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!Download Book ♱ These Were the Romans ♘ It Is Extremely Readable, Consistently EntertainingNo Book That Tells The Reader That The Romans Slept In Their Underwear And Debates Whether Or Not They Brushed Their Teeth Is Without MeritNew England Classical Newsletter "One Of The Key Elements To The Usefulness Of This Book Is The Presence Of Direct Quotes From Noted Roman Speakers, Writers, And Philosophers Which Are Effectively Intermingled With Description And HistoryA Lively, Highly Readable, Entertaining Gold Mine Of Information Which Should Be On The `required Reading' List Of Students Of Latin And World History"Library Journal "Tingay And Badcock Present A Well Illustrated Text And Are To Be Complimented On The Extensive Use Of Original Sources As A Part Of Their Text"The Classical Outlook "WellresearchedHighly Recommended"The Book Report Very readable but scholarly book on the rise and fall of ancient Roman civilization. Includes interesting sections on everyday life, too. It was really dry but the information was interesting. These Were the Romans is an easilyaccessible and broadlyencompassing introduction to Ancient Rome. It lacks the detail of some other introductions, but still succeeds in providing general information. Disappointing. Having just completed David Sansone's excellent Ancient Greek Civilization, I confess I was hoping for more. Tingay's book is certainly informative and I did learn quite a bit. However, the book was organized topically (religion, architecture, military, etc.) rather than chronologically. I really prefer my histories to be related in a chronological manner so I can absorb a sense of the culture's development.
That said, I did come away with a lot: a general chronology of the emperors, a vague understanding of daily Roman life, a deeper sense of the Republic's polity, etc. Especially fun was the many reminders of Rome's ubiquitous legacy. (In Spanish, the days of the week still closely resemble the Roman deities they once honored: Martes/Mars, Miercoles/Mercury, Jueves/Jove, Viernes/Venues, etc.