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Cute ideas and characters, but the writinf was a bit bland. This is a totally awesome book Dragons are normal in Spratt, Ohio This boy has a whole herd of them He also has an evil Aunt who wants to live forever She brings a chainsaw with her make up kit and secretly hacks off Blackie the leader dragon s head She makes special cream out of the blood, hoping she ll gain immortality Only now she starts turning into a dragon She ends up becoming part of the herd and the boy never has to tell his Dad that his sister was a psycho and tried to kill them all including him. SynopsisJohn Salt loves his baby dragons, all nine of them He cares for them as if they were his babies they are his babies, for Pete s sake because, after all, how many kids in Ohio besides Salt have a litter of dragons living behind their house Exactly none, that s how many.But not everyone loves the dragons as much as Salt In fact, someone is planning to do them some major major harm And once Salt finds out that his babies are in danger, it s up to him and one of his least favorite people, Candi Clark, to save them.But how can they save the dragons They re just kids, for cryin out loud And Candi isinterested in finding the perfect eye shadow to go with her rhinestone hair clips than anything else, or so she d like everyone to think But Salt is a pretty tough kid, for a couch potato, and Candi has a trick or two up her sleeve in this funny novel from the author of the truth about rats, rules, seventh grade My Review This one took a lot of pushing to finish I found it dull and odd at times I really didn t see much point in Candi or her random storyline other than to appealtowards girls and to supposedly be the brains to get everyone out of trouble The storyline was also slow and boring, even the parts that were supposed to be exciting seemed to move really slowly I have a hard time seeing this capturing the attention of the pre teen and young teen audience and keeping them involved with the book. Imagine if the Wilds of Ohio had a clutch of dragonets growing up among the white rhinos and reticulated giraffes Imagine further that they were in the care of a ten year old boy known only by his last name, Salt That s the idea behind The Dragons of Spratt, Ohio.Shortly after the dragons hatch a long lost aunt appears to do research on a new wrinkle cream She is part of R D of a famous makeup producer in Paris France She is idolized by Candi, a straight A student who is afraid she has to play dumb to stay popular.The aunt, Dr Salt, though turns out to be very different than Candi s imagined version She only wears black, she only eats health food and she doesn t seem to have any sense of humor.Meanwhile, Salt has the dragons to worry about They are at risk from poachers and are a danger to the other wildlife at the park When a dragon goes missing he has to risk his own life to keep them safe even if it means betraying someone very close to him.Although Salt s parents are absent in the book he isn t an orphan They are away on business and it gives Salt, Candi and the other teens in the book a chance to spread their wings just as the dragons are doing the same Their reactions though are grounded in the values of their families and the parents do play important roles too.Throughout the book Salt makes a number of interesting observations about dragon behavior and biology These added details help bring the fantasy elements alive.A similar book worth reading is Dragonhaven by Robin McKinley. [ Kindle ] ☣ The Dragons of Spratt, Ohio ♡ John Salt Loves His Baby Dragons, All Nine Of Them He Cares For Them As If They Were His Babies They Are His Babies, For Pete S Sake Because, After All, How Many Kids In Ohio Besides Salt Have A Litter Of Dragons Living Behind Their House Exactly None, That S How ManyBut Not Everyone Loves The Dragons As Much As Salt In Fact, Someone Is Planning To Do Them Some Major Major Harm And Once Salt Finds Out That His Babies Are In Danger, It S Up To Him And One Of His Least Favorite People, Candi Clark, To Save ThemBut How Can They Save The Dragons They Re Just Kids, For Cryin Out Loud And Candi Is Interested In Finding The Perfect Eye Shadow To Go With Her Rhinestone Hair Clips Than Anything Else, Or So She D Like Everyone To Think But Salt Is A Pretty Tough Kid, For A Couch Potato, And Candi Has A Trick Or Two Up Her Sleeve In This Funny Novel From The Author Of The Truth About Rats, Rules, Seventh Grade This book is about a boy named John Salt He has nothing special in particular except maybe his amazing love for dragons Ever since the first one had settled at the wilds he has been amazed and when it had eggs nine baby dragons have been his only concern But when his aunt comes all the way from France just to visit the dragons John Salt begins to become fishy, especially when one of the dragons go missing John Salt loves his baby dragons that are being raised in the Wild s a international wildlife Center for the preservation of Wildlife, but she strange Aunt, Dr Mary Athena shows up with a strange interest in the dragons and the comestic company she works for John s friend and neighbor Candi, rises about her desire to be popular to help John save the dragons from the crazy aunt. TO BE UPDATED SOME OTHER TIME This is a very nostalgic moment for me because I m going through all the old Pennsylvania Reader s Choice Awards Nominee List 2008 and I know I read most of them This book I m pretty sure I ve read this But I don t remember anything It s all so blurry inside my head Hopefully, I ll read it again I don t have a lot to say about this book Not bad, but not great Some of the characters were a bit annoying and the story line rather weak.