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An excellent twist of a classic fairy tale, Robo Tales Tinker is bound to be a new classic tale Boy friendly Girl friendly Kid friendly Anyone friendly in my opinion This story was a hit for our family I read it in one sitting to my 8, 10, 12, and 13 year olds, all of whom were thrilled with the creative storyline, the gadgets and adventure, and the unique illustrations created by children who read it before publishing It is a story of friendship, kindness, perseverance, and resilience in the face of challenging circumstances We anxiously await the next book This is a really great book for kids a Cinderella tale about a boy that teaches kindness and resourcefulness While I don t have any children of my own, I could imagine little kids loving the robot dog as well as cheering for Tinker to win the Recycle Race while overcoming his bully cousins The fan artwork is also a nice touch, one I believe will help inspire readers to be creative on their own. [Download E-pub] ♙ Tinker (RoboTales #1) ♥ From Bestselling Author Jill Williamson And Her Son Luke, Comes RoboTales, A Science Fiction Fairytale Series For Kids Ages Or In Grades Nd Th Praise For Tinker An Excellent Twist Of A Classic Fairy Tale, Robo Tales Tinker Is Bound To Be A New Classic Tale Boy Friendly Girl Friendly Kid Friendly Anyone Friendly In My Opinion This Story Was A Hit For Our Family I Read It In One Sitting To My , , , AndYear Olds, All Of Whom Were Thrilled With The Creative Storyline, The Gadgets And Adventure, And The Unique Illustrations Created By Children Who Read It Before Publishing It Is A Story Of Friendship, Kindness, Perseverance, And Resilience In The Face Of Challenging Circumstances We Anxiously Await The Next Book CC, Reviewer I Read This Book With My Daughters MyYear Old Finished It On Her Own MyYear Old Got Caught Up In Reading It That She Forgot To Stop Reading When It Was My Turn We Take Turns Reading Out Loud The Characters Are Great From Tinker To Robo To The Evil Step Brothers, To Helpful Mr Monn It S Nice To See Cinderella Spun In A Boy Friendly Fashion That Isn T Ultimately About Romance This Is A Great Book That Both Boy And Girl Readers Will Enjoy Fun But Short For The Older Kids, Just Right For The Reluctant Middle GradeTh Grade Reader Toothless In Texaz, Reviewer Though I Am Not A Kid, I Really Enjoyed Tinker This Cinderella Style Under Dog Story Had Me From The Start It Is Well Thought Out With Characters You Can Relate To It Is A Fun Read For Kids And Adults Alike Jill Williamson Has Created Another Great Series With The Help Of Her Son Luke, What A Great Duo My Kids And I Can T Wait To See What Happens Next In This SeriesStars Fire Dad , Reviewer Overview Tinker Has Always Dreamed Of Attending The Invention Institute Where His Late Father Was A Teacher When The School Hosts The Recycle Race Competition To Choose A New Apprentice, Not Only Does Tinker Hope To Win A Full Scholarship, He Believes The Institute Can Teach Him How To Fix His Robot Dog Tinker Must Protect His Invention From His Uncle And Cousins, Who Do Everything They Can To Destroy Tinker S Dream If You Enjoyed Tinker, You Ll Love Book Two, Mardok And The Seven Exiles I read this book with my daughters My 11 year old finished it on her own My 9 year old got caught up in reading it that she forgot to stop reading when it was my turn We take turns reading out loud.The characters are great from Tinker to Robo to the evil step brothers, to helpful Mr Monn It s nice to see Cinderella spun in a boy friendly fashion that isn t ultimately about romance.This is a great book that both boy and girl readers will enjoy Fun but short for the older kids, just right for the reluctant middle grade 3 5th grade reader. I loved this Garbage incinerating dogs Cool Young brilliant orphan inventor Really cool It was a short but really interesting read.Every single character was unique and very real Even those who just had one short appearance Tinker was amazing and I really lived the story through him Robo dog is just cool And funny The kindness shown by people like Mr Monn counteracted Tinker s Uncle and cousins in a really beautiful way.I loved the meaning of the story, how Tinker stands up even with his nasty Uncle and perseveres to go to the Recycle Race even after his cousins smash his invention His whole attitude is just great There is never time for nothing to happen, from the first moment everything never pauses It s not an epic oh no he s gonna die kind of thing, but I cared from Tinker I cared that he would win I wanted him to so badly Tinker is a beautiful story, and I massively recommend it to everyone It s a primary school aimed