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~Read Pdf ⚓ The Woman Upstairs ☨ Diana Guthrie Is A Young Woman Struggling Between Her Sense Of What She Ought To Do And Her Need To Believe She Is Than A Puppet Manipulated By Other People When She Learns That Her Powerful And Controlling Mother Whom She Hasn T Seen In Years Is Dying, She Hurries Back To Her Childhood Home There She Is Faced With Memories And Conflicts That Threaten To Prevent Her From Climbing The Stairs That Will Take Her To Her Mother S Bedside Will She Find The Courage To Face Her Mother Before It Is Too Late Winner Of A Writers Guild Of Alberta Award For Excellence In Writing, The Woman Upstairs Was Published To Widespread Acclaim In By NeWest Press But Quickly Sold Out And Remained Out Of Print For Than Two Decades During That Time, Mary W Walters Who Began Her Writing Career As Mary Walters Riskin Published A Second Novel Bitters, NeWest Press , A Collection Of Short Stories Cool, River Books , And A Book Of Non Fiction Write An Effective Funding Application A Guide For Researchers And Scholars, The Johns Hopkins University Press , As Well As Dozens Of Articles And Short Stories This New Edition Of The Woman Upstairs Will Be Welcomed By Walters Long Time Readers, As Well As By New Fans Of Her Work 2.4 stars from me.A woman is summoned home to her dying mother with whom she has been estranged for 20 years She blamed her mother for her father leaving the family and for not approving of her relationship with a boy with whom she was in love with as a 16 yr old This flips back and forth between present and past Sometimes it is not clear where you are, so it would ve been helpful if the author had labeled the chapters as such the past or the present The main character isn t always very likeable, often unyielding and judgmental It is unclear to the reader whatever happened to the boyfriend, except that he is dead but we don t get much character development on him so we can t quite figure him out The cause of his death is kept from us until practically the end I expected , after all the good reviews The ending just stops In fact, I kept trying to turn the page on my kindle and realized there were no pages Maybe that was a good thing. Although a surprisingly short read, Walters is incredibly skilled at going through much of the main character s whole life in a small time span and across few locations within the book Most of the novel is happening in her mind and within her thoughts, and you very quickly get swept away as she delves in and out of old memories that come to her as she returns to the town and house of her childhood, along with the heavy emotions and associations she s been scarred with You learn about people she s known and experiences she s had mostly through her memories, but Walters somehow weaves back and forth to the present time allowing you to slowly piece together her past and make sense of her current reality. I loved the style of this novel, which contains just the right mix of introspection, description and action for my tastes Diana has been estranged from her mother her entire adult life Now thirty three, she learns her mother is dying, so with great misgivings, she journeys from her home in Edmonton back to Ontario where she grew up This story takes place over the course of only two or three days, but through flashbacks we learn what happened to cause their rift The author portrays the difficult relationships between the mothers and daughters in this novel well I like the gradual reveal of how, despite Diana s quest to escape her mother and grandmother, to be different from them, she is much like them after all Although I m disposed to take Diana s side and believe that her mother was colder and less loving than she could or should have been, the author still manages to create a sense of sympathy for her mother She did the best she could.The only reason this book gets four rather than five stars is the ending The whole novel is building up to the moment when Diana finally develops the courage to face her dying mother, and I would have liked to see resolution Many things remain unresolved and undiscussed between them Although this feels very true to life, I guess I want resolution in my fiction because it leaves me unsatisfied as a reader And again, although it seems to be in character for Diana to flee, I don t like that the novel ends with her doing so I want for her I want her to make some peace with her brother and mother, and maybe to set off in search of her father All in all, this was a beautiful and highly readable novel The nuanced look families and generations of women put me in mind of one of my favourite writers, Margaret Laurence I look forward to reading by this author. How much control do we have over the person we become, or are we made up of influences and or reactions to people and situations to which we are exposed And how malleable is memory a child s memory versus the perhaps different reality How lack of communication led to years of distrust and separation, too far gone to repair Not a good bedtime read, but well constructed and interesting. I really enjoyed this story It tells of the return of a prodigal daughter summoned back home as her mother is dying This powerful and moving story explores the terrible power memory has to imprison us in a cage of old hurts Diana is stuck because she can t forgive her mother and her inability to forgive is poisoning her life.This finely drawn portrait of grief and anger is enthralling The only reason I haven t given 5 stars is that the ending was a little abrupt I wanted that s probably just greedy but thats how it is. It was better than I expected Introspective and sad The writing really conveyed the narrator s sense of loss and loneliness and desolation The ending was a bit abrupt and left me somewhat dissatisfied, but overall it was a good read If you re up for moody and melancholy Which I usually am. not the right book want to delete Wonderfully written story about how our memories and perceptions of incidents in childhood can influence us as adults Walters characters are wonderful and she gets it just right Loved this book I thought this novel was just OK, somewhat predictable and I didn t really care about the heroine.