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I love these books It helps make lessons through the literature It is done in a humorous and classroom setting I feel that the students can relate to the book since it is about learning in a classroom just like them. {DOWNLOAD EPUB} ì U.S. History I (Cliffs Quick Review) ⚢ CliffsQuickReview Course Guides Cover The Essentials Of Your Toughest Classes Get A Firm Grip On Core Concepts And Key Material, And Test Your Newfound Knowledge With Review Questions CliffsQuickReview US History I Provides You With An Overview Of United States History From Before The Colonial Period Through The End Of Reconstruction You Can Use This In Depth Reference As A Supplement To Your Textbook And Classroom Lectures, Or You Can Use It As An At A Glance Reference As You Work Your Way Through This Review, You Ll Be Ready To Tackle Such Concepts As Exploring The New World Knowing The First Inhabitants Of The Western Hemisphere Exploration And Early Colonization From Christopher Columbus S Voyage To The Early English Settlements Colonial Settlements Of The Th And Th Centuries From Plymouth To TheOriginal Colonies The American Revolution From Early Discontent To The War For Independence And The Drafting Of The US Constitution The Development Of A New Nation The Early Presidents, The Institution Of Slavery, And The Civil War The Reconstruction The Freedom For Slaves And The Presidency Of Ulysses S Grant With Titles Available For All The Most Popular High School And College Courses, CliffsQuickReview Guides Are A Comprehensive Resource That Can Help You Get The Best Possible Grades