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#DOWNLOAD æ The Diary of Thomas Turner, 1754-1765 (Oxford Paperbacks) õ Thomas Turner Was A Key Figure In The Village Of East Hoathly, Sussex, Where He Was A Shopkeeper, Undertaker, Schoolmaster, Tax Gatherer, Churchwarden, Overseer Of The Poor, And Much Besides In His Diary He Recorded Eleven Colourful Years Of Daily Life In A Georgian Village Here Are Boisterous Parties After One Of These The Rector S Wife Helped Pull Turner From His Bed In The Early Hours And Made Him Dance In His Wife S Petticoat , Cricket Matches, Cockfighting, Horse Racing, Unexpected Windfalls Of Confiscated Brandy Here Too Are Vivid And Memorable Portraits Of Those Whose Lives And Deaths Would Otherwise Only Be Fodder For The Statisticians Its short Thomas Turner is no Pepys but interesting account of an 18th life Much drinking and death Good if you want a feel for ordinary life in the period