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[[ Read Book ]] õ Toil & Trouble Ø It S That Halloweeny Time Of Year, And Howie, Arthur, Kristy, And Cora Are On A Mission To Create The Perfect Haunted House Event At The Store In Order To Win Over New CustomersTurns Out, It S Not As Easy As It Sounds Especially When You Re Trying To Charm The Town S Most Popular And Terrifying Arts N Crafts Blogger Into Writing Your Store A Favorable Review And It Just Gets Worse When That Blogger Insists That Her Wild Child Ten Year Old Son Be Given Creative Control Over The Entire SituationThere S No Way Around It October Just Got Stressful Fortunately, Howie Co Are Super Chill And Not At All Prone Toward Panicking Yeah, That Might Be A LieThe Characters From Know Not Why Return In This Romp Full Of Workplace Turmoil, Eerie Coincidences, Sexy Mummy Costumes, And Even Bantery Friendship Antics Than Ever BeforeWords , 3.5 stars only recommended if you lurved the first book If you did, then this serves as a sort of treat, you get to spend time with the characters It s cute and funny in that way, but doesn t really work as a story of its own, mostly because there s just too many characters, with too many different things going on in their lives and there s just not enough time in 70 or so pages to really address each of them, like the original book did But as a fun piece of fluff it works very well. 2.5 starsHmmm this felt like reading one of those free online fictions or fan fictions where there were a lot of dialogs but not so much as direction or shape about what the story was trying to say At times, it felt refreshing, with the let loose storytelling and quirky dialogs but at other times, I wondered, what s the point of this where is this going exactly The humor sometimes works, sometimes it doesn t I am not one easily amused with humorous stories, I guess So with my mood and the way I felt rather indifferent meh with this story when I finished it, I have to settled down with 2.5 stars Bummer. Price drop to 0.99 at US, 6 9 15 I think the tumblr language used in the Know not why universe is something that you either love or hate I m firmly on the love side as I use tumblr and I write like this all the time too That s why the humor works so well for me I would have prefered if this sequel had been from Howie s perspective and had Howie Arthur but overall I enjoyed this a lot