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I can t wait to read the third book in the series. The survivors of the apocalypse have found a group of grownups but find there sto them than meets the eye Now it s not a story about settling in and creating the family all the children have dreamed of vague memories of pre plague life , but a story of getting free and running for their lives The language is still tough you realize now that the Fire Us was really a Virus that wiped out humanity, and there are many other examples of modified words as the older children try to teach the younger children What s great is that the mis spoken words are often wonderful plays on the original with a bit of a twist reflective of a child s interpretation A great example is anger man who becomes anchor man and is always speaking as if he were conducting a newscast He is still very angry, too, though Find out what trouble they get into next. This was ridiculous I almost hated it Why I even wasted time reading the whole trilogy, I don t know Although, you would probably call itlike skimming because after reading the first book, I definitely only sped read through the last two So, this series is about a gang of kids who survived a deadly virus that swept across the world killing everyone but them or so they believed They ve been living on their own for five years until a strange boy and twins show up in their town The strange boy convinces them to go looking for whomever caused the virus For some unexplained reason, the kids all forgot their real names so they name themselves after what they do, hence, Mommy, Teacher, Hunter, Action Figure and so on It s stupid and I loathed it Also, the strange boy Angerman Anchorman is unhinged and goes off on these strange announcerish tangents I skimmed every one of these horrible tirades The ONLY thing that even kept me reading past book one was the last paragraph of the entire book when the kids found a grown up That foolishly made me think the next book was worth reading Instead, it only got worse from there The adults turn out to be religious fanatics who rename themselves books of the Bible Corinthians 1 5, Deuteronomy 2 7 and who are assisting their supreme leader is genocide Well, at this point, I was so amazed at how ridiculous these books were, I went ahead and skimmed book three The kids manage to escape the religious fanatics and stumble into a retirement village filled with old women who somehow survived the virus as well The flimsy reasoning was that the virus seemed only to affect anyone with hormones so pre puberty children and post menopausal women weren t affected The kids decide they need to take out the supreme leader and get to the bottom of the mystery themselves They end up getting captured by the religious fanatics again and discover that the supreme leader is actually the President of the United States who engineered the virus that was supposed to wipe out everyone except he and his followers who hid in a bunker , so that he could then marry every furtile female in an attempt to produce the next savior as an off spring Every child born from his marriages is tested and this is code for BURNED TO DEATH once they start walking The kids manage to kill the President and his followers immediately and conveniently abandon their cause, making the way clear for the kids to live their lives Oh, and yes, that strange boy who went into unhinged tangents He happens to be the President s son, who came back to make sure his father paid the price for killing the rest of their family with the virus So, yes, happy times these books Steer clear of this trilogy. The second book in the Fire us trilogy, this installment finds the family of kids at a mall with religious zealots Even though they now have food and shelter, the kids start to worry about their new life when two of their group disappear and they find out that other children who had been at the mall have been sent away to some mysterious supreme leader I find that the mistakes with words that are made by the children and their dedication to each other help to endear them to the reader however, I think most of my 6th graders would misunderstand a fair amount of what was going on in the story not to mention Angerman s tirades due to the rephrasing of common statements and the use of biblical quotations As a reader myself, I still don t understand why all of the people have changed their names after the incident of five years ago, or why the kids in the family can t remember their names but Cory can I also didn t understand why the adults at the mall were so oblivious to the fact that the family kids were not accepting their new lives and were planning to do something about it This series works for experienced readers who want to read post apocalyptic fiction but are not ready for the violence exhibited in a lot of the stories Of course, seeing the psychotic Angerman and the landscape covered in skeletons, as well as witnessing the cruelties that this world puts upon the kids means that this series is still for mature readers. The Keepers of the Flame is the second book in the Fire us trilogy In this book, the group discovers a whole coven of people living together in a shopping mall, all with Biblical names Although they are treated extremely well here, they cannot shake off this feeling that there is somethingwrongwith this coven and place Naturally, they escape, and one of the coven tags along with them They travel a bit , and bump into a group of grownups This book was not as good as the first book, in my opinion, although the new character that was introduced was AWESOME The plot was just as great, although all the hardship they went through and how they survived was a littlemuch However, I still highly recommend this book. 2015 Reading Challenge A trilogy.This book continues the journey of a group of kids teens who are trying to reaching Washington DC five years after the fire us wiped out all of the adults This book picks up there the first left off.with the discovery of adults These adults turn out to be a religious group who suspiciously survived the apocalypse, and have since taken over a former mall to live in For some reason they ve taken a keen interest in Puppy and Kitten, the two stray children who were born after the fire us.This book was pretty action packed, and a quick read Lots of intriguing questions were raised, and things get a bit darker I just wish this trilogy had been made into one solid standalone book instead of splitting it up. |BOOK ☪ Fire-us #2: The Keepers of the Flame (Fire-us) ♷ They Have Found OthersFive Years After A Deadly Plague Killed All The Grown Ups, The World S Population Has Nearly Vanished But A Group Of Children Have Survived And Forged A New Family, A New Life, And Together Traveled Up The Coast Of Florida, Looking For AnswersTo Their Shock, They Ve Found A Group Of Adults, The Only Grown Ups They Ve Seen For Years, Living In An Abandoned Shopping Mall It S A World The Travelers Had Almost Forgotten Cupcakes, Clean Clothes, Adults To Depend OnBut Something Is Terribly Wrong The Family Must Find The Truth Before It S Too Late I love the trilogy, though I don t like the second or third book as much as the first It s a good make you think book If most of Earth s population died, what would you do Could you survive How much devastation can your mind process before it starts shutting down What I don t like about the books is the direction they take with this the 2nd book An apocalypse is one thing One caused by a Christian cult is another Even though the oldest character is only about 16, the books are pretty heavy It s not surprising for there to be a lot of social commentary in a sci fi book, but the religious themes in the book make me a little nervous about sharing it with others. I wasn t as intrigued by the second book in the Fire Us trilogy, as compared to the first I appreciated the concept of this plot as it unfolded especially as it highlighted the role that extreme religious and or structured communities play during terrifying times For most of the first half of the book I kept thinking that I wouldn t have an interest in reading the final of the three in the series However, I grewinterested or less irritated during the last half of the book It has left me withquestions than answers, which a good series does I m concerned about the authors ability to a thusly wrap the storyline up in the lady book, but I ll give it a chance A really engaging read all the way through and very hard to put down once the story regains its momentum after the first chapter Definitely read the first book before this as the story itself continues directly from that book s last chapter I look forward to reading the last and final book of this fine trilogy.