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Got an advance copy from netgalley for an honest review.Gwen is such a brave person and I absolutely loved her Not only does she kick butt but when it comes to the people she loves, she s very protective Being wounded while serving in the Queens army gave her a chance to visit with her sister but that got old fast Sam being tired of watching her sister waste away on her couch got her a job as the tour manger for a group of singers, not only that but she was also in charge of keeping the star on track Lucas knew he screwed up when he OD d and being out of rehab feels better that the other times he went in coming face to face with Gwen after meeting her in a club was a surprise and he made it his mission to have her Things get complicated fast though, when he gets a stalker on his hands who means business People getting hurt, rooms torn up, money missing, someone getting arrested and him getting kidnapped twice does not help the situation at all I loved reading this book, the author had my attention form the first page. Four and a half OMG I saw what you did there stars.Yet another book that I saw reviewed and put on my Wish List then lovely Kobo sent me THREE money off vouchers and this little baby was mine.On the surface this is a pretty straightforward clash of opposites romance Gwen Tennison is a British ex Army medic, invalided out after being injured in an IED and ambush incident which killed her best friend Her sister Sam is a hotshot in the US music industry and asks Gwen to act as tour manager for a difficult customer Lucas Wheeler has just come out off his third stint in rehab, this time it seems to be working but he needs babysitting and his agents have sacked reassigned any of his old team who had any drug associations.Gwen reluctantly takes on the role and finds Lucas to be as precocious and petulant as you would expect of a bisexual bad boy musican who looks like a pirate when Gwen first sees him in my mind I have a picture of Marc Bolan the 1970s rock star And yet, Gwen also finds him verrrry sexy Then Lucas starts getting some creepy messages, he thinks the first one is from Gwen but as they escalate accidents start happening on tour It seems as though Lucas has a stalker who has a beef with some of the women in the crew Now, I l be honest, I knew who the stalker was, at least by the 51% point but that didn t matter because Gwen and Lucas didn t do that Scooby Doo thing of running around ignoring the obvious clues.What set this aside from other books was that this was a complete gender bender story Lucas was the long haired, damsel in distress and Gwen was the ex Army, no nonsense bodyguard Even when they toy very lightly with D s it s not Gwen who s the submissive.Some of the story towards the end got a leetle far fetched for me, view spoiler for example when Lucas twin brother Lee gets Gwen out of jail and gives her a car and a mission to rescue Lucas without telling the police, because he KNOWS exactly where Lucas is being held but can t rescue him himself, hide spoiler Book ♃ The Farther I Fall ♿ Sometimes When You Fall, You Land Just Where You Need To BeGwen Tennison Got Out Of Afghanistan Alive But Scarred And Then Got Stuck On Her Sister S Couch When She S Offered A Job Managing The US Tour For Rock Music S Hottest, Most Troubled Star, It Seems Like Just The Thing To Snap Her Out Of Her Post Injury Funk Her Instructions Are Simple Start The Shows On Time, And Keep Him CleanBut Lucas Wheeler May Be Than She Can Handle Though He S Drug Free, He Still Feels The Need, And His Gorgeous, Capable New Tour Manager Is A Challenge He Can T Ignore Fame And Infamy Have Forced Lucas To Protect His Heart, But Soon He Finds Himself Craving Gwen S Touch, And Yearning To Give Her Control And Gwen Might Feel The Same WayBut It S Not Just The Mutual Heat Between Them That Is Keeping Gwen On Her Toes Someone Is Following Lucas From City To City With Than Just Her Job On The Line Gwen Must Decide How Much She S Willing To Risk To Keep Lucas Safe Quickie Review OH damn That was GOOD Fabulous read Sexy, intriguing, a little raw and edgy I loved pretty much everything about it and damn I am ready for the next one Please Oh and this is totally NOT New Adult seeing s how they re in their 30s lolFull Review Oh but I was feeling some mad love for The Father I Fall Nicholas totally knocked her debut book out of the park I couldn t put this one down and was totally captivated by a sexy rocker and his tough as nails love interest who is former British Army and now tasked with keeping him in line as his tour manager With some strange happenings and some creep tastic letters showing up it was both hot and sexy and a little unnerving as these two figured out how to deal with both each other and the things happening around them.Oh man Where to start These two I seriously loved them They were so different than most heroes and heroines Rocking some heavy duty issues and attitudes