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Dark comedy, cool for a quickie I m glad to have finally finished this book It s OK It s really not all that much different from Toyoko Zero Both want to change the world Both have odd characters that do not have cohesive thoughts The same goes for the story In one paragraph the main plot is going along, in the next a thought that makes no sense whatsoever If the tangent thoughts weren t there, the story would be much better Also, spelling and punctuation are important There s only a few spots negligible Honestly, for an indie book, it s good and much better than what I could do But to compare to the pro s, well, it needspolishing I think the author is getting there. A small piece of life in present day USA. An elementary schoolteacher, a ravenous entrepreneur, and a New Age drifter form a company in Southern California to offer one stop shopping for any kind of spirituality their well off client le might wish This sounds like the beginning of a joke, as well it should, but this book is awfully unfunny Instead of jokes about messed up kids really being Indigo and the language of beemers, we get odd metaphors and similes like A bad vibe was bubbling up in the lava of the day and Her lips moved a little, like bananas full of maggots Most of the characters are not very likable, which is no sin although I wasn t crazy about The Kindly Ones, you can bet I read it through to the end to see what its sick pup protagonist would do next But this isn t the Southern California of Didion or DeLillo the characters and the plot are pretty predictable The men are snarky and misogynist, the women neurotic and needy We feel the economy tiptoeing towards the cliff, and see the unsurprising panic when it crashes I d love to seecharacter variety and depth, or at leasthumor The topic has the potential to be extremely humorous. `Download Book ⇟ This Unhappy Planet ⇮ California Everyone Is Visualizing Their Own Reality, And Two Guys Are Getting Rich Off It Then One Day A Young Marine Decides To Walk Into The Ocean, And Everything Changes A Twisted Comedy Of Manners Set In Southern California During The End Of The George W Bush Years, Where Two Friends Create A Business To Exploit Those Around Them Who Hunger To Become Masters Of Their Own Universe As Their Spiritual Fitness Club Takes Off, Hardworking Jack Is Forced To Deal With The Dark, Amoral Tendencies Of His Wife And The Mysterious Past Of Their Top Guru While The Affluent And Idle San Diegans Play Their Games, An Obscure War Crime And A Euthanasia Outbreak Slowly Start To Infiltrate Their Lives, Until The Crumbling Economy Pulls The Curtain Away From Their Deceptions