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An absolute barf fest that I feel dirty even reading I don t know when this book was written but given everything we know about the popularity of the occult and organized human trafficking, especially in the DC area, this PR piece is laughable I think the author must have fancied himself a Carlos in the presence of Don Juan when he wrote this but this Pettie character was absolutely repulsive while the author was some closeted freak who thought he was being relatable in telling his stories Obviously someone with that much property in DC, with military and intelligence ties isn t doing all this for spiritual reasons It s just too bad Pettie slipped away to the underworld before anyone got a chance to kick the shit out of him.One star for the writing style, with it being so pointless, the book was easy to breeze through Now to delete it from my computer and never think on it again. (READ PDF) ⚡ The Gamecaller õ Available For Free As An Ebook Gamecaller A Unique Name For A Unique Occupation Given By A Unique Character Himself MD Pettie Was The Gamecaller, Calling Games For A Group Of Dropout Professionals Who Roamed The World Playing A Series Of Consciousness Expanding Games Zen Master Cult Leader A CIA Operative Con Man Saint And Storyteller He Never Claimed To Be Anything Than A Student And A Bemused Observer Of Human Folly This Is The Personal Story Of Some Of The Games That He Invented, Told By One Of His Players