but managing to be so damn intriguing and likable at the same time He likes to push buttons, especially with women He can be a cad We ve lost some good people from this tour because they couldn t cope I thought he was gay Same gave her a wry grin He doesn t like to limit himself Lucas is a recovering druggie who is on rocky grounds with the music company he works with He s dealing with living sober, with temptation, frustration and now a woman sent to keep an eye on things and,well, he could act like a petulant little shit Butsomehowthe bastard managed to be lickable and sexy and almost weirdly endearing at the same time And lordy once he stops being a putzwhew boy Yeah He s potent.And Gwen She was an awesome heroine She s on medical leave from the Royal Army Medical Corp and pretty much floundering until her sister makes her take a job as a tour manager Keeping calm under pressure and problem solving are her thing so this will be good for her I really liked her She s smart and while dealing with trauma and some light PTSD she doesn t give up, plugs through and is solid through and through Sorry, am I making you uncomfortable Nothing I haven t seen before Oh, well in that case The towel hit the carpet She rolled her eyes, but she looked anyway, as he meant for her to and forgot to breathe.The two together Ho ly crap They had a rather rocky start and some moments as they head off that made even ME feel awkward and embarrassed for them But it just made their romance even sweeter once they fought through it The tension and spark between them was fantastic and when they do finally fall into bed it s just a little edgy and has some daring moves for a mainstream contemp She s a littledominant and he s liking that but can give it right back They re a little dirty and man alive it was freaking HOT.There s a little mystery suspense with someone stalking Lucas and while I did figure things out before the big reveal it was nicely done and for a while kept me curious and wondering who on earth was behind it.All together The Farther I Fall was just a captivating rockstar romance that was unique, daring and so full of life I loved their struggles, the sweet moments, the scorching ones and the awkward as hell ones that made it feelreal Nicholas is definitely one to keep an eye on And I am so ready for book 2 Please Please tell me there s going to be a book two Cus I m really gonna need one And I m not above doing some naughty things to get it nods My 3.5 Star Review for The Farther I Fall by Lisa Nicholas SummaryAfter almost sacrificing her life for her country, Gwen is suffering from PTSD She is living with her sister while she recovers but can t seem to get out of her funk She is offered a job managing a tour for a very popular rock band She has also been assigned to keep him on the straight and arrow How hard can it be to make sure the show starts on time and that he stay s clean and sober This is a challenge that will definitely get her out of her funk.Lucas Wheeler is a playboy Drugs kept his feelings numb and sex, well, yeah, it was a release that his body needs His fame has forced him to protect his heart and the last person he ever expected to worm her way into his heart was Gwen Gwen know nothing about the music industry let alone being a manager but she manages to catch on quickly and she also runs a pretty tight ship Lucas is impressed with her Trying to maintain a professional relationship Gwen soon realizes that the chemistry between them is one she can no longer fight Slowly they begin to explore things When Lucas starts to receive scary letters and things start happening, Gwen will do everything she can to protect him from an unknown stalker With everything at stake, Gwen has to make a decision that may cost her everything.My Thoughts I LOVED having the lead is a military alpha female Not only is she beautiful but she is smart and witty and has a great head on her shoulders She also has her dark secrets and her guilt and they continue to haunt her I loved how fierce she protects Lucas but at the same time is so feminine and sexy Lucas is a gorgeous rock star, one that is overcoming some bumps in the road Fighting hard to remain on the path of staying clean, there is something in Gwen that makes him want to be a better man, there is also that vulnerability in her, one that makes him want to protect her fiercely Without realizing right away, they balance each other out and with each other, they slowly start healing.I love the bickering between them and the sexual tension is HOT The suspense in this story was fantastic, it kept me guessing until the end.This was an angsty, suspenseful, romantic and sexy read I really enjoyed it. 2.5 CocktailsI did not know what to expect when I started reading this book I wanted a rock romance and I was hoping this would satisfy me It did in a way but not the way I was hoping I am all for a strong woman character I love them But I guess I am old school and want the hero to be the