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I can see why this book has generated so many positive reviews It has a little something to offer most readers who love the western genre.This is a story ultimately about greed Shaw is a lone gunman who is called upon to right injustices when the law can not be relied on Samuel is a man grieving for his son, who has been shot by an expert marksman Sarah is Samuel s wife but Shaw s love interest Pollard is a marksman who is over confident in his ability But it is the story of the shot that is the centre of this riveting murder mystery.This is a very well thought out murder mystery in the western genre I appreciated the characters, particularly Shaw, a strong and taciturn man, someone who thinks before he shoots Pollard was an interesting character, the reader isn t privy to his thoughts in the book but he does come across as a perfectionist, who takes pride in his profession but is a cold killer.Sarah was the character that I thought the weakest, there weren t many scenes where she wasn t in the process of crying tearing up But in the end she did what had to be done.I haven t heard of the author before but I know that I enjoyed this book very, very much There was no clear cut solution and I enjoyed the way the author portrayed the gentlemen s code amongst some very expert marksman Money and time well spent. The Long Shooters is a wonderful mixture of several genres all thrown into one great book Mr Chamberlian is an excellent storyteller I love mysteries, but this tale is so much than that This story has all of the trimmings I can t resist a good love story I don t want the guys out there to worry about that though This story doesn t gush over with that aspect of the tale, but there is just the right amount to put a small glow into the reader s heart While I can usually figure out who the bad guy is way before the ending, this one took me totally by surprise.If I had a hat, I would tip it in respect for this talented writer By all means read The Long Shooters You ll be telling your friends they need to read it too. I am always pleased to write a review for an exceptional book by an exceptional author I don t usually read westerns but I had ordered the paperback copy for my brother who was recovering from open hear surgery 5 bypass I had met Mr Chamerlain on twitter and noticed that he wrote westerns My brother always liked westerns Then I just had to order the e book for myself, I was hoping to be able to discuss the book with my brother.I like the way this author writes The book moves along at a good pace and the plot keeps you guessing with many twists and turns It is not a typical western with cowboys and indians, but it is a murder mystery and a beautiful love story The author must be a very sensitive person to write a love story with this kind of depth It is very sad in places and made me cry I love a book that turns on all the emotions.I would like to say one thing about the editor of this book I ve written before about editors sterelizing a book to the point that there is no flavor left to it The editor of this book has not done that, but has let the personality of the author shine through. This is a mystery within a love story within deftly written frontier saga Chamberlain s language is as simple and clean and on target as the rifles his protagonist and antagonist employ as the tools of their trade And the technical details of his descriptions invest every scene with the clarity of a mountain stream The tale spends much of its time in that ever fascinating space between what is beyond the reach of the law, but still moral between what is legally permissible and what is just Still and all, it s not a preachy morality play, but a story deeply enmeshed in the flesh and blood and emotions of some compelling characters whose conflicts and motivations make for mysterious twists that keep the reader guessing.You might bargain for a western when you pick up The Long Shooters, but you ll get a true novel that reaches beyond its genre into a league with the likes of A.B Guthrie and his ilk. This is a very nicely written, interesting, and compelling story Mr Chamberlain has clearly put time, effort, heart and soul into the creation of this story and that is why I entitled this review not a Pulp Western as he clearly wasn t banging it out to meet some sort of deadline It is evident that he is a scholar of the period and knows his subject I hope to see work from him in the near future. Oh brother give me a break This is why we can t have nice things and why no one takes westerns seriously.Potential spoilers Hired gun comes into town In 5 minutes he s in love with another man s wife and in 10 minutes he s found the evidence that pegs the bad guy The next day he s in town confronting the marshal who he immediately identifies as crooked and who immediately spills his story implicating himself to a complete stranger Fight scenes as good as anything you d see in a Steven Seagal movie.33% in and this is as bad, as contrived, as predictable, and as cliche as the worst westerns out there What a joke Will update my review if it gets any better. The western genre deserves a talented writer like Daniel Chamberlain For a first novel The Long Shooters is a tour de force.Dan manages to weave a nuanced original story with great characters, vivid scenes and accurate history To top it off it ends with an unpredictable surprise This is storytelling at its very best, equal in every way to the great writers of western lore. *DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☛ The Long Shooters ⇰ Publisher Solstice Publishing Solsticepublishing Printer Createspace In The Grinding Death Mill Of The Trenches Of Petersburg, Virginia, In The Closing Days Of The Civil War, A Union Sharpshooter A Long Shooter Named Ballou Emerges As The Best Sniper In A War Where Wholesale Slaughter Became The Norm Ballou Perfected The Art Of The Judicious Killer His Ability With His Cherished Stephens Target Rifle Is Legendary, Making A Nearly Miraculous Shot That No One Else North Or South Could Accomplish After The War, He Disappears Samuel Roark Is A Small Time Rancher And Part Time Lawyer One Personal Tragedy After Another Leaves Samuel Gripped By Periodic Bouts Of Depression When A Hidden Marksman Of Uncommon Skill Murders His Son, The Death Leaves Samuel On The Brink Of Total Madness Roark S Wife Sarah, A Woman Of Strength, Grace And Startling Beauty Is Now Both Emotionally And Physically Exhausted By The Tragic Circumstances That Have Beset Her Family After Discovering Her Husband S Quest For Revenge, She Does Everything In Her Power To Prevent What She Fears Will Ultimately Destroy Him Matthew Shaw Is A Known Manhunter And Soldier Of Fortune That People Call On When They Re Willing To Pay Someone Else To Deal With Obstacles In Their Lives When Required, Shaw Reluctantly Uses His Considerable Marksmanship To Achieve Those Ends Now Shaw Finds Himself Caught Between A Job He Truly Believes In, And A Very Good Reason To Walk Away When He Realizes He S Falling In Love With Sarah, The Wife Of The Man Who Hired Him I thoroughly enjoyed this book Mr Chamberlain s story is well written, his research of civil war weaponry is excellent and believable and includes well developed characters, adventure, action and a touching romance. A modern take on the classic western morality tale full of authentic detail, particularly regarding period weapons and their use The characters are interesting, and the mystery was a good one All in all, a highly enjoyable read.