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!Free E-pub ♂ The Shortest Way Home ♵ In Her Debut Novel Crackling With Humor, Heart, And An Unforgettable Cast Of Characters, Miriam Parker Follows One Woman S Journey From Iowa To New York City To California Wine Country, To Figure Out What Being True To Oneself Really MeansAfter Years Of Dreaming Of And Working Toward A Life Stable Than The One She Grew Up In, Hannah Is Finally About To Have Everything She Ever Wanted With A High Paying Job, An Apartment In Manhattan, And A Boyfriend About To Propose, All She And Ethan Have To Do Is Make It Through The Last Couple Of Weeks Of Grad School, And The Future They Had Planned Will Be Theirs To KeepBut When They Take A Romantic Weekend Trip To Sonoma, And Hannah Is Spontaneously Offered A Marketing Job At The First And Seemingly Financially Unstable Winery They Visit And Doesn T Immediately Refuse, Their Meticulously Planned Forever Comes Crashing Down Around Them And Then Hannah Impulsively Does The Unthinkable She Turns Down Her Job In New York And Decides To Stay In CaliforniaAbandoning Your Dream Job And Life Shouldn T Feel This Good But For Hannah, It Is An Eye Opening Experience And She Realizes That Maybe, After All Her Dream Chasing, She Hasn T Actually Been Caring For Herself And This New Life Certainly Seems Like A Dream Come True Living In A Picturesque Cottage Overlooking A Vineyard In Lush Sonoma New Friends With Pasts And Hopes The Likes Of Which She S Never Encountered Before And William, The Handsome Son Of The Winery Owners And An Aspiring Film Director Who Captures Hannah S Heart Only To Leave The Very City She Let GoThe Mission To Rescue The Failing Winery Becomes A Mission To Rescue Hannah From The Image Of Herself She Thought She Wanted The Young Girl Who Ached To Escape Iowa And Leave Her Past Behind For A Glamorous Life Is Now Given The Chance To Come To Terms With The Upbringing That Made Her Who She Is The Shortest Way Home Is A Heartwarming Story Of One Woman Who Sheds Expectations In Order To Claim Her Own Happy Ending THE SHORTEST WAY HOME hit a sweet spot for me, a source of brightness in dark times Imagine Gil Girls set on a winery in Sonoma, except Lorelai is a woman named Hannah who just gave up her high brow New York City job, and Rory is a spaniel named Tannin I found myself looking forward to sneaking in a fewpages with Hannah and the rich cast of memorable characters she befriends at the winery A really delightful read. Thirty year old Hannah Greene heads to Sonoma California for a weekend wine trip with her fellow graduate student boyfriend, Ethan.Both are finishing up their last term at the Berkeley Haas School and after graduation will be heading to New York Ethan and Hannah already have jobs waiting for them and their futures planned.Hannah landed the job of a lifetime at Goldman Sachs A seemingly perfect life awaits Hannah and Ethan, who will joining two friends in software app development.While they wait for their room to be ready, the couple stop at the Bellosguardo Winery and suddenly Hannah s future as well as Ethan s takes a sharp detour Throwing caution to the wind, Hannah abandones her planned perfect life in New York for a less secure marketing job at the small family run Bellosguardo Winery.The struggling Winery is in need of help and Winery owner, Linda, offers Hannah a low paying job with room and board at the Winery Hannah accepts the offer and leaves a stunned Ethan at the airport as he goes to New York alone but hoping that she will realize her mistake and come to her senses.Author Miriam Parker writes a beautiful book that is simple yet detailed as we watch Hannah discover herself along with her strength as she uses her skills to save the Winery She finds her true self and falls in love but not the obvious one, the love of people from her past as well as people that will be part of her future and beautiful Sonoma, California.You will find yourself wishing that you could read this book at a Winery outside on a beautiful sunny day with a glass of your favorite wine reading this book.The Shortest Way Home was a book that reminded me of Robert Frost s poem, The Road Not Taken, where Frost says two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference Some might say that poem represents a regret but not in Hannah s life as she takes the path less traveled but will find that this is her perfect path to Home.The Shortest Way Home is a wonderful read and makes a great discussion book for book clubs I received an advance copy of this book from Netgalley My reviews are unbiased and my own netgalley ShortestWayHome This book, The Shortest Way Home by Miriam Parker, is going to be a favorite for someone.It is, unfortunately, not a favorite for me.This genre, summery novels of self discovery and idyllic locations, have always been hit or miss with me.This book is a miss, although it was just interesting enough that I finished it.Set in Sonoma, California wine country, wine is absolutely the point around which all things in the story revolve It is why Linda and Everett are married, it is the thing they and their fathers did with their lives, it is what Hannah likes to drink with every meal, it is everything.If you like wine, this could be the book for you.Not tying it entirely to wine, of course, the other unifying point around which things seem to revolve is a bit of what could be called Rich People Problems Hannah, newly graduated from business school at Berkeley and about to take a six figure salary for a starting job at Goldman Sachs in New York, spends much of the book bemoaning her poor Iowa upbringing while contrasting it to an internship at Tiffany s in New York all while somehow amassing the ability to give up said job for an 800 a week gig as helper of sorts at a struggling winery in Sonoma I mean, it helps that the winery job comes with a cottage to live in and all the wine she can drink , but I didn t find her relatable enough to be likable It was hard to care if she chose Ethan, the super rich Park Avenue boy who decides to slum it, as it were, and found a start up app company because his buddies at Google want new jobs, or William, the son of the winery owners, who she manages to fall head over heels in lust love with after a grand total of maybe three meetings To Parker s credit as an author of this sort of book, Hannah chooses neither and that is why this book got bumped to two stars for me.But Hannah s unrelatable and kind of a brat, Ethan is mildly abusive to Hannah, Linda and Everett have a twisted, toxic relationship built on a modern day arranged marriage, and there just wasn t much here for me.I think maybe I finished the book because it is a very fast read, the downside of that being that all of this, all of these life changing decisions occur