male in the story Gwen is a war hero and once she is home she finds herself in a rut Her sister helps her out with a job becoming the manager of a rock star named Lucas Wheeler Now he is a character with so many issues He is a recovering drug addict who also has a stalker Gwen isa babysitter than a manager for him Some of the story got lost on me And I could just not get into the love story between Gwen and Lucas Reviewed by BookBud for Cocktails and Books 1.5 Stars ARC Review Arc provided by publisher, via, Netgalley, for a fair and honest reviewI could not run this review on Smut Book Junkie Reviews blog page I did not like The Farther I Fall by Lisa Nicholas I hated the leading male character I found several problems in the pacing of the book, the transitions from one passage to another, and flaws in the characterization The plot was good but not delivered in a satisfying manner The ending was rushed and felt wrong in many ways.Lucas Wheeler is one the worst male characters that I have read He was a weak, selfish, indecisive leading man It was very hard to understand why a strong woman like Gwen would be attracted to him He never once did anything that really showed his undeniable attraction for Gwen.I liked Gwen s character She was a strong and decisive woman The plot for this book had a strong sense of suspense I felt like Gwen, being the smart woman she is, would of picked up on many of the clues as to who was stalking Lucas.I had a very difficult time finishing this book.I would not recommend this book I think the author needs to re evaluate her character development Readers want a stronger male character that is decisive in his actions Readers want to feel the deep connections between the characters Readers also want a book the flows without effort and engages them in the story. This book united two of my favorite types of characters a rocker and a military vet Had my name on it Then I started reading and discovered that whew boy, this was most definitely a match made in reader girl land I enjoy when an author puts a twist in the ordinary order of things and explores so rarely ventured into territory with me In this case, I was given a submissive bi sexual hero fighting addictions and a dominant ex combat medic with a case of survivor s guilt and a wound that knocked her out of the service Lots to keep me occupied there even before we toss in a rock tour, a stalker, an ex, and a whole lotta opposites attracts razzle dazzle Seriously This was a debut book Keep em coming, sister The story opens with Gwen Tennison camped out on her sister s couch mourning the loss of her career due to an injury to her shoulder, mourning the loss of her friend and fellow soldier with a heap of guilt feeling and scared to think of what the future has in store for her since being a combat medic was what she lived for Sam is done coddling her and knows just what Gwen needs to get her back in the game Gwen is going to take over as tour manager for a rocker who likes his fun and is tough on his long string of managers Oh and he s recently out of detox and he s on a short leash with his record company No pressure there especially for a person who knows nothing about the music industry However, she does know a little something about organization, logistics, motivating her men and pushing through adversity It all seemed tough and improbable for success until she meets Lucas Wheeler Okay move things from improbable to impossible He s now her charge and it would be all sorts of wrong to start something up with him as enticing as he is.Lucas doesn t know what to make of the woman he has been saddled with for his new tour manager That one night at the club when she didn t know who he was and she danced with such fire and sensuality showed that there is somethingthan the tough no nonsense creature in the suit who is unmoved by his brattiness or his come ons No one has resisted him before Guys and women both rush to have him so why not Gwen He knows she isn t indifferent His attraction and need grows evenpowerful when she restrains him and barks orders at him He wants her to have control and has images in his mind of her doing so His overbearing, powerful and perfect twin, Lee, enters the picture and for the first time he worries that his stuffy brother might holdappeal to the woman he wants Then he acquires a stalker and Gwen isbabysitting bodyguard than potential lover But that is hot too in its way Lucas will wear her down and convince her that he s changed and is ready for something new he s ready for Gwen.This story kept me buried in the pages from the beginning and I read it rapidly through to the end It wasn t perfect, but my issues were small There were a few things I wanted to see teased out better after they were introduced and maybe they will be since I noticed that Lucas brother, Lee, gets his own book I felt that Lucas leaving home and not coming back, trouble with the dad and mom and the antagonism toward Lee were left hanging And