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2.5 stars I didn t buy the relationship between these two Zero chemistry. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a daughter of a duke is raised to believe she can do as she dashed well pleases, which may lead her into all manner of difficulty.Lady Elizabeth Wilde is the proper, well behaved, level headed eldest daughter of the Duke of Sherrington She has known for a long time that at some point she will have to marry her odious, dim witted cousin Snowley yes, that s really his name because, as her father puts it No one but her will be able to run the estate as well as she has been and see he doesn t ruin it when he finally inherits everything But then, she starts suspecting her father s illness might be somethingthan it seems and decides to enlists the help of a Bow Street Runner When she meets Dysart , her life suddenly starts to feel very dull indeed And then her sister says something to her that keeps popping into her head When are you ever going to live up to the family name I really enjoyed this book I loved that Lizzie was so very reasonable and level headed no hysterical fits, jumping to conclusion, or anything that bugged me Which, believe you me, is not easy , and Dysart Well He had his moments of wallowing brooding, but overall, his irreverent teasing side won me over And once I found out his secret, I really admired him Those two were really adorable together when he wasn t off brooding in the dark somewhere There was a bit of drama towards the end, but not the point where I felt like it was forced Solid four stars, and I plan on reading the next one and hopefully the youngest sister s story at some point soon. @EPUB õ To Lure a Proper Lady (Duke-Defying Daughters #1) õ When Lady Elizabeth Wilde And Her Sisters Are Summoned Once Again To Their Chronically Anxious Father S Deathbed, She S Shocked To Find That His Worries Are At Last Justified He S Terribly Ill, And Lizzie Suspects Poison But When She Seeks Help From The Bow Street Runners, Her Request Is Answered By A Rough Hewn Rogue Known Only As Dysart Though His Irreverent Charm By Turns Shocks And Captivates Her, A Man Of Dysart S Background Is An Altogether Inappropriate Choice For A Duke S Daughter Isn T He Although Dysart Has His Reasons To Disdain Polite Society, The Promise Of Supplemental Income From A Noble S Coffers Is Too Tempting To Deny But If Dysart Means To Apprehend The Culprit Who Poisoned The Duke, He Ll Need To Avoid Any And All Distractions Like The Delicious Swish Of Lady Elizabeth S Hips Yet As The Investigation Begins To Unearth Secrets He D Rather Remain Hidden, Dysart Must Decide At A Moment S Notice Whether To Hold Elizabeth At Arm S Length Or Pull Her Dangerously Close To Lure a Proper Lady is the delightful story of Lady Elizabeth Wylde and Dysart And yes, we get to the story of his name eventually, and also his real name.Lady Elizabeth, or Lizzie, oversees the management of her father s estate, the Duke of Sherrington, since he s a bit of a hypochondriac who spends most of his days in bed Being the eldest of three sisters, she s also the most level headed of them who feels the burden of duty the most When her father genuinely seems to become ill, she suspects foul play and hires a Bow Street Runner to investigate the matter further In comes Dysart Add to that a house party her father insists on so his daughters can find themselves suitable husbands before he dies, a slightly eccentric great aunt, a slimy cousin once removed and heir presumptive to the dukedom, a proper villain whom I suspect will be present in the next book, a self righteous gossip lady and we have a bit of an Agatha Christie atmosphere.But fear not, the mystery plot never becomes overwhelming The story concentrates mostly on the growing chemistry between Lizzie and Dysart One of the first things I noticed was the absence of annoying MC s Yes, Dysart is great and Lizzie is sweet See, the difference I made there It s because Dysart is by far theinteresting character with theinteresting background Dysart is a yummy hero, extremely honourable, but still rough on the edges and I loved how he could switch between slangs easily, making him either the rugged Bow Street Runner, the English Aristocrat, or a Scottish one if he so chooses Watching him stumbling through the investigation and the house party, distracted by his attraction to Lizzie, was great Lizzie, equally distracted, tries to keep the disintegrating House party up But hey, who can withstand a reddish haired sigh , rough but good looking Hero who charms his way into her thoughts and into her heartand onto a desk Sounds sweet Well, it is sweet I ve just noticed that I m actually rewriting Kyraraker s brilliant review here There s only one thing I d like to point out I usually complain about how much unnecessary things are being thrown into a story, or how the page time could have been used better In the case of To Lure a Proper Lady, considering it s only 250 pages long, I felt another 50 pages would