nice flow, varying sentence lengths and structures, strong dialogue, and interesting subplots If you like the paranormal and sensitive yet powerful guys, this is a winner The prologue kind of throws you right into everything, so just hang in there, it will all make sense eventually For another Raef fix, I ll soon be reading book two Also reviewed Thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this novel in return for an honest review For reviews, visit thisisjustabookblog.tumblr.com If you ve seen my updates while reading this novel, I m sure you won t be surprised to hear that I didn t enjoy this book It just wasn t very well written, at all The narrative voice was irritating, and the writing was just all wrong It wasn t like it was littered with grammatical errors or something though there were a few typos , but it just didn t sound very good at all Not only that, but there were a couple of times that the author cheated at narration If you re going to write in first person, you can t just then give other people s reasonings for doing things, which the narrator just has no way of knowing It s frustrating Also, and this is of a style thing, the author capitalised words to show emphasis This just looks really amateurish in comparison to italics, in my opinion The actual mythology behind the paranormal aspect of the book was original, and interesting, but it wasn t very well explained I still haven t got a clue what a Lunaterra is or what they can do But at least it was creative, I suppose However, it wasn t until about half way through that this was actually revealed, so I felt like the first half of the book was just too long Not much happens, apart from a petty feud with a cheerleader for no apparent reason Which brings me on to my next problem there were so many YA cliches that it made my head hurt Why are cheerleaders always depicted as pretty and popular and thin and bitchy I just don t understand it Nikki was a stereotype, pure and simple, and that s just lazy and uncreative Not to mention that Nikki hated her for no reason at all, and that just doesn t happen It s just childish More YA cliches, you ask Well, how about irritating instalove Check I m sorry, but you ve had three conversations and suddenly he s your best friend and then suddenly your kissing and he s declaring his intention to die for you if need be No reasons for their love was given I m not even sure if Raef has a personality If your main character falls in love with someone over the course of the novel then please, please make it so I do to, or at least can see why Otherwise it s unbelievable Next on our YA cliche list is the overprotective boyfriend Yuck Please, please stop it Just, please Why don t you empower your female characters instead Why don t you make it a normal level of overprotectiveness, instead of a creepy level Speaking of creepy, why did he get an extra seat put on his motorcycle for her the first day that they met That s just weird That and the standing outside her window at night thing And now, we get to YA cliches As similar to Twilight as you could possibly be without being fanfic Check Claims social awkwardness but is actually liked by everyone and is proven to be outgoing and wonderful Check Beautiful characters left right and centre Check Tortured hero Check Conveniently disappearing parents parental figure Check Stupid reason why the main characters can t have sex be together etc Check I could go on And on And on What I m trying to say is that I m tired of YA fiction that makes me want to rip off my skin as I m reading it I m tired of unhealthy relationships and whiny main characters and references to Twilight within the novel if you re going to base your novel off of the style of someone else s, at least don t mention them within the novel Okay, I m sorry I m done I apologise about how horrible this review is It s not an attack on this particular author, but just a result of my frustration with this genre, and this novel happens to have pushed me over the edge It s actually got a lot of good reviews so far on goodreads, so maybe I m just strange 3.5 stars I have mixed feelings about this book For the most part, I found that I really liked it However, there were some things that I came across, particularly around the halfway point, that entirely ruined the way I saw it.The good notes I think the concept was really interesting I liked that this book wasn t about your typical vampire or werewolves or witches, and I really enjoyed reading as Eila found out about who she is and how she came to be I thought the book flowed well, and I liked that the book kept us in enough suspense, but not dragged out to where it ll was irritating And I liked that it wasn t too predictable, but it wasn t too far fetched that you were left thinking where the heck did that come from.The flip side First of all, I just have to say I was really irked when I got halfway through the book, and Raef starting explaining what he was One of the things I liked about this book was it had a unique concept But then, I started finding out what Raef s powers and limitations were, and that just ruined the entire book for me Why go through the trouble of creating a unique create and establish a whole elaborate plot on what they are, only to have the cliche side effects of THAT creature From the animals which doesn