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@Read Book Û The Whispering Wind (The Kingdom of Northumbria #1) à An Emotionally Charged Historical Adventure Romance Set In Dark Ages Britain A Monk, A Handmaid And An Unbreakable BondHE IS HER SAVIOR SHE IS HIS SALVATIONNorthumbria, Britain AD The Day Leofric Finds A Young Woman Washed Up On A Windswept Shore, His Life Changes ForeverA Monk Upon The Island Of Lindisfarena, Leofric Is Living In Exile After Shaming His Family The Girl He Saves Is Aelfwyn Once Handmaid To A Queen, She Is Now Fleeing From An Immoral KingLeofric, An Arrogant Young Warrior Forced Into A Monastic Life, Isn T Used To Looking Out For Anyone But Himself Yet The Blonde And Beguiling Aelfwyn Now Depends On Him For Her SurvivalThrown Together By Circumstance, The Pair Escape The North Together And So Begins An Epic Adventure He Helps Her Heal From The Wounds Of The Past, While She Gives Him A Chance At Redemption Only, All Too Soon, The Past Catches Up With Them THE WHISPERING WIND Is Book Of The Kingdom Of Northumbria Series Three Historical Romance Novels Set In Late Th Century Anglo Saxon England The Next Book In The Series, WIND SONG, Will Be Released In Late Although Each Novel Follows On Historically, THE KINGDOM OF NORTHUMBRIA Series Can Be Read As Separate, Stand Alone, Love StoriesJayne Castel Has Written Three Series Set In Th Century Anglo Saxon England They Are In Chronological Order THE KINGDOM OF THE EAST ANGLESPrequel Novella Night ShadowsBook Dark Under The Cover Of NightBook Nightfall Till DaybreakBook The Deepening NightTHE KINGDOM OF MERCIABook The Breaking DawnBook Darkest Before DawnBook Dawn Of WolvesTHE KINGDOM OF NORTHUMBRIABook The Whispering WindBook Wind Song To Be Released In Late Book The North Wind Comes To Be Released In Get Jayne S FREE Starter Library And Read The Prequel Novella And Books And To Her First Series, THE KINGDOM OF THE EAST ANGLES Jaynecastel Home Sign Up Good This book keeps you on the edge of your seat Never knew what was going to happen next I enjoy the history threaded through these stories Gives a glimpse of how things could have been waaayy back when. This is an official request for historical romance readers to move out of their Regency era and Scottish Highlander comfort zones Author Jayne Castel had me completely immersed in her Dark Ages world of Northumbria I could feel the rough clothes abrading my skin, see the poverty of the monks, thrill to a knife battle deep in the woods, and wonder at the power and depravity of an immoral king This book also packs an emotional punch, since I actually teared up as I read about the desperation of Leofric and Aelfwyn If you enjoy an emotional, eventful story framed around authentic history the foreword, afterword and maps are fascinating , then I suggest you pick up books by Jayne Castel.In the blurb for The Whispering Wind, the reader is informed that Leofric, a monk, finds a woman, Aelfwyn, washed ashore near the impoverished monastery where he is living The hows and whys of Leofric s exile to the monastery play a key importance to both his personality and the plot Castel has crafted a character in Leofric that has shades He is impulsive and vain, kind and thoughtless, cheery and impassioned, proud and stupid I didn t know what to think of him, and that is what made his character, and his character s journey, so engaging However, once Aelfwyn enters his life he starts to become a worthy man I love that he doesn t get it right all of the time, either.Aelfwyn is a sweet girl marred by tragedy and personal abuse view spoiler Trigger warning for sexual assault Details are not explicit in real time, but alluded to in the aftermath hide spoiler DNF 51%I m just not feeling this one The writing style is a little bland for me Neither the characters nor their romance have much depth, and I don t feel they re developed very well as individuals For example, in the prologue, Leofric is brash and rude almost weirdly so, like why are you acting this way But the author never commits to this behavior It s shown in this one scene and then in the rest of the book well, up to 51% he was a decent guy with a few cocky moments I have no idea how he changed or why As for Aelfwyn, she s just too nice and boring, although I might have liked her opposite a better hero And even though these two are doing an insane amount of running, like twelve or hours at a time, I m not feeling the urgency of their plight. DNF 50%I like the characters but this is another case of trouble can not sustain my interest The problem is that, every time our characters run until some life threatening situation, I know that they will survive and so the book is just a long wait to the next bit of complication or the HEA Give me a villain with an evil plot who throws obstacles at our main couple, or give them a goal beyond survival, however crazy save the queen, storm the castle, go to Stonehenge to meet up with aliens It is too bad, this book had a lot of potential.ps If are interested, you can read the difference between trouble and conflict, a post by Jennifer Crusie It really helped me understand why I lose interest in certain books.