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El asunto de las franquicias literarias, a veces, se va de las manos G nero Novela.Lo que nos cuenta El libro El padrino El regreso publicaci n original The Godfather Returns, 2004 nos lleva a mediados de los a os cincuenta, cuando Michael Corleone est al mando de una de las familias mafiosas m s importantes del pa s, pero adem s de la dificultad que implica la b squeda de pantallas legales para su negocio, de la presi n de las autoridades y de algunas fisuras en su organizaci n, otros rivales criminales luchar n contra l para arrebatarle su posici n Supuesta continuaci n de la novela y la pel cula El padrino, pero con tramas que van m s all de la pel cula El padrino II y algunas otras que retroceden a eventos anteriores a El padrino Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite [[ DOWNLOAD E-PUB ]] ☟ The Godfather Returns ⇺ THE MISSING YEARS FROM THE GREATEST CRIME SAGA OF ALL TIMEThirty Five Years Ago, Mario Puzo S Great American Tale, The Godfather, Was Published, And Popular Culture Was Indelibly Changed Now, In The Godfather Returns, Acclaimed Novelist Mark Winegardner Continues The Story The Years Not Covered In Puzo S Bestselling Book Or In Francis Ford Coppola S Classic FilmsIt Is Michael Corleone Has Won A Bloody Victory In The War Among New York S Crime Families Now He Wants To Consolidate His Power, Save His Marriage, And Take His Family Into Legitimate Businesses To Do So, He Must Confront His Most Dangerous Adversary Yet, Nick Geraci, A Former Boxer Who Worked His Way Through Law School As A Corleone Street Enforcer, And Who Is Every Bit As Deadly And Cunning As Michael Their Personal Cold War Will Run From To , Exerting Immense Influence On The Lives Of America S Most Powerful Criminals And Their Loved Ones, IncludingTom Hagen, The Corleone Family S Lawyer And Consigliere, Who Embarks On A Political Career In Nevada While Trying To Protect His Brother Francesca Corleone, Daughter Of Michael S Late Brother Sonny, Who Is Suddenly Learning Her Family S True History And Faces A Difficult Choice Don Louie Russo, Head Of The Chicago Mob, Who Plays Dumb But Has Wily Ambitions For Muscling In On The Corleones Territory Peter Clemenza, The Stalwart Corleone Underboss, Who Knows Family Secrets Than Almost Anyone Ambassador M Corbett Shea, A Former Prohibition Era Bootlegger And Business Ally Of The Corleones , Who Wants To Get His Son Elected To The Presidency And Needs Some Help From His Old Friends Johnny Fontane, The World S Greatest Saloon Singer, Who Ascends To New Heights As A Recording Artist, Cozying Up To Washington S Power Elite And Maintaining A Precarious Relationship With Notorious Underworld Figures Kay Adams Corleone, Who Finally Discovers The Truth About Her Husband, Michael And Must Decide What It Means For Their Marriage And Their Children AndFredo Corleone, Whose Death Has Never Been Fully Explained Until Now, And Whose Betrayal Of The Family Was Part Of A Larger And Sinister Chain Of EventsSweeping From New York And Washington To Las Vegas And Cuba, The Godfather Returns Is The Spellbinding Story Of America S Criminal Underworld At Mid Century And Its Intersection With The Political, Legal, And Entertainment Empires Mark Winegardner Brings An Original Voice And Vision To Mario Puzo S Mythic Characters While Creating Several Equally Unforgettable Characters Of His Own The Godfather Returns Stands On Its Own As A Triumph In A Tale About What We Love, Yearn For, And Sometimes Have Reason To Fear Family From The Hardcover Edition A very fine sequel to THE GODFATHER Winegardner does a superb job of writing in a very Puzo esque style Excellent novel. Awful, just awful The errors in detail e.g., assigning Michael the wrong university , the inexplicable resurrection of dead characters and the leaving out of pivotal characters, the ham handed allusions to contemporary events and people, all those were bad What could make this book worse The writer s complete lack of familiarity with key characters made them both wooden and a little pathetic Anyone familiar with Puzo s book or the films will have a hard time recognizing the players they know Finally, the clumsy attempts at literary flourishes made it nearly unreadable There are approximately 100 amateurish juxtapositions per chapter, such as He both did and did not want to and he both felt and did not feel, and she was intrigued and repulsed Fine We get it Conflicting emotions But page after page of he loved and hated gets old fast. You can never go home again. Perhaps it is because I have seen all three godfather films and am a big fan of the original novel that leads me to read this book with an attitude Knowing that a new godfather novel is coming out soon The Family Corleone brought me back to reading this book again However I couldn t get past a few things in how the book is written such as it silly attempts at making a particular segment humorous or the ending of the first chapter that beats an idea to death.The biggest issue I have is the idea that Fredo Corleone is gay To me this is such typical characterization to introduce to today s clueless audienc This was always, and shall always, remain a story about menhe mentough menbut not gay men.Therefore, after setting aside my attitude, I