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Clear, elegiac writing that, whilst it does not exactly mourn, sounds a warning bell to the potential demise of country ways As a rural dweller myself, much of this resonates too often the countryside is not seen as a working landscape but rather as an idyll to be enjoyed by urban incomers This leads to tensions one incomer to my village objected to the tractor used by the local farmer as it spoiled her view Increasing urbanisation and movement to the towns to find work means that many of the customs inherent to country living are being lost or forgotten This is a timely, important book Interesting to note the similarities and differences between English customs to those pertaining in Wales Recommended for all those interested in our rural heritage and wisdom and in its preservation. Some interesting facts with a decent index but not as easy to use as a reference research book as it could be. This book was filled with interesting information, but it is a little hard to describe The author is tracing the seasons in the English countryside, and looking at how each season, and its associated festivals, have changed over time The author mentioned that he saw much evidence of robust rural traditions in contemporary England, but he didn t describe these in much detail, and I thought he was too quick to attribute changes to global warming But, the book still provided interesting information in a unique format. Some rather good I didn t know that trivia.i couldn t really get into this book but it is nice that there is a record of some of old English customs,that without people maintaining them would be lost. I don t think I can be bothered to read anyof this book.I wish that there was a button labelled abandoned this book was so dismal. {Free} ô The Seasons â For Millennia, The Passing Seasons And Their Rhythms Have Marked Our Progress Through The Year But What Do They Mean To Us Now That We Lead Increasingly Atomized And Urban Lives And Our Weather Becomes Ever Unpredictable Or Extreme Will It Matter If We No Longer Hear, Even Notice, The First Cuckoo Call Of Spring Or Rejoice In The Mellow Fruits Of Harvest Festival How Much Will We Lose If We Can No Longer Find Either Refuge Or Reassurance In The Greater Natural And Meteorological Scheme Of Things Nick Groom S Splendidly Rich And Encyclopedic Book Is An Unabashed Celebration Of The English Seasons And The Trove Of Strange Folklore And Often Stranger Fact They Have Accumulated Over The Centuries Each Season And Its Particular History Are Given Their Full Due, And These Chapters Are Interwoven With Others On The Calendar And How The Year And Months Have Come To Be Measured, On Important Dates And Festivals Such As Easter, May Day And, Of Course, Christmas, On That Defining First Cuckoo Call, On National Attitudes To Weather, Our Seasonal Relationship With The Land And Horticulture And Much The Author Expresses The Hope That His Book Will Not Prove An Elegy Only Time Will Tell