book but SO Read it anyway I loved it completely. A fun middle grade read about a clever hardworking boy called Tinker who is forced to be a servant for his uncle s family and whose only friend is a robot dog This is a well written science fiction story with a deftly described other world and a likeable hero Can Tinker create a space craft that will win the recycle race so that he can go to school And not just any school the Invention Institute Will his uncle and unpleasant cousins prevent him Tinker is a 13 year old boy who lives on the planet Kitz He can fix anything except for the damaged robot dog he found in the desert Tinker cares for Robo and considers him to be his only friend.Tinker s dream is to attend the Invention Institute where his late father attended When the Institute hosts the Recycle Race competition in which the winner receives a full scholarship to the Invention Institute, not only does Tinker hope to win the scholarship, he believes joining the Institute will help him fix his beloved robot dog But Tinker must protect his invention for the contest from his uncle and cousins, who do everything they can to defeat Tinker s dream.I really enjoyed this first book in the RoboTales series I found the book well written and entertaining Both kids and adults will enjoy these books I look forward to the next RoboTales adventure Tinker was a really fun story At 94 pages, it s a quick read, the perfect length for read aloud for younger middle grade and upper elementary readers Tinker is a young, orphaned inventor living with an unkind uncle and cruel cousins on planet Kitz The setting is well done, with touches of Star Wars throughout and a subtle theme of friendship woven in the story Tinker s determination to win the Recycle Race against all odds in order to secure the scholarship to the Invention Institute was well done and exciting My boys wanted me to keep reading so they could find out if Tinker won and what happens to him Parents looking for a story for ages 7 13 that s clean and fun to read together, check out Robo Tales 1 Tinker. Though I am not a kid, I really enjoyed Tinker, book one of the Robotales series Tinker has been adopted by his harsh uncle after his parents died, and is treated like a servant by his uncle and mean hearted cousins Tinker is a master at fixing anything and despite his youth keeps his father s shop running while his uncle reaps the profits.Tinker finds a robot dog, Robo, with engine problems and decides to take it home and fix it The mechanical mutt becomes his only friend and he soon learns it belongs to someone else Tinker is reluctant to fix Robo since he will have to return it to its rightful owner when it is repaired When a chance to go to a prestigious technology school is offered to the winner of a race, Tinker goes to his favorite scrap yard to gather parts The night before the big race his cruel cousins foil his dreams of winning when they steal his energy cell Tinker must work through the night to come up with a different energy source.I won t spoil the ending but this Cinderella style under dog story had me from the start It is well thought out with characters you can relate to It is a fun read for kids and adults alike Jill Williamson has created another great series with the help of her son Luke, what a great duo My kids and I can t wait to see what happens next in this series 5 Stars TinkerRobo Tales 1By Jill and Luke WilliamsonTinker is his uncle s ward and to his uncle that means an overworked, unappreciated, unpaid worker Tinker does most of the work in the repair shop that was his father s But after his father s death Uncle Noctis moved in and took over Tinker s dream was to enter the Invention Institute, but Uncle Noctis says there is no money for Tinker to get an education Robo, a robot dog that had been built of scrap metal, is Tinker s friend Mr Monn, from the moon Relo, encourages Tinker to enter the upcoming Recycle Race a competition that could get Tinker into the Institute Could Tinker come up with an entry with just a week to design and build it Tinker is determined to give it a try.This story with threads of Cinderella running throughout will delight young readers Tinker reminds me a little of Anakin pre Jedi training with his skills in rebuilding and repairing with cast offs and scraps There are no fairy godmothers or pumpkins turning into gilded carriages in this story and should appeal even to the often overlooked reluctant male reader in your life.Enjoy a short peek at the further adventures of Robo a prefect tantalizer for what is sure to become a favorite series I was provided a advance copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review.