have given the story a stronger context, e.g., seeing Lizzie and Dysart bouncing off each other in the company of other characters It does happen, but their encounters appeared a bit choppy at times Apart from that, this is a lovely story and I m very much looking forward to the next book in this series And, oh, someone send Dysart a note I m still waiting here Coffee, reddish hair and allyou know. I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review This is book one in the Duke Defying Daughters series Ashlyn Macnamara books are really good, passionate must reads So I was glad to see this book and the new series Lady Elizabeth Wilde seems to be theresponsible one out of the sisters Lizzie seems to oversea everything and tries to take charge and find out if someone is actually hurting her father Their father has a sometimes not been truthful with his illness But this time Lizzie thinks he is really sick and that someone is making him that way Their father wants to see them married and would like Lizzie to marry their cousin Lizzie deiced to try to get help from the bow street runners in seeing if there is someone responsible to hurting her father There she meets Dysart who is a rough, rake type. but he does come forward to help Dysart will play a family friend at the party that Lizzie is throwing to help find the person trying to her the father.I am really glad to have this book and hope that you will too. 3 stars for Dysart Elizabeth was alright, she was what one would expect as a noble lady But Dysart as a bow street runner was a lotcooler than Elizabeth.I thought the writing is not bad but found the story a little bland The mystery element played a strong role and Dysart and Elizabeth got their stolen moments together I skim read the last 30% The book as a whole was a 2 stars read but I am adding onestar for Dysart.I also feel that the characters aren t very well developed Both have potentials and are very likable But I think Dysart and Elizabeth could have beentogether or individually as characters I received an ARC for the book from the publisher on NetGalley. 3.5 stars.Elizabeth Wilde was the eldest of Duke Sherrington s daughters and all three of them were unmarried She has had to become lady of the house as her father had been sick and bedridden for some time After noticing some strange concoctions masquerading as medicine in her father s arsenal, Lizzie suspected someone poisoning the Duke, her father.Lizzie decided to hire a Bow Street runner to find out what was going on and who was a fault Her meeting ended with Dysart as her helper While Dysart initially annoyed her, Lizzie saw that Dysart possessed refinement, which lead to Lizzie finding out Dysart isthan just a bow street runner.In fact, thetime they spend together, the closer they become and Lizzie needs to make a match that would allow her to protect her family s estate in her father s illness Would love overcome family obligation I have to admit, the Bow street runner Dysart did not impress I think Lizzie would have made a better runner than him He was like Shaggy from Scooby Doo, just stumbling onto thing but not exhibiting any real skills As a human being, I was impressed because Dysart was honorable and sacrificed himself for someone else For that action alone, I was rooting for him to be successful in solving the mystery and to win Lizzie s affections They had good chemistry and the progression of their relationship was believable I liked this story but I didn t love it because I found the mystery and storyline unoriginal and would have liked a littleemotional angst Special Thanks to Random House Publishing Group Loveswept via Netgalley for this book given in exchange for an honest review. Fun, easy read with likable characters. 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4 because I liked Dysart so much The Duke of Sherrington is a valetudinarian that s Regency speak for hypochondriac who wants to see his three daughters wed before he shuffles off this mortal coil Hence, his insistence that their annual house party take place, in hopes that some eligible gentlemen will help fulfill his wish.Lady Elizabeth Wilde, Lizzie the eldest daughter, is shocked by her father s sudden change in condition and begins to suspect that someone may be poisoning him Intrepid Lady Elizabeth takes herself off to Bow Street to hire a runner, and there she encounters Dysart no first name , lounging on the pavement smoking a cheroot He happens to be the only runner available at the moment, so Lizzie engages him Despite his scruffy appearance and insolent manner, Dysart knows something about high society, so the plan is for him to join the house party as a guest, using a pseudonym and some concocted connections to the duke.From the moment Dysart joins Lizzie for the carriage ride to Suffolk, sparks are flying, but neither one of them will acknowledge it I knew that I would love Dysart when I read this exchange I am Lady Elizabeth Wilde Are ye now Am I what Wild The maid let out a gasp.Dysart is an enigma He can