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This story was hilarious and fit the tone of the story and who Lady Tina DeSilva is so well Given that I am a fangirl and fujoshi myself, trust me I have seen all of this craziness in fandoms before Of course Lady Tina is a parody of the extreme, but that s what makes it all the laugh out loud funny Honestly there are some fanfictions that exist on the internet that are practically as bad as this, and especially not having inspiration from others by reading other fic fic, I m not surprised this is what her addled 16 year old brain came up with Also Tiggy and Gary infiltrating spying on attending the meeting and their comments were just brilliant A Tale From Verania HaveHeartForever.I love the Knight Commander Ryan Foxheart and Sam And I heart Larry and Wiggy they ALWAYS leaving me with a smile while reading But, Tina leaves me with a side eye glare No, I m not a huge fan of Lady Tina DeSilva, I think she is self centered and psycho Nonetheless, this little book was a cute fun carefree free sweet find And it was intriguing to be inside Tina s head in a creepy psycho kind of way I hate her even.It s free here This follow up to The Lightning Struck Heart is hilarious.We get background on cough the evil cough Tina DeSilva, get to see Tiggy and Gary try to be stealthy hint bad disguises , and get some truly cringeworthy erotic fanfic read by Tina.What s not to love The best daddy kink ever and a real eye opener She wondered if that was a sign of becoming a woman seeing two attractive men in a homosexual relationship and getting sweaty armpits because of it What can I say I had a sneaking suspicion it might be undeniable true HaveHeartForever This short story that was posted on T.J Klune s blog has everything one expects from his writing in the Tales From Verania series Lots of drama, humor, drama and fornication with bears ok Tina made that part up As for me ANYTHING that gives me Gary and Tiggy ok in this they pretend to be Larry and Wiggy is already a win win for me This story puts us inside Lady Tina s head not a pretty place to visit as her growing anger and hate drive her to new heights of villainous behavior I was not completely thrilled by how TJ dealt with her in book 4 and after reading this I think she belongs in a madhouse This story was a lot of fun to read, I just wish there were Tales of Verania to read Very funny Lady Tina is some crazy bitch Rystin s fanfic I dunnoOh my gods, Larry choked out This is what you guys talk about the whole time No wonder S uh, Mervin, loved being here so much This is amazing Is he still creepy Mervin Wiggy whispered loudly So creepy, Larry said We have to give him so much shit for this later This is a smut club Oh, Justin, Ryan said I ache for you In my loins My gods, Larry said If anyone tells you that your prose is too purple, you tell them that a unicorn said there s no such thing You purple the shit out of this OMG, lol ing so hard right now. 4.25 Stars Wickedly funny How does he come up with these extraordinary stories A beautiful mind you have, TJ Klune This was about psycho Tina and her fan club I loved every single word The humour is amazing I WANT MORE right now `READ KINDLE ⇞ The Tragic Life of Lady Tina DeSilva (Tales From Verania, #1.5) ↞ Lady Tina DeSilva Was Not A Cruel Girl No, She Most Definitely Wasn T Cruel After All, It Wasn T Her Fault That Mervin Made Her Want To Stab Him In The Face Just To See What His Blood Looked Spilling Out Onto The Ground While He Screamed For Her To StopRystin Was Forever Mervin, ThoughMervin Was Just A Bump In The Road