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A charming collection of essays and garden meditations from literary minded gardeners, spanning from 1900 until about 1995 I particularly enjoyed the introduction to Gertrude Jekyll and, naturally, the necessary snippets from the beloved, ever effusive Vita Sackville West This would make an especially nice gift for a person who loves to read and loves to while away entire days working outside among carefully tended plants. Lovely short essays written by people who garden Book format is beautiful. [Download Kindle] ⚖ The Writer in the Garden ⚈ Not The Least Of The Charms Of This Collection Is That It Is Printed On Quality Paper, With Delightful Line Drawings, And Is Just The Right Size To Encourage The Reader To Take It In Hand And Turn The Pages Which They Will Surely Want To Do Once They Have Dipped Into Any Chapter, Where They Will Find Some Of The Finest Garden Writing Of The Last Hundred Years The Famous Writers Of The Past, Like Vita Sackville West, Gertrude Jekyll, Elizabeth Von Arnim Author Of Enchanted April , And Beverley Nichols Rub Shoulders With The Garden Columnists And Book Authors Of Today, Such As Longtime Washington Post Columnist Henry Mitchell, Christopher Lloyd, And Ken DruseAs All Gardeners Know, Thinking About Plants And Gardens Leads One To Speculate About Life, Love, Triumph And Despair, Obsession, And Death These Authors Cover It All, Not Just In Metaphor, Although They Are Expert At The Well Turned Phrase And The Classic Image, But In Garden Practicalities, Too Perhaps Only In The Best Garden Essay Can The Design Of Shovels, The Number Of Worms In The Soil, And Raves About The Newest Kind Of Perennial Co Exist Comfortably With Ruminations On Mortality, The Soul, And The Nature Of Beauty Lest This Sound Too Serious, All Is Laced With Humor Henry Mitchell S Hounds Lie About The Garden Beds, Crushing His Latest Peony, And Charles Kuralt Complains About How He Missed His Favorite Daffodil When CBS News Had The Nerve To Send Him To Moscow In April For An Unfortunately Scheduled Summit Conference Half The Interest Of A Garden Is The Constant Exercise Of The Imagination, Said Alice Morse Earle In We Are Fortunate That These Writers Had Enough Imagination To Both Garden And To Write About It And That Jane Garmey Had The Imagination To Gather Such A Variety Of Well Chosen Garden VoicesValerie Easton All the great ones plus are here, Sackville West, E.B White, Gertrude Jekyll, Edith Wharton, Jamaica Kincaid, Michael Pollan, Louise Beebe Wilder, even Henry David Thoreau, and many , speaking of their likes and dislikes As Vita Sackville West asserts, sweet disorder judiciously arranged. This is not one of those books you read in a day I had to renew it from the library several times It s one that you dip into, think on, savor Ideally, it s one you read outside, sitting in your own garden, no matter what shape it s in.I added this to my to read list as one of many books I hoped would inspire me to get out and do something with the small mess that is our backyard Some of the essays are way beyond my skills and interests , but others had me scribbling notes about plants to check out, or laughing out loud as a writer shared an epic failure in their efforts, or simply taking some comfort in knowing that experienced and highly regarded gardeners face the same challenges I do.It really is a lovely collection of poetry and essays If I ever to find the time to get serious about my garden, I ll purchase a copy so I can continue to soak in the wisdom and revel in the companionship of these writers gardeners. No daylillies I was amused by one gardener s prejudice against flowers w prominent stamens Freud would have made a case study of her. Really 3.5 5 While I really enjoyed the book who doesn t love little anecdotes about gardens , the production wasn t what I would have liked There were no pauses between tracks, which make it really jarring. Compendium of thoughts on gardening from a wide variety of writers. Everything grows for everybody Everything dies for everybody, too Henry Mitchell, from The Essential EarthmanI really love reading about gardens and gardeners Humorous, serious, opinionated and sometimes critical, there s something for everyone, including some poetry and a section from The Secret Garden this collection had some wonderful writing in it I just usually wanted to read , and unfortunately I don t have access to many of the originals Still, I quite enjoyed reading this and will regret having to return the ILL eventually NB Be warned that the audio version is abridged and has a really terrible musical insect sounding interval at the beginning and end of each of four sections It really is horrendous and makes me cringe when I hear it Most of the narrators are excellent, though one of them massacres some poetry and one gentleman sounds really bored Still, if you can t get the book it s worth listening to this just be prepared for that awful music. In one of my earliest writing workshops many years ago, the leader a very successful novelist encouraged us to go on a guided hike and document all the plants and creatures we came across This, she said, was the stuff of textured settings How rich your writing could be, fiction or otherwise, when you familiarized yourself with the smell, color, sound, and feel of nature The Writer in the Garden, a carefully curated anthology of narrative nonfiction essays featuring writers ruminating on all things garden, proves just this Learn about rebirth with Jamaica Kincaid s beautiful short essay on winter s symbolism or sink into Gertrude Jekyll s Victorian wit as she quips Plants do not a garden make this only makes a collection To learn how to perceive the difference and how to do it right is to apprehend gardening as a fine art With planting season coming up, arm yourself with these essays by fifty writers, including E.B White, Alexander Pope, and Katherine Mansfield, for a little extra inspiration to get out of the house, feel the earth beneath your hands, battle bugs and weeds, and coax buds to bloom Chances are, you ll end up with something to write about, too.