t even make sense view spoiler They re soul stealers, not blood suckers Wouldn t they need souls to sustain themselves, so requiring blood doesn t really fit into it And then animal blood, you d have to go through the whole concept of whether they have souls I don t buy it hide spoiler I received a free digital copy for review.OK, so apparently I m going to be THAT person reviewing opposite from everyone else this time.I felt like a pendulum while reading this book Sometimes I loved the story idea and writing style, and then several pages later I didn t I seemed to enjoy the beginning of the book, but then it was boring in the middle I became interested toward the end Perhaps if it was cut down some and combined with the next book I would have liked the series better Upon reflection, I was probably enad with the supporting characters of MJ and Ana than the main characters.Other books in a similar genre girl loves immortal has enough of an intricate story that I forget about the ick factor of some 200 year old man in a sizzling hot, never aging body is in love with a girl in HIGH SCHOOL I kept thinking about that throughout the book Granted, there were some well written intimate scenes that I liked in spite of myself However, I would later be pulling out my hair over the continually repeated internal dialogue of Elia and Raef about they yearn and yearn for each other, and how amazingly beautiful and perfect and brave the other one is.OBVIOUSLY the series looks like it is going to do well as there are many people who love it Read what makes you happy And kudos to anyone who has the tenacity to be an author writer with all the critics out there. Undertow contains majority of the things I hated in Paranormal Novel Predictable plot, instalove, hot transfer guy, common evil cheerleader squad, a couple of slut shaming and a Mary Sue character, I shouldn t be able to like this book by default.But damn, I had a blast I like that the story doesn t just center around the very special, rare MC Eila and her issues and drama The side characters exists not just to make the MC good in the readers eyes, they had their own story and own spotlight, which led the way to the best couple in this book for me Ana and Kian,Ana reminds me so much of JO from the Soul Eaters Seriesand my favorite character MJMy eyes grew wide, Are you kidding me Is that what grabbed me Some sort of, what Zombie I sat there, unable to move, cemented by a newfound fear of the world around me Thanks a lot MJ, hissed Ana coldly Way to give the girl a heart attack I m sorry alright, but I mean, what did she think grabbed her pleaded MJ, desperate for a bit of forgiveness The Little MermaidYou have no idea how much I laughed out loud in this book That s why I think the blurb is kind of misleading, this isn t in any way scary If anything, I think this is a light, fast paced urban paranormal read Nothing really creepy or scary not even the soul sucking demons, Mortis There was also an attempt for mystery and thrill which is a fail for me since I was, mostly, able to predict what would happen after the first 1 2 of the book it did surprise me on some parts, but not in an awesome blew me away way But it was alright, since I ve never been a fan of big secret plot device.All of the factors I usually hate in my paranormal read that Undertow had was overshadowed by the hilarious MC, awesome side characters, intriguing creatures and swoon worthy romance Thank the Gods there aren t any love triangle here, despite the instalove , that kept me laughing and engaged the whole time And as long as the book kept my attention from the very first page without trying too hard I m good I can t confidently recommend this book to my friends who has low tolerance on common cliche in a paranormal genre, because I bet you ll end up hating it and hunt me, lol But seriously though, Undertow is than worth a try I m definitely looking forward for the sequel I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you I received Undertow from Patchwork Press via netgalley in exchange with an honest review.Just when I thought that there could not be any original and interesting Supernatural YA Novels, K.R Conway seemed to prove me wrong with UnderTow, a great start of a mind blowing series.First thing First, I googled the meaning of UNDERTOW which is A Strong CurrentAfter finishing the book, I think that the title pretty much describes the series very well because , what does the strong current do chaos, disasters,loss, then eventually becoming stronger and perhaps recovery.The Prologue is very captivating, you only need to read a few pages to get hooked Although after the prologue the intensity slowed down a bit, I was not able to stop reading due to the anticipation of wanting to know what happens next and falling in love with all of the charactersI could almost relate to all of the main characters There were a lot of, OMG this is exactly how I feel moments Better to be a locked Vault than an open book I guess Ana The Book is packed with adventure,danger, along with the elements of sacrifice,love,friendship, and betrayal Yet, I ended it needing , hence the main issue has not been resolved yet.This is definitely going to be added to my favorite series list , and I can t wait to read the next one.I give this book 5 5 stars and an A according to my own rating scale