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Lo hice Me arm de valor y termin esta primera saga Dios, definitivamente tiene un lugar especial en mi coraz n Es triste pero hermoso En este ltimo libro el futuro de todos los clanes esta por cambiar y cuatro se tornar en dos El ritual del l der es tremendamente emotivo y precioso Es un libro con mucha acci n desde el inicio Me dejo claro otra vez el magn fico trabajo de investigaci n de las autoras. This book was great to read It is part of the series WARRIOR Cats In this book Firestar, starting out as a pampered house cat becomes leader of ThunderClan, and the time has come for him and his clan to fight a life or death battle for the future of the forest This Book was written by Erin Hunter I really enjoy the way she writes, because she makes it seem as if you were in the story yourself, and even though it is all made up fantasy, she makes it seem as if it could actually happen in real life That @E-pub ⚝ The Darkest Hour ⚶ Join The Legion Of Fans Who Have Made Erin Hunter S Warriors Series ANational Bestseller With New Editions Featuring A Striking New Look More Thrilling Fantasy, Fierce Warrior Cats, And Epic Adventures Await In WarriorsThe Darkest HourThe Time Has Come For Fireheart Now Firestar, Leader Of ThunderClan To Face His Destiny Tigerstar S Sinister Ambitions Have Brought The Whole Forest To The Brink Of A Terrible And Deadly Battle Now Prophecies Will Unfold, And Heroes Will RiseSupports The Common Core State Standards Oh.My.Gosh This book was amazing The warriors series is good, and the ending of the first sereis was surprising and action filled Thumbs up This book contains suspense, action, and is a true epic The Warriors series itself is a magnificent adventure In this book specifically, it has alot of action and unexpected surprizes, you can hardly stop reading because nomatter where you stop you want to read . Para ser honesta siempre que alguien me preguntaba que estaba leyendo me daba algo de verg enza decir Los gatos guerreros , no es un titulo que prometa tanto y hasta parece algo infantil Pero eso no podr a estar mas alejado de la realidad.Los gatos guerreros es una saga que en principio da la idea de ser simple y con una trama disfrutable pero nada del otro mundo, pero al leerlo es f cil darse cuenta que no es as No es solo que los personajes tienen que enfrentarse a problemas como pestes, incendios, traidores, hambruna y peleas entre los clanes constantemente sino que este libro es capaz de transmitir una emoci n tan grande que uno se siente dentro de la historia y sufre con ellos yo personalmente llore durante casi toda la mitad del segundo libro.La historia de la saga en general sigue a un gatito pelirrojo mascota que luego de conocer a un par de gatos salvajes decide ir a vivir con ellos, convirti ndose en aprendiz de el clan del trueno, uno de los cuatro clanes del bosque Vivimos junto con este peque o gatito como va tomando un lugar en el clan, como se relacionas con los miembros de este y los dem s clanes Como siendo un simple aprendiz cuya prioridad es cazar y ayudar a los veteranos, va subiendo de posiciones gracias a su valor, lealtad e inteligencia, donde lo abruman un sin numero de responsabilidades y problemas Es en momentos como estos donde la escritura brilla, es capaz de hacernos sentir todo lo que el protagonista siente.Sean momentos de tranquilidad, de estr s o tristeza no cuesta mucho ponerse en la piel de los personajes Los personajes tambi n brillan por su excelencia, son reales, con personalidades nicas, y no tan humanizados como uno esperar a La amistad, el odio y el amor que desarrollan entre ellos jamas se ve forzado, lo cual ayuda a que uno tambi n forme lazos con los personajes.En fin como cierre digo que es una saga que encanta de principio a fin, altamente recomendable, que no decepciona, tiene aventura, momentos tristes, felices, estresantes, incluso su dosis de romance As que si cualquiera esta e duda le digo que lea esta saga, que no va a decepcionarlo y muy seguramente llegue a ser de sus favoritos.Se que no dije ning n nombre de personaje pero como una de las costumbres de los clanes es que al pasar de ser cachorro, a aprendiz y luego a guerrero, y que se yo, cambian de nombre, y se hubiera vuelto un li y se tambi n que no di detalles sobre la trama pero como en mi opini n mas que una saga es un libro gigante, ya que al final de cada libro queda mas o menos abierto en espera de su continuaci n aunque ya hayan solucionado alg n conflicto especifico de ese libro. I m pretty much over this series It went on at least 2 books too many Very repetitive with ridiculous improbable things always happening Meh I really liked the first 3 books though. The grand finale to the epic series Well, at least the first series of books I was disappointed by the last book, mostly because it revolved around a mystery that the readers knew the answer to from the beginning This time it was done much better The prologue has Tigerstar meeting a clan of cats from Twoleg place This isn t planned as a mystery, and as such it puts us into a position where we knowthan the characters They know something bad is coming, we know a little , but it still doesn t all fit together After the events of the last book, Fireheart becomes Firestar, the new leader of Thunderclan This is the completion of his journey from naive kittypet He is one of the youngest leaders of a clan, and as such he has a lot to prove What I really liked about Firestar in this book is his ability to completely take control of any situation, but still listens to those around him He achieves his 9 lives in a beautifully written chapter He is reunited with many lost friends in Starclan and it s so clear to visualise The main plot focuses on the coming battle between Firestar and Tigerstar Tigerstar is uniting the other clans in an attempt to rule the forest as one Tigerstar exudes is cruelty in this book He does some shocking things and starts to clear the forest of half breeds All big events such as fires, floods, storms etc have been swept aside, as each fight is filled with intensity and is emotionally stunning All bets are off, and that s what you really need for a climax The biggest shock came about 3 quarters of the way through It was possibly the most shocking twist I have experienced in any medium Very quickly everything these books have been about changes It heightens the drama and makes it the most dangerous and engaging story yet It ends with an emotionally satisfactory moment, which may be a good jumping off point for some, but I can t wait to start the next series of books. So glad I decided to reread these books finally Loved them just as much as I did when I was younger Gonna go ahead and read the next series I seriously need to reread these books again I haven t read them in a good 10 or so years These were right up there with Harry Potter.Scourge is one of my favorites You can t help but love him, even though he s a bit evil. This book contains lots of action, and some romance Bluestar has just lost the last of her nine lives and now Firestar is leader of ThunderClan, now that he has a solitary den his relationship with his clan mate, Sandstorm, can disappear easily But manyproblems are coming to the forest Now Tigerstar has combined ShadowClan with RiverClan to create TigerClan and is trying to get ThunderClan and WindClan to join TigerClan Since both of the two clans refused, Tigerstar is forced to get a clan of rouges to help him take over the forest When the new clan is introduced Firestar tells the leader, Scourge, of Tigerstar s treachery As furious as any cat could be Scourge killed Tigerstar with a swipe of his claw Well to much said alreadyBye