drop his Bow Street accent and smart arse attitude to converse like a gentlemen in a flash He apparently has a gentleman s wardrobe, for no mention is made of him being dressed inappropriately He knows which fork to use One of the guests, a nasty piece of work named Pendleton, even recognizes him and calls him Gus Dysart, however, has the goods on Pendleton and threatens him with exposure to keep him silent He roams the house at all hours investigating and he suspects everyone From time to time, we see Dysart s inner bad boy make an appearance Lizzie sees it too, and she likes it.But Lizzie does not want to like it Dysart is completely unsuitable for a duke s daughter Besides, she is expected to marry her second cousin Snowley, her father s fussy, fastidious heir The thought of intimacy with him makes her shudder, but she must consider the possibility it is her father s fondest wish, and Lizzie is a dutiful daughter Along with being dutiful, however, Lizzie is strong, intelligent, and brave Due to her father s years of illness, she is the de facto head of the household and is a substitute mother to her two younger sisters While Lizzie is a modern character in some ways, Ashlyn Macnamara does an excellent job making her a woman of her time, although I must say that Lizzie is a good deal bolder in carnal matters that one would expect of a gently bred young lady The sexual tension between her and Dysart is so palpable, though, that she might be forgiven her indiscretions.Although there are plenty of secondary characters, some of whom are just there to set up the rest of the series, Dysart is the star of this book He is taciturn, moody, clever, gallant, and hot as coals of glowing fire Fans of Deanna Raybourn s Lady Julia series might be reminded Brisbane from time to time Clearly, he has a past, which he gradually shares with Lizzie as the investigation draws them closer and the events of that past demonstrate just what a noble soul lies beneath the rough exterior.Although the mystery was unexciting until the surprisingly thrilling ending , I thoroughly enjoyed To Lure a Proper Lady and added a star to my rating just for Dysart I look forward to reading the rest of this series.This review first appeared at Romantic Historical Reviews. This review was originally posted on un Conventional Bookviews To Lure a Proper Lady is a quick, humorous and sexy read I loved Lizzie, she was definitely a proper lady in many ways, but quite forward in othersTo Lure a Proper Lady is an amazing mix of family obligations, mystery and forbidden romance, with a main character who is much stronger than she thinks When Lizzie thinks someone is trying to poison her father, the Duke, she goes on her own to Bow Street to hire a runner, and ends up with Dysart coming to the ducal seat for a fortnight to investigate during a house party They are both smart, but there are too many possibilities to follow, plus the attraction they feel for each other is very difficult to put on the back burner while taking care ofpressing matters.Because the house party has been set up to marry off the Duke s three daughters, To Lure a Proper Lady also has its share of humour, because neither of the three sisters really want to get married Lizzie is the oldest, and expected to marry her cousin because he s the Duke s heir Snowley, however, is both boring and a little dense, and Lizzie would go to quite extreme lengths to not marry him.The mystery of the story thickens as To Lure a Proper Lady unfolds, and so does the romance between Dysart and Lizzie She s quite bold for an innocent society girl, and I loved that she was so curious Dysart was definitely doing his best to resist her, but she made thatthan a little difficult For the most part, the story is quite slow paced, and that works very well However, towards the end, everything speeds up before the climax of the story, and I couldn t quite read fast enough to get to the good parts I wanted The culmination of both the mystery and the romance was dramatic, and Lizzie onceshowed how strong she was.In this new series, MacNamara expertly weaves the mystery and the romance to make an intricate whole, with well developed characters and a solid plot I can t wait to see what is up next in the Duke Defying Daughters series Written in third person perspective, from Lizzie s point of view, and with some great dialogues, the story was both enjoyable and hot His hands clamped down over hers, engulfing them with warmth The roughened calluses on his palms pressed into the soft skin over the backs of her hands She suddenly understood the dictate that young ladies wear gloves.She closed her eyes and rested against him, breathing in the scents of male intermingled with a fleeting hint of tobacco and brandy This This is what I want.She clamped her lips shut on a series of descriptive terms she might apply to Barrows and Dysart in equal measure, most of them inappropriate to pronounce in public and none of them helpful in identifying a person a thick skull didn t show on the outside, after all.