over the course of a summer, but really a couple weeks Marriages break and are rebuilt, a massive heart attack is fully recovered from, a former farm girl marches in and takes over a century and a half old winery with permission from the supposedly very invested owners, affairs are had, a For Rent sign turns into a successful AirBnB BB and it s just too much.For me.Maybe not for you Try it if you like this sort of thing It has it s good points I received a copy of The Shortest Way Home from NetGalley and Dutton in exchange for an honest and original review All thoughts are my own. It s on the lower end of 3 for me, unfortunately It just felt too shallow, lacking real emotion throughout I felt the main character was quite immature, which grated on my nerves, and none of them seemed very deep It didn t feel like there was any real sacrifice or struggle to make me care about this girl and her choices.However, it was a fairly nice story in a wonderful setting, which I enjoyed Maybe I just neededwine to drink while reading. Hannah felt incredibly immature for a thirty year old and I had trouble throughout the whole book because so much of it was unbelievable didn t make sense It was also incredibly repetitive and the author did not try to make the heinous amount of cliches interesting or original. 3.75 stars rounded up The Shortest Way Home by Miriam Parker is a delightful antidote to melancholia I love tragic books surely some wisdom is gleaned from sad, powerful thought provoking prose I hope so, I ve read a plenty of them Occasionally, a light hearted read is in order, a brighter viewpoint that is potent in its own right This is that book, fun, generous, and wine soaked.Hannah has been offered and accepted with a sign on bonus the perfect job at Goldmans She even beat out her best friend Tyra for the job She ll be on her way to the big bucks as an investment researcher in New York City Hannah and boyfriend, Ethan have been together for the last couple of years and Hannah s got the feeling he s going to propose this weekend They have the weekend off from business school in Berkeley and have traveled up to Sonoma, wine country Ethan has the itinerary all planned He s the type of guy that researches all the restaurants and hot spots to see Everything is planned with this guy Hannah is the complete opposite, impulsive and spontaneous, checking out local opinions instead of the internet Arriving an hour ahead of Ethan s itinerary, the hotel room isn t ready, so they re told that Bellosguardo is where they can go to sample some of the best wine around It s not on the itinerary, so Ethan is a little perturbed, but goes along Of course, the bartender, William is a good looking guy with blonde streaks in his hair, warm and oh, so friendly As William starts talking about the wine and his parents, and how the vineyard has a long history, Hannah is completely taken in by the sunshine and warmth of it all She loves the wine and there s even a dog named Tannin Hannah bubbles over with enthusiasm for the winery and has a ton of ideas about marketing so that it could really make money William thinks it would be wonderful if Hannah would share some of her ideas with his Mom, as their business is in a big slump, and as he s going to be leaving for NYC soon to go to screenwriting school his parents could really use some help Ethan has wandered outside to talk to wineboy s father he s not so impressed.When Hannah upends her life plan with Ethan, both their boats get rocked This certainly wasn t in Ethan s plan Will Hannah s spontaneity get her in hot water What I liked best is that Parker writes a lot about Hannah s identity crisis, and how she figures out what is best for her Most women have to work these days, so I find a story centered around a woman s passion for her work as thrilling as a love story The story is as much orabout finding a lifestyle that is good for the heart as it is a sweet little love story I like suspense, but it was toe curlingly wonderful not to worry about a murderer It s no spoiler to say there isn t one I wanted to drink wine the entire way through this lovely story This is a debut novel There are a few slightly awkward sentences, not many The plot is in some ways too good to be true, but I loved it nonetheless. 4.5 5 stars I absolutely love books where the female character is starting over in a new location This lovely gem of a book is about Hannah, who decides to stay in Sonoma after visiting while on vacation She has graduated college and is a bit lost, as most college graduates are Hannah s quest to find herself, and what is important to her, is an eyeopening journey Miriam Parker has such a beautiful way of writing On every single page, I felt like I was right there with them holding a glass of wine As a matter of fact, I was holding a glass of wine as I was reading this book. 4 Stars and a Glass of Wine This is a book all about finding the right path in life for you and what happens when you figure out your dreams aren t really your own Would you be brave enough to veer off the path that everyone expects from you And would you be able to sacrifice financial security for personal fulfillment What really makes a person happy money Love A feeling of purpose This really was a book that made you think and made you want to visit Sonoma and have a glass of wine Hannah has just graduated from the MBA program at Berkley she has everything a girl could want degree from an elite school prestigious new job apartment in Manhattan equally successful and wealthy boyfriend so why is Hana so tempted to take this temporary low paying job at a struggling winery So is saying goodbye to her dream life and saying hello to Sonoma the right thing to do for Hannah Hannah was a likable character and you really respected her for taking the harder path you will also love her character because she is a book lover and even better not a pretentious book lover The setting at this winery in Northern California was absolutely stunning I loved all the little tidbits we learned in this Book about wine making and marketing I also really liked all the secondary characters and the sense of community in this book there is a little romance in the book, but for me it really took a backseat to Hannas self discovery story I am a huge fan of character development throughout a story and this book was all about Hannah s growth, and I loved it for that Such a delightful story filled with love, family, friendship, new beginnings, self discovery, and of course wine Absolutely recommend many thanks to Dutton for my copy of this book I was not fond of the writing in this book Very repetitive and often boring I stuck with it since I asked my library to purchase it I had hope for a better experience since the book centered around wine making in Sonoma.