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Just finished Amazing Even for an RB history lover like myself, I learned tons of stuff A lot of these stories I d heard, but not from Berry Gordy himself I teared up a couple of times Good stuff. It was there in a lonely room reading words paintingthe perfect picture A man following his dreams askingfamily members to help invest in it Using your lastsavings to invest is amazing I learned so much about some of the artist he helped have success in the musicindustry. @DOWNLOAD PDF ⚠ To Be Loved: The Music, the Magic, the Memories of Motown : An Autobiography â With Humor, Frankness And Touching Insight, The Genius Producer Behind The Motown Sound Breaks His Silence And Sets The Record Straight In This Fascinating Personal Account Of His Incredible Life And Times From Detroit To Hollywood, Here Is The Story Of The Music Great Who Changed American Popular Culture With Artists Such As Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, The Jacksons, Stevie Wonder, AndPages Of Photos Say what you want about Berry Gordy He is a genius He did things in the music industry that hadn t been done before or since Motown is the greatest collection of contemporary music ever created In To Be Loved, you get it from the horse s mouth Whether you believe what s written here or not, the words matter because somebody s got to tell history Who better to tell it than the person who created it all We believe the words prophets wrote in the Bible because men deemed them inspired by the almighty I believed Berry Gordy was inspired by a higher power and from Smokey Robinson to the Jackson Five we are blessed to hear his story in his own word This is a must read for any fan of Motown music. Although Berry is continually trying to correct the impression that he was a dictator of Motown Records, he probably was, and this is still a fun book to read, if you like that music, and want to hear about how it came to be I ve been to Hitsville, and this should make you want to see that little bungalow that changed the world of music.What is most interesting is how he combined creativity and manufacturing, two ways of doing things that, like oil and water, supposedly are at odds with one another and cannot be combined He did it And while he was a dictator, and his word was final, the other creative voices had their say, and creative talents were both in competition with one another and in collaboration towards excellence.Some people point at all the talent that eventually left Motown as proof that Gordy was hard to work for and that his way of doing things doesn t work But the proof of good parenting is how completely the and successfully the fledglings learn to fly and leave the nest Gordy developed talent to the point of independence, and kept us all Dancing in the Streets. I can see why this book would be the inspiration for the hit Broadway show, Motown It s a positive musical romp through one of the most important eras of popular music with some of the biggest names in the industry Of course a major part of this story is the mega success of a black owned business in America during the early to mid 1960 s Detroit was already known as Motor City before Barry Gordy ever worked in a car plant and learned the factory system After adapting this process to his record company, Detroit was known for being Motown This is Gordy s side of this story and as the founding father of Motown he had the best seat in the house from which to tell it Readers need to assume he s giving us the inside scoop, but I couldn t help thinking we weren t getting all the details As a former boxer from the rough streets of Detroit, it s doubtful all business dealings were handled with kid gloves And even thought that opinion is only based on reports from past articles and other books, they are not at all addressed, confirmed or denied, in this book The historical aspects of Gordy s success are monumental Motown broke through the color barrier and the restrictions race music had to fight to be heard on the most powerful and popular radio and television broadcasts in other words white owned stations It is a story worth telling and knowing about The supporting cast includes some of the most dynamic and talented performers of the 1960s, 70s and 80s It s easy to visualize Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder and The Jackson Five entering and exiting during different segments of the book with their classic songs providing the soundtrack Gordy s memories are sandwiched between agonizing decisions to sell his company and are the perfect bookends for this story Some of the less famous characters, including the various mothers of his numerous children, become confusing as the story continues, but I enjoyed the book and again, consider it an important story The only reason not to go five stars was that it didn t hook me as a page turner I had no problem putting it on the shelf and reading two other books before coming back to finish Fortunately, the legendary Motown stars, known to all music fans, always made it easy to pick up the story from where I had left off and follow through to the end. Touching, Inspiring, Informative, Heartfelt Beautiful A Awesomely Beautiful Read I Loved It Here s how much I love autobiographies and memoirs or maybe I should say, here s how much of a book geek I am I went to see Motown The Musical, loved it, found out it was based on Berry Gordy s autobiography, and immediately had to read it I m glad I did, because I really enjoyed it.Besides being a trip through the history of much of the best pop music ever, it was also a story of an interesting and I think somewhat admirable man I know that people make themselves look good when they write an autobiography, but I think that it is telling that a man like Gordy a workaholic, womanizing, professional perfectionist seems to have ended up with good relationships with all of his exes, his 8 children by several different mothers, his extended family and even with most of the people he has worked with My only complaint is that the book ended in the early 1990s, and I would love another chapter or two of resolution to know what else has happened in his life since then Truly magical and a story of life and events that will forever stay with me I picked this up after watching the fantastic Motown musical in London wanting to knowI grew up listening and loving everything that came out of Motown and I still do Decades of music that are and will remain on another level of quality and creativity Pure gold Wow what a life this man created for himself and countless others One of the most influential men of all time for black music and film So sad that it s all over. This is the first review I ve written on Goodreads and let me preface it by saying Berry Gordy is my biggest hero of all times, so it will be extremely biased I know, I know He was a crook and stole from every one of his artistsat least that s the prevailing consensus That being said, I am in awe of what he accomplished at the time he accomplished it when black music was relegated to being just thatblack music His machine created phenomenal music and his genius found a way to play and sell that music to the whole world In my humble opinion, Motown music is the best collection of contemporary music ever created Berry Gordy accomplished the improbable with Motown and that is what this book was about,or less, in his own words As a musician, music lover and Detroiter I remain in awe of this underrated feat, so much so I read the book at least twice and own two copies of it I m going to leave it at that and go on to make some objective reviews now.