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Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC s Big Read Poll of 2003.Nicholas Urfe, an Oxford graduate post war, with no direction and a slight hint of nymphomania, travels to Greece to work as an English teacher on the remote island of Phraxos, mostly to get away from an Australian girl he shagged but doesn t love and wants to ditch.Unsurprisingly, the remoteness is boring and he is drawn to browsing the island, where he finds an evenremote house in which lives Conchis, the titular character whom holds all the mystery that Nicholas desires.There s not a lot else one can say without giving it away, but the mystery deepens and we fall in to a trap alongside Nicholas of quite mixed proportions The beginning of The Magus is one of most fantastic and tantalising beginnings in literature certainly that I ve read and, even with reading crime fiction on a regular basis, I ve never been kept so in the dark and felt the need to know what happens next There were so many surprises in the first half of the book that what happens next makes anger rise rapidly.The descent of this book over a cliff is an understatement I want to admit that, although one could never call this book even remotely nice to women or homosexuals or black men , it is not excusable but explainable by the era it was written in When women were shits because men said they were I never really cared much about the treatment or behaviour of the women, no matter how much anyone says that feminism is a woman enjoying sex, so we ll leave that out of this.What I did care about was the banality of the reveal, the incomprehensible shiteness of the plot outcome The sheer let down that such a wonderful, mysterious opening began but soon left behind as if it were another book in another dimension on another plane, tucked neatly and resolutely under a rock First person narrative is always tricky and I d never consider myself a fan, but in this case the irregular, unreliable narrator of Nicholas was welcome and necessary One cannot have omniscience with someone playing god.One can say that, perhaps, at the time it was written it was a good book With a good shock, a nice little fight against the prude nature of Victorian Classics like most Modern Classics seem to be I enjoyed the contrast, but ultimately I think it took it s course too far and, as I said before, fell off the cliff without a rope.Blog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy 5 cinematic, psychosexual thriller stars 6th Favorite Read of 2018 This is a book that can be easily dismissed when we are guarded, cynical, fearful or imperious I started this book at a remote location with very small font that hurt my trifocal vision.and yet.amidst mosquitoes, overheating and copious amounts of food I returned over and over until my vision gave out and I fouind a larger print Anita Brookner to round out my week I returned to an e copy on my return However this book was forever in my imagination and entered my dreams on those sultry nights while I heard the loons calling over the lake I started by resisting this book and I was guarded, cynical, fearful and imperious towards it just as the protagonist was as he went through a most profound personal transformation from self absorption to self awareness A middle class Englishman Nicolas Urfe is without family or prospects He is handsome and breaks women s hearts particularly Alison a sensual and earthy Aussie He moves to an island in beautiful Greece to teach at an Academy and becomes embroiled in one of modern lit s most interesting psychodramas headed by a high priest of manipulation Conchis and his acolytes or actors or fellow therapists or clergy In fact, we never really find out who they are or what they want with our Englishman He is driven mad by sexual desire by two twin sisters while Alison haunts him from back home He confuses selfishness with love, desire with necessity, sexuality for spirituality He is psychologically tortured, manipulated, hurt and reborn by a series of incidents that lure him deeper into Conchis web We never find out what is real, what is supernatural, what is hypnosis, what are lies As we read our own defenses come down and we are stricken to our core by some psychodynamic magic or perhaps the power of Ancient Greek Gods and Godesses The book is filled with religious, philosophical, erotic and artistic content and we begin to drown along with our hero into both death and rebirth The prose is both profound and contrived, both elegant and farcical, both beautiful and obscene Unless we make peace with dialectics we will never make it out of this labyrinth A remarkable feat of 1960s ornate psychosexual grandeur , ,, , , , , , . .view spoilerhide spoiler Here on Goodreads, rather than judging a book by its cover, it is always handier to judge a book based on what your friends and people you are following had to say about it after it had passed under their beady eyes I have 91 friends here on Goodreads and follow 6 people and of the 12 friends and three people I m following, only one Kingfan30 wrote a review Even theloquacious members of the group have chosen to remain silent Karen, Mike and PetraX not a jot or a scribble yet I can see all the ratings but around the book itself there is a sphinx like silence It is fair to say that the silence surrounding this book speaks volumes.I on the other hand, am loud and shouty and even though I did not finish this book or understand it in the slightest well, I am going to have my say So here goesWhat the hell happened there then I have got no idea what happened.Can anyone explain what happened Did John Fowles even know what was going on Is everyone else confused Good.This book is on the 1001 Books to Read Before you Die list I am proposing they move it to the 1001 Books to Confuse the Living Baby Cheesus out of you Before You Die and Even After You are Dead You Might Still be Wondering Exactly What The Hell That Was All About list.Principally the story of commitmentophobic Oxford graduate, Nicholas Urfe, who runs away from his girlfriend and gets a summer job teaching on a picturesque Greek Island With the unwitting sixth sense that only the public school educated seem to possess see The Secret History by Donna Tart he immediately finds the seedy underbelly within the seemingly sunny and simple island living Embraced in the dark clutches of the mysterious Maurice Conchis, possible Nazi wizard pedlar of hallucinogenic drugs madman, Nicholas participates in a parade of obscene vignettes, masques and midnight alfresco romping What does it all mean Damned if I know What happened in the end Dunno I gave up because I am a quitter but I am sure if I had carried on reading I d have been none the wiser anyway. this book fucked me up i suppose it could be defined as a psychological thriller but its very jungian, steeped in metaphor and symbolism and eroticisim and mythology and shakespeare its also an intense love story of sorts, the main character is a completely fleshed out, real, flawed person who you relate to and fear for and empathize with the premise is that this british guy gets a teaching job on a small island in greece soon after WWII ends and becomes intwined in the lives mind games of this man and his crewjust when you meaning the protagonist think you know whats really going on with these people, it all changes and youre leftbaffled and curious and invested than ever in addition to being all of those things its a really fast read despite its 700 pages and a really interesting commentary on europe after the war especially brits. Oh boy Here s the thing If you read this novel as a citizen of 2010, a member of our hyper speed, uber connected modern society that navel gazes in 140 word bytes with little interest in true introspection, The Magus will seem almost comical in its psycho thrilling, Jungian dribbling plot and Baroque meets mod writing style If you, dear reader, consider that The Magus was partially written nearly 60 years ago begun in the early 50s, published in 65, revised in 76 , its risky political and sexual behavior and twisted plot now seems the apex of modernity of post war culture This is David Lynch decades before he wrapped Isabella Rossellini in blue velvet, White Rabbit when Grace Slick was in pigtails, free love to a generation stripping off their bobby socks, Schindler s List for young people who had vivid memories of World War II and their parents of the Great War As a read, I found it intoxicating I was surprised at every turn, and, despite its substantial size, never bored or exhausted Although I enjoyed it to bits, I couldn t recommend it to any of my GoodReads buddies I honestly think you d hate it That s not a throwing down of the gauntlet, but a genuine Caveat emptor If you didn t like The French Lieutenant s Women, steer well clear of The Magus Fowles, in his foreward to the 1976 revision, acknowledges the many negative critical reviews received upon its initial publication justified criticisms of excess, over complexity and artificiality But as he reflects on his motivation in writing, he realizes that The Magus must remain a novel of adolescence, written by a retarded adolescent and that freedom, one of the central themes of the novel, must be grasped by the writer to create whatever worlds he or she damn well pleases I celebrate the notion of the latter, as long as the reader is gifted a damn good story For those of us who suffered through The Most Dangerous Game and The Lottery in 7th grade English, I offer up the satisfaction of The Magus. 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