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Disappointing Although interesting, it was not that well written or edited Very repetitive. Five stars on all of the veteran s accounts Reading what each man was doing before, during after December 7, 1941 was very engrossing and powerful They truly were the greatest generation.The book itself is not very orderly and jumps around a lot with quite a bit of unnecessary repetition.Deducting two stars for that, otherwise I really enjoyed the survivor s stories of courage and valor. The best part of this book is the recounts of life on the Arizona prior to, during, and after the attack on Pearl Harbor However, a lot of what the men had to say is repetitive You will have quotes for several guys confirming or stating the same thing I feel as though there may have been a better way to present those thoughts Overall though a great way to celebrate the men and the ship. The stories from survivors are fascinating The other chapters are so so, kind of boring and repetitive Overall a good book, and a quick read. Not the best book out there on the USS Arizona and her demise at Pearl Harbor, but accessible to the layman and well enough written Contains several oral histories from Arizona survivors you re nt likely to read elsewhere. Tells the story of the sinking of the USS Arizona from the perspective of a number of survivors interviewed by the co authors of the book It also details the history of the ship s construction and it s current state as a Memorial to the men lost on her on December 7, 1941 Any student of WWII Naval history will find this an interesting read. .Read ♰ The USS Arizona ♗ Remember The Arizona Was The Battle Cry Of American Sailors Stationed In The Pacific During World War II The Mighty Warship, Which Was Bombed At Pearl Harbor By The Japanese On December , , Became And Remains To This Day A Symbol And Rallying Point For America S Sudden Entrance Into WarHere, Using Eyewitness Accounts Of The Bombing And The Sinking, The Authors Narrate The Compelling History Of The USS Arizona Before, During, And After The Attack, And Describe The Arizona Memorial S Legacy Today This Engrossing Book Includes Sixteen Pages Of Photographs And Extensive Interviews With Sailors Who Survived Imperial Japan S Attack The USS Arizona, Published On December , , The Sixtieth Anniversary Of The Surprise Attack, Is The Only Full Length Book On The Great Ship And Its Beautiful Resting Place Pearl Harbor was devastating On December 17,1941 Pearl Harbor got attacked and the USS Arizona sank This book has the story s of many men who survived and is very interesting If you like history read this book. Good book filled with facts At times it was hard to follow The author jumped back and fourth between the survivors stories.