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READ DOWNLOAD õ The Queen of Ieflaria (Tales of Inthya, #1) ⚧ Princess Esofi Of Rhodia And Crown Prince Albion Of Ieflaria Have Been Betrothed Since They Were Children But Have Never Met At Age Seventeen, Esofi S Journey To Ieflaria Is Not For The Wedding She Always Expected But Instead To Offer Condolences On The Death Of Her Would Be HusbandBut Ieflaria Is Desperately In Need Of Help From Rhodia For Their Dragon Problem, So Esofi Is Offered A New Betrothal To Prince Albion S Younger Sister, The New Crown Princess Adale But Adale Has No Plans Of Taking The Throne, Leaving Esofi With To Battle Than Fire Breathing Beasts I really wanted to like this book I ve been reading a little fantasy lately and the blurb sounded good Howeverit was really really long Yes, this from the person that has complained recently about lesfic books being too short But there was a ton of god stuff in there that really only confused the hell out of me and wasn t even really relevant Esofi was the only main character that was really well developed The other, Adale was just a spoiled brat and really didn t change much.I almost DNF d a couple of times In the end, the plot was suddenly resolved.All in all, it was a very just OK read for me 2.5 stars rounded up because any world created where non binary folks are common and welcomed into society deserves a round up.Arc provided from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 3.50 Stars A good YA fantasy read I just love lesfic fantasy books, and when you throw in dragon s it just makes it all the better However, this was not a perfect book for me The premise was great, but this had a few misses when it came to execution But overall I enjoyed the read and will read book 2 in this series Princess Esofi I pronounced it Sophie but am not sure if that is right has been engaged to the Prince of Ieflaria since she was a child Now that she is 18, it is time to officially sign the marriage pact and live in Ieflaria But during the four months journey to Ieflaria she learns the news the prince has died Esofi knows she cannot return home so she must marry the second in line which happens to be the Princess Adale Adale has never wanted to rule The plans have always been for her brother to sit on the thrown, not her But with pressure from her parents and increased dragon attacks, Adale must decide between marrying Esofi or giving up the crown and running away As I mentioned above, I really liked the premise but there were times it didn t totally come together for me There were a few times when there was too much info dumping especially when it came to all the Gods and Goddesses It was a lot of info to take in I wish Calvin would have slowed down her approach I did feel like I got everything squared away by the end, but it took a while There were also subjects that were touched on but not really developed The science versus magic debate and the sort of secret sect of one of the Goddesses that Esofi belonged to Calvin teased these issues but nothing came of it I don t know if it was due to this being a series, or if she just abandoned the ideas When it came to the characters, I really liked Esofi She was a real badass and some of the scenes with her battling the dragons were my favorite I m going to jump back to what I was saying about undeveloped ideas Esofi brought a bunch of battlemages with her to fight the dragons I was really looking forward to some big dragon, magic battles, but again nothing happened with that There was plenty with Esofi and Dragons, but the army of battlemages was useless Back to the characters, I did like the other main Adale, but something about her was missing for me Esofi was so strong that she kind of eclipsed Adale in this story.The romance is very PG, but it was sweet I did enjoy the scenes with them together I do have to complain about the ending though Esofi and Adale really needed to talk and work things out, but it was sort of just passed over for a future scene with one of Adale s super annoying friends I wanted of the couple working things out, not an annoying secondary character I was hoping was banned for good Speaking of that annoying character, that is something I hope Calvin will work on Her secondary characters need to be fleshed out, they were all really wooden.One thing I did really like, sexuality and gender was not an issue at all Too many lesfic fantasy books the couples have issues due to their sex or who they love It was nice to see for a change that it didn t matter one bit I would recommend this book to fantasy fans It does have some bumps, but overall it was a good read I will not hesitate to read book 2, and I m hopeful maybe a few of my current issues will be addressed in that book An ARC was given to me by NineStar Press, for a honest review. I was sent this book as an advanced copy by the publisher via NetGalley for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own. Real rating 3.5 stars, rounding up for the gay.Short review this was good and very gay and it had kittens, dragons and unicorns You can stop here if that sounds like something you need in your life and honestly, you can never have enough of all those things.Slightly longer review I liked a lot of the stuff in this, and that s also the biggest problem of this book.Let me explain, but first let s talk about what I liked, because as you can see from my rating I did like it.I liked the main characters Adale and Esofi I liked them in their differences and on their own Their romance was sweet, slow paced and even if there was miscommunication it was almost always resolved pretty soon and easily view spoiler Also, everyone should learn to apologize by gifting a kitten to the person they ve wronged, just saying hide spoiler Who doesn t love a good fantasy read with princess and magic and well dragons The plot is pretty awesome too But the execution is darn frustrating.When a novel is turn into a movie, everything is rushed like in Harry Potter movies This novel feels like the movie version of the story It seem like the writer is trying to finished the book within a fixed word count and a very short one too I love the story, the plot and everything come on even the cover is fantastic , but I ll never get why everything was rushed or edited I said edited because that how it feels like while reading it, like a part of the story scene was just removed or cut off.I was very excited to read about the magic vs science part, I don t have a clue to why the writer brought it up in the first place if she wasn t going to actually go through with it I had wanted to know why the God of magic left out Princess Adale and few other things, but instead there were lots of details on the different kinds of Gods which seem irrelevant to the plot That made me even frustrated because somehow the writer manages to include that in the story and fails to put the things that are much relevant and needed to be there If it were written as it is supposed to be I would have loved it very much and I m even sure it would be a 5 star.