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~Free Kindle ⚉ The Dark Lands ♿ Myla S Honorary Older Brother, Walker, Goes Missing Now There S Only One Thing To Do Kick Ass, Take Names, And Get Walker Back Without Releasing The Uber Evil Lucifer This Will Be TricksyAngelbound Origins Angelbound Scala Acca Thrax The Dark Lands The Brutal Time Armageddon Quasi Redux AquilaAlso From Christina BauerFairy Tales Of The Magicorum, A Series Of Modern Fairy Tales With Sass, Action, And RomanceBeholder, Where A Medieval Farm Girl Discovers Necromancy And True LoveDimension Drift,a Dystopian Adventure With Science, Snark, And Hot Aliens Great story for young adults and young at heart.Love the well developed characters and the action sequences, and the world crated by the author.Note I received and ARC for review purposes and an honest and unbiased opinion. Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this ARC in return for an honest review.Although I admit to having liked this book fairly well I didn t feel quite as drawn into it as I did with the rest of this series so far Myla presents as less certain of what she is doing and seems less convincing as the lead character than before The whole denouement of the plot is a bit rushed and I felt emotionally detached at times so I could put the book aside without being compelled to know what happened next Generally the characterisation and worldbuilding were not as competent as in earlier work hence the loss of two stars. The dark lands by Christina Bauer This was a great read With great characters I just couldn t put it down Loved the cover too Love a book that takes you away for a while 4. Rating 5 Stars Myla s life has changed for sure now a wife, mother, Great Scala, and Queen of the Thrax, she has her hands full Things seem to be going pretty well until it hits the fan like always Her honorary brother Walker is being secretive than usual and when he disappears into the Dark Lands leaving her a countdown and a promise to uphold they have another mission to complete, stopping Lucifer from escaping and all, and save not only Walker but all of the after realms So you know no big deal So in this we have another adventure with our favorite quasi, Myla She and Lincoln are always finding some trouble they have to stop They are trouble magnets This time it is Lucifer and someone trying to break him free to reign down all sorts of evil and honorary brother Walker s disappearance is connected Meaning if they weren t involved to begin with they are now for Walker I love these stories They are such fast paced books they fly on by You have a huge mystery and suspense and tons of action carrying you along Still no matter the seriousness of the matter Myla never loses her trademark sarcasm and I love her for it I will always read these books for Myla and Lincoln They are relationship goals Plus added bonus baby Maxon time was just precious Seriously this kid is totally adorable and how he brings complete hard core kick butt characters to a panic is epic This is another fun adventure as we delve deeper into the world and make new discovers about the past I enjoyed getting to see of how things used to be as well as learning about this whole new area and distant reclusive House full of new characters you can love All in all this was a great addition to the world and I loved seeing Myla and Lincoln fight so hard for Walker He has done a lot for them over the years series and they love him for sure and to see them go to bat for him like he always has for them was just epic This is a beautiful world I always look forward to getting lost in, magma demons and all if Myla and Lincoln are there too You can find this review and all of my others over at www.readbookrepeat.wordpress.comI received a copy of this book from the publisher, Monster House Books LLC, and the author via netgalley in exchange for an honest review Actual rating of 3.5Myla is now the Scala Mother, Queen of the Thrax, and has her baby Maxon and her husband Lincoln by her side While appearing on Good Morning Purgatory, she is ambushed by the host as to what she is planning to do about the Viper attacks that have been reported Leaving the show rather abruptly, she heads off to find out what exactly is going on, as her honorary brother was the one that gave the tip off of the recent Viper attack Once she finds Walker, she finds out that he is in a bit of a pickle, the Viper is trying to free Lucifer, they ve already found his cage and poisoned the guard, Walker knows how to help so has given Myla a watch, if it shows the time everything is fine, but if a countdown begins, something s gone wrong and he needs her to finish the job So it s a race against the literal clock as the countdown starts and Myla and Co have no idea what exactly what is going on Will they be able to beat the countdown, save the guard, Walker and keep Lucifer locked up Or will Lucifer be free to rain hell on Purgatory So when I requested this book, I had no idea it was part of a series This has happened to me quite a few times now, netgalley really needs to put something into series linked books so that the readers know I ll admit after it happened twice, I began looking up the books I was requesting on goodreads, 1 to find out if they re part of a series, and if so are they the first book and 2 to find out about the title itself, the average score out of five as well as the length of the book I ve had the displeasure of accidentally requesting books that are over the 600 page mark, and while the length doesn t bother me, I feel like it d take me longer than I d like to be able to get through the story and be prompt at getting the feedback in So yes, I had no idea this book was part of an already established series, so I haven t actually read any of the other books This was my first book by Christina Bauer, and my first book in the Angelbound series While I ve obviously missed out on a lot of back story, I didn t feel that this impacted my ability to enjoy and understand what was going on in the story The pace was quick, and it made for a light and easy read, which was nice The writing style I incredibly enjoyed I love how sarcastic, quick witted and just all around sassy Myla is Bauer has fun with her characters and you can tell, I find that it really makes a story personable if the writing isn t polished and proper, I guess you d say The banter and sass just added an extra layer to this story that I think was absolutely brilliant and was probably the main reason it dragged me in so easily The characters were likable and relatable Myla is just a chick trying to do her best for her son, herself and her husband and the rest of her family of course she s trying to adjust to life as the Scala Mother and Queen, and just get to be herself I absolutely love the little extra personality that Bauer gave Myla s tail I can honestly say that the tail was my favourite character I love that it acts independently of Myla, and actually HAS a personality of it s own It s like a faithful pet and I absolutely love it, it makes me a little giddy I have to say Lincoln