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If you don t find it at all enlightening, you missed tge point.Great for self reflection and discipline The excerpts in addition to the exercises are a useful tool for setting attitude to get out if the head and into the space. I only read and reviewed this book for ideas activities with youth as a new acting instructor for youth academy I really liked one idea that I will use in our rehearsals. It s a little flakey Do you feel the space of this review and does the review of this space feel you &FREE PDF ⇯ Theater Games for the Lone Actor ↞ This Handbook Presents Theatre Games And Side Coaching For The Solo Player It Contains Over Exercises Which Allow Actors To Side Coach Themselves, At Home, In Rehearsal, Or In Performance The Author Asks The Actor To Develop The Ability To Enter Present Time, A Moment Of Full Consciousness And Awareness With All The Responses Awake And Alert, Ready To Guide You Allowing You, The Real You, Your Natural Self To Emerge