chose to continue on and finish the book in hopes that there would be some good moments I admit I found a few weak moments which I willing to go along with such as Tom Hagen killing two men.However the whole introduction of new mob families with all their issues seemed rather shoehorned into the story to keep it going.I think the book could have been much better served to have fleshed of the original characters who had since grown upsuch as Carlo s son, all of Sonny s kids plus introduced Al Neri s family as well Much like The Godfather Part III movie, this story is all over the place with characters who I have no interest in.One of the key storylines in the original book was its connections to real stories in the history of the organized crime I liked the introduction the Shea family a la the Kennedy family However, I felt that involving all the crime families from the entire country created too many characters to keep track of.Of course, I found the end rather lame with the silly story about Geraci living in a cave under Lake Erie and no one knows where he is It would have made sense to have had him exposed as a vulnerable character a la Sonny who would swear revenge against Micheal Corleone man to man.Again, I only read this book because I heard a new book was coming out so I thought I would give this book a chance in the event that the new book is somehow tied in to this book. 3.5 starsI don t fully understand this book s transition from the blockbuster film.The infamous scenes were removed from the book altogether, or they were told after the fact, or quickly fast forwarded through Huh Everything else is covered slowly in painstakingly clear detail Examples Kay s revelation to Michael about the baby mentioned months after the fact , the kiss of betrayal with Fredo removed , the attack on the house after the fact, covered briefly The story is divided heavily by five time lines, which to me was a bit overwhelming There is a substantial amount of space devoted to Fredo, especially a certain secret The invention of this secret isn t that plausible even if it were, what big thing does it add to the story This unusual invention between Michael and Fredo adds up to little.Unfortunately, the glamour easily experienced with the first was somewhat lacking here The drama, pizazz, and glitz from the first was seldom felt While the first emphasized family structure as an in depth, psychological intrigue, this book has the family fallen apart Michael Corleone inherited his father s finesse and business acumen, but it s clear from the story s events that he doesn t have the talent to keep family together as his father could.Winegardener did a neat trick introducing some new characters like Francesca, although the ending with her felt a bit contrived The book falls short when it comes to Micheal s inner expression Tom Hagen comes across dullish and predictable when compared to the inner diggings Puzo introduced with the first.He does an admirable job emulating Puzo s style, even though of course imitation isn t always flattery Unfortunately the glamor from the first is mainly absent from this book s reading, but it s still enjoyable in a different way internal struggles among those who climb in the mafia and the bizarre exploration of a brother who can never live up. Before I was 30 pages into Puzo s THE GODFATHER, I was hooked It was absolutely incredible To put it simply, Winegardner fails to produce a comparable product I was about 70 pages in when I abandoned The Godfather Returns I find Winegardner s attempt thoroughly uninteresting Inane, pointless banter that goes nowhere After 70 pages I still have no clue as to any kind of plot I rarely abandon books, but I just couldn t go on I really don t care I can t believe I paid 8.53 for this. Zombie mafia Who d have thought Love it Can t wait to read this. I initially read this book years ago and the plot was vague in my recollection Now that I ve reread the book I understand why This is an okay book, but it s even of a Roman a Clef than the original So much so that there s almost no point in reading it if you ve read or seen other things about the Mafia in the 20th Century United States Most frustrating and the reason I m only giving the book three stars is that the story was divided into five concurrent plots That s fine, and I generally enjoy books with diverse stories which all converge at the climax But here the author decided he was writing about time periods instead of characters So if a character the reader was interested in i.e Francesca Corleone didn t do anything the author felt to be of note, she was left out of that time period So instead of being kept abreast of all five of the story lines continually we d have a section with this or that subplot and then it would be abandoned entirely sometimes for as many as 200 pages Even though the book is The Godfather Returns , the majority of the time seemed to be spent on Fredo Is In The Closet It got pretty dull after awhile to watch Fredo be conflicted, all the while Mike is some sort of Mafia Cypher sitting behind the scenes So yes, I enjoyed it as I tend to enjoy any story set in this world I would have enjoyed it , perhaps, if like Puzo this author had cared as much about the characters as he did about the culture.