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Once in a while a book proves to be exactly as much un as it advertises Z Club is that book Small town nerds unite to fight zombies to a custom made soundtrack no less It s all very entertaining by the way of B movies and cheesy creature features If you want extra cheese with that, there are bonus features just like a movie would have , including a B movie treatment that makes the first part of this sentence punny Light comedic fun read, very quick one at that, can t believe that was nearly 250 pages it sped by Finally a flippant irreverent sort of zombie apocalypse Great for nerds, zombie fans and nerdy zombie fans, which may be redundant Recommended. (((Download Pdf))) ↬ The Z Club ☠ RISE OF THE ZOMBIE KILLING NERDS When A Chinese Space Shuttle Carrying Mysterious Cargo Crash Lands In The Small Town Of Trudy, Iowa, A Group Of Nerdy Horror Movie Buffs Must Band Together To Stop An Outbreak That Is Bringing The Dead Back To Life And Turning The Rest Of The Population Into Brain Eating ZombiesEY RE STILL NOT HAPPY ABOUT BEING PICKED ON IN HIGH SCHOOL Armed With Their Considerable Knowledge Of Bad Cinema And An Ice Cream Truck Full Of Stolen Guns, They Will Battle The Infected To Save Their Town And To Keep The Outbreak From Spreading To The Entire World THE FAINT OF HEART This Book Is Full Of Gore, Humor, And Cheesy One Liners Than You Can Shake A Stick At A special thanks to the author, J.W Bouchard, for generously providing me with a free and signed copy to read and enjoy.A fun, tongue in cheek, zombie story I completely pictured it in my minds eye as a low budget, but not poorly made movie I saw Fred being played by Tyler Labine, not Jack Black as the author had described him. Actual rating 2.5 This is a great read for those who enjoy spoofs The book does not take itself seriously, and that makes for a fun ride I would compare this to ZOMBIELAND maybe even pushing into ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES I am not going to go into characterization or any of that, because this is not that kind of book. Won this in a goodreads giveawayThis book has some first class writing It is absolutely hilarious and had me hooked, and i mean hooked The only time i put this book down was when i finished it For me it had a type of Shawn of the Dead type atmosphere A couple of friends fighting a zombie apocalypse and a disregard for the advise to stay indoors The only downfall is that there weren t any major character deaths, a few injuries and hands being cut off but nothing major The deleted scene that J.W had at the end was epic I ve never known any author to write one and after this i think there should beI would recommend this book to anyone, especially if they don t care for swearing and a few crude moments. This book skips around a fair amount at the beginning, before the friends group up It will probably take you about 5 chapters before you can get the timeline straight in your head Besides that, I thought it was a very well written book The town is believable, the characters are three dimensional, and the plot is awesome Plus there is a little bit of science thrown in which I also like to see in a Zombie novel. I thought this was a great zombie book A group of friends often get together in a cemetary and just discuss all the different types of zombies there have been in movies Then, lo and behold, a missing chinese shuttle falls into their town and BAMM Zombie outbreak The part at the end with patient zero was way out there and I wish it was explained a bit , but it was a better B rated book than I was expecting Wasn t horrid, but definitely lack luster and leaned heavily in the clich s Though I m pretty sure that it wasn t doing it for satire At least was able to finish the book Would have been a 3 star, but the constant switching of view points without warning, and sometimes multiple times in one paragraph, docked another star for the rating Would not recommend as a read. 3.5 stars Short fun story where a group of friends nerds have to save their town and the rest of the world from zombies.Likes Comic book store setting Saved by the nerds view spoiler Hanging out in a graveyard Ice cream truck instead of Hummer Braainnzz instead of just moaning hide spoiler