on a lesser scale, Gwen s thing about her folks was the same way There was some explanation, but I just wantedThe focus stays right on the present and on the two main players for the most part though dynamics within the tour company are written with depth and I loved the secondary romance for two others This was hot and sensual in its build up for the romance and a wonderful tension filled twisting plot for the suspense caused by the stalker I had my suspicions and I was right about who it was, but that didn t lessen the excitement The story switches back and forth between Gwen and Lucas perspectives and I enjoyed getting both of their thoughts Gwen feels older andmature confident and sure of herself while Lucas is working through his issues and finding his way He is practiced in the sexual side and knows how to live it up in true rocker style Lucas is supremely talented as a musician, but ignorant of relationships and responsibilities It was fascinating to see the gender bending in their relationship as a result Lucas willingly hands over the control to Gwen, but he s no doormat He trusts her and respects her, but he has no trouble making it clear that he is capable and strong too in spite of his struggle with addiction and to embrace a relationship.As to that power exchange aspect, Gwen is dominant and Lucas is submissive Gwen has charge of Lucas as his manager so its part of their daily public life and it seeps into their growing private life They explore it a bit in a few bedroom scenes, but its mild kink at the most It left the door open forin their future.I liked how the author explored the dynamic of having Lucas be bi sexual and Gwen be mono sexual It wasn t a huge issue in the story Lucas is attracted to men and women and has been with both and sometimes at the same time Gwen fears that she won t be enough even though she is a strong, sexual woman Being Bi can be tough on that individual and the person s with them I loved that it was there and not glossed over, but didn t turn into some overblown angst fest.To wrap this up, this story was abso fab in all its components and facets I really enjoyed the intro to a new to me author and look forward to what is to come with Lee s story I would recommend this one for those who enjoy a hot romance, behind the scenes rock tour style setting, engaging suspense and intriguing characters New Adult, Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense lovers should take a look My thanks to Penguin Group and Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. It Just Didn t Work For Me I ll start right away with this one because honestly it left me quite annoyed and with a big scowl on my face and believe me that s never a jolly combination.I had no problem with the mixed genre, or the inadequacy of the main character or even the lifeless, generic and tedious writing style, no, my biggest problem was laying somewhere else Not that the previous matters suggest a happy reader, but the no chemistry and the underdeveloped everything coupled with the insane face palm worthy suspense scenes were the last drop.And the sad part It started out so nicely, with a hot scene in a club an interesting female character and an intriguing, versatile male hero And yet it ended as a cheap mystery First of all, Gwen and Lukas share no chemistry, the plot turns quickly over dramatic and the story suffers many consistency issues and most of all the end is laughable Add the gutless, gullible hero, the unattractive storyline, the questions that never got answered and you have a clusterfuck on your hands.Even now, 2 days since i finished it i can t believe how naive Gwen was and didn t check the people in their team, even as a precaution she really seemed like a clever girl who knew what was going on And i can t stomach the story with Lee He knew where a psycho kept his brother and waited for Gwen to go and do what Save him Why would anyone put at risk someone in that way Just so the reader can be convinced that Gwen was truly a fighter No, just no Well i have to say that i loved a few things though Mostly the friendly, witty banter that Craig provided throughout the story and a few nicely written scene involving Lukas and his mindset Otherwise sadly it was mediocre and forgettable.THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK I couldn t get comfortable with the characters Too much drama I liked Craig He was a big plus Lee was likeable but then the absolutely uncharacteristic move towards the end baffled me I liked Lukas the brief moments he was daring and spontaneous The rest of the time he was a big let down ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review Thank you This rock star romance sounds really good The heroine got out of Afghanistan alive but scarred When she s offered a job managing the U.S tour for rock music s hottest, most troubled star, her instructions are simple start the shows on time, and keep him clean But Lucas Wheeler may bethan she can handle.