goes alright, he s her husband, father to her child and her King see Consort for those that worship her , I found his character to be sort of background to everything else This is probably because I haven t read any of the other books, so I don t have the feel of him at all, this was my first introduction to all of the characters, so I can understand if I totally have things wrong about them I found the addition of Happy, Jamie, and Obsidian really cool as well And who doesn t love an all powerful Archangel who has no idea if nappy rash is fatal I just honestly can t get enough of how personable Christina has made all her characters and their interactions Nothings super broody, or drama filled, I mean don t get me wrong, there s a lot of drama happening and shit is absolutely going down, but the characters are all pining and whining over how unfair everything is and how devastated they will be when the thing they fail to stop comes to fruition and blah blah blah, cry me a river Bauer has not written her characters or story like this at all, she has made you feel for the characters, she has the characters worrying about everything of course, but they re not breaking down and having inner monologues about how terrible everything is These characters worry while they re getting shit done, and if that doesn t make for strong characters then I don t know what does The story itself was good, I love that there was the added stress of the countdown to think about, as well as Myla never actually having a gameplan before something happens, she just wings it a woman after my own heart I hadn t a clue who the Viper was so that reveal was great, as well as how it was done I almost feel like the ending was a bit too easy, but as I said previously, I haven t read any of the other books in this series, so I don t know if the characters are OP or that s just how powerful they really are I also love that the world it s set in is purgatory, not surface Earth, that was a nice change.All in all, a satisfying urban fantasy read which likable characters and a decent enough story line I ll be interested to check out other books in this series for sure. Well who would want to live on anywhere but Earth after reading the descriptions of Purgatory, Antrum and the Dark Lands in these novels Light in short supply, lots of grey clouds and rain, and no flowers to speak of And worm farms Actually, the latter is not so bad as we have a worm farm in our charity garden but it is very small and the worms live in a hut like a hive with lots of trays, making compost and fertiliser from our kitchen waste.So some imaginative worlds here with the 4 realms and even earth is not so good, as you know that migraine you ve had for years Seems it might just be a demon living on your neck.I went back to the beginning here and read the current 5 novels in order, as starting from novel 5 it is often difficult to pick up the story and loved them.I m always a sucker for stories with some angels, demons, and kick ass heroines, and this Myla beats all of them hands down as she has a semi independent tail with an arrow on its end that can think for itself and helps her fight I want one It waves and high fives and all sorts of stuff, all on its own without Myla controlling it So coolI enjoyed the writing style and found the books easy to read With a fun style and sense of humour, and mostly grammatically correct a few small errors that an editor should have picked up Well suited to the age range, but still good for older adults if you like this type of writing which I do as a fan of Eve Langlais and Robyn Peterman who also write about Hell, Demons, Angels and feisty heroines.I m now waiting for books 6 and 7 to come out and intend to read the spin off series about the children Maxon sounds like a fun baby to have and he should join in nursery classes with Astrid s son Fashionably Dead Down Under series by Robyn Peterman as they would be a match for each other in precociousness and trouble. I received this eARC novel from NetGalley This is my honest review Myla is getting used to being the Great Scala, the Queen of Thrax, and now a mother to her beautiful baby boy Maxon But when Walker needs her help, she s not prepared for the idea of losing her honorary older brother A new enemy is in town Viper And it seems that he has the ability from one of Lucifer s many magic items to take abilities or sins or anything from another person And it seems that Walker has to face this person, because Viper hurt someone very close to Walker But when Walker disappears, Myla has to figure out all of Walker s secrets in order to find him and save him without Walker disappearing out of her life forever This was a great novel Myla has totally figured out life and has everything in control I especially loved how Myla s dad was trying to train Maxon, a 6 month old boy in military format Too cute and funny The relationship between Myla and Walker was very strong in this novel, which is great because it gives the reader a chance to really see how much they mean to one another We haven t really gotten that feeling during the series yet I loved how Armageddon was not the focus of this story, but a whole other side of the backstory came into play to show another side of the history of these characters It was a nice change of pace, and I definitely enjoyed it And now here is the sad part says the next book gets released in September 2019 Sigh, that s 9 months of waiting to see what other great adventures Myla will go on Oh well, I will just have to fill that space with other novels and hope they are as enjoyable as this series OMFG I am DYING to tell you what s in this one Imagine if WORLD WAR Z had a bastard story baby with JANE EYRE, with a side order of THOR RAGNAROK Fun times ahead, people I received a free copy for an honest review.What saved the day Maya Maya Maya and Lincoln Excellently executed suspenseThis book would be a fun read for first time readers, for returning readers this book be a great enjoyment by itself simply because it gives us Maya and Lincoln Like its predecessors, The Dark Lands featured a magical, suspenseful, and fun adventure that our beloved characters have to drain the full extent of their skills and wits to go through Here, Walker is kidnaped, and of course, Maya and Lincoln would have to save him before it s too late and things get out of hand The suspense was great The tone was lighthearted and hilarious as expected, but it still works because of how dire the situation is, and it was great that Maya s humorous tone did not ruin this aspect of the story line Lincoln and Maya are definitely acting a lot like husband and wife than girlfriend boyfriend now, but I really liked how they still kept the teasing attitude they had with each other before they were married I wouldn t say that I am in love with this book, but I definitely enjoyed it a whole lot Christina Bauer is not an EXCEPTIONAL author, but her abilities are credible enough that I can pretty much predict my experience with her books each time to not be that bad So yeah I liked this book it was very enjoyable.