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Acid and often rather unpleasant, but also reads rather like a parody if such a thing were possible of some of his fathre s oeuvre, onlyheartless even Mildly entertaining in a grotesque way. Auberon Waugh describe his Foxglove Saga as A nice little book about a nice little English public schoolboy who grows up into a nice young Guards Officer On the way he meets lots and lots of really very nasty young men he has a sweet mother who breaks her heart over him, as his life really does get rather involved It is a very British comedy of manners There is the mother who carries a book at all times where she can check off good deeds done, an incompetent Guards Officer named M Larkey, and an aspiring author who blackmails the widow of a prominent dentist It s witty and charming, a lovely diversion. Not flawless, so maybe only 4.5 stars, but still a remarkable work funny, brutal, clever. I read this as I was curious as to whether Auberon might have been as good a novelist as his Father, Evelyn He wasn t and it is probably an unfair comparison as this was the first of his five novels.However it is an entertaining read for those who enjoy reading about a certain part of English Society in the post war years It has many of his Father s themes including Catholicism, public school education and the changing fortunes of a group of friends and acquaintances It is genuinely funny in parts and lives up the description on the cover in being a savage satire The treatment of illness whether physical or mental is another area that is mercilessly examined. This book was a mess It was all over the place Which was a disappointment since I greatly enjoyed Consider The Lilies. *Free Book ☚ The Foxglove Saga ☝ Auberon Waugh S First Novel, The Foxglove Saga, Is An Imaginative And Savage Satire Its Hero, Martin Foxglove, Is A Golden Boy In The Eyes Of His Devout And Beautiful Mother, Lady Foxglove, He Can Do No Wrong Despite Her Unceasing, Protective Care, Martin Chooses A Set Of Wholly Unsuitable Friends And Abandons His Christian Faith He Is Hell Bent On Making A Bid For Freedom, And He Holds All The Cards, Playing Them One By One