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[[ Read Kindle ]] ¹ Two Little Witches: A Halloween Counting Story ê Bold Illustrations Depict Halloween S Splendor In This Counting Book Simple Word Repetition Will Sustain The Tension For Very Young Listeners THE HORN BOOKNow With Than Colorful StickersIf One Little Witch Meets One Little Witch, What Happens On A Spooky Halloween Night In This Lively, Cumulative Counting Book, They Re Joined By A Plump Pumpkin, A Fuzzy Bunny, A Friendly Pirate, A Pink Princess, And Costumed Characters, Until Ten Trick Or Treaters Are Tiptoeing Up To A Dark, Scary House And What Would Happen If A Monster Opened The Door Bright Illustrations Set Off The Simple Rhythms Of This Halloween Story, Just Waiting To Be Completed With A Page Full Of Stickers This is a great book for teaching your child how to count and how to add I read this to my three year old and she picked up the counting and adding very quickly. Illustrated by the Caldecott Medal winning Simms Taback, this holiday counting book follows a growing crowd of trick or treaters as they make their way through thedark on Halloween nightTwo witches meet up and are soon joined by a small clown, a tall skeleton, a striped cat, a fuzzy bunny, an orange pumpkin, a friendly pirate, a big astronaut, and a pink princess, forming a gang of trick or treaters When they break up, however, one is different from the others, and departs in an unusual fashionI cannot say that Two Little Witches A Halloween Counting Story really appealed to me that much, as its simplistic narrative one and one makes two, add one and then you have three and so on left me mostly bored But for children at the right level, who are just getting going as independent readers, or who are learning their numbers, I can see the repetitive structure really working very well The pencil, ink and watercolor illustrations, on the other hand, will appeal to anyone who appreciates Taback s zany artwork, myself included Recommended primarily to younger Halloween celebrants, particularly those at the counting stage, or who are beginning readers. Eh Perfect for teaching little kids how to count, I suppose As a story, not really that entertaining, unfortunately Honestly, the only thing that this book has going for it is the nice artwork by Simms Taback. Fun potential I m back and forth on the age, though Word wise, it s toddler Concept wise, it s on the border of toddler and preschool.10 26 10 10 28 10 This worked very well with the small group They counted aloud with me And it was fun to read The story moved along well It didn t work well with the large Thu group Some kids were getting it and with it, but it was hard for me to connect with them because of the younger kids who were wandering everywhere That was also a distraction for both of us I was starting to lose control of half the room, but pushed on for those children who were still with it Parents helped a lot with this one And the ending brought back the focus.