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[Kindle] ♃ The Witch Hunt (Where Dreams Come True #1) ⚇ This Story Is A Twisted Fairy Tale About Hansel And Gretel, But Importantly, The Witch Fascinated By The Boarded Up House On The Hill, Three Teenagers, Eric, Brooke, And Rick Are Drawn To The Ancient Rumors Surrounding The Abandoned Place According To Local Legend, Teenagers Have Been Disappearing From The House For Centuries Determined To Solve The Mystery, The Friends Uncover A Book That May Hold The Key To The Mystery However, After Opening The Old Book To Search For Clues, Something Phenomenal Happens The Pages Literally Suck Them In They Now Find Themselves In A Literary Fantasy World With No Way Out Will They Find Their Way Home Or Will They Be Forever Trapped Within The Pages Of The Book Battling Strange Creatures The Witch Hunt Is A Fairy Tale, Young Adult Fantasy Story For All Ages Kindle Ebook Lovers Will Adore This Story Wattpad Reader Review Watch For Other Stories In The Where Dreams Come True Series Champion Robin Hood S Story Her Own Fairy Godmother Modern Day Cinderella Story Cloak Of Red Red Riding Hood S Story Once Enchanted Rapunzel S Story Saving Snow Snow White S Story Keep On Believing Historical Cinderella Story To Love A Mermaid Little Mermaid S Story Bella S Beast Beauty And The Beast Story Golden Heart Rumpelstiltskin S Story This was an interesting story Different and they had to figure out things It was delightful. The beginning of the book was slow and kind of boring I just could not get into the book and just gave up reading after some time.