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I have known of this book s significance within the Golden Dawn for many years, but I only picked up a copy a few months ago at HPB Levi mentions Eckartshausen in DRHM, so I pushed it to the top of my reading list The book consists of six letters the first three letters gave me enlightening insight on the some of the core principles of the Golden Dawn, while the last three did not interest me as much, in part because the raving about Jesus as sole lord and savior increases significantly in the last half of the text I did not read any of the accompanying commentary or translators notes, preferring to come to my own conclusions Well, that and the fact that Waite authored the introduction Uncloudy dayThe insights of this author into the true spiritual realms of the manifestation of the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ are astounding He didn t have TV to contend with A classic book that absolutely must be read for anyone seeking cross cultural and spiritual religious understanding Another book that gives you some key information for those with enough wit to discern it. Some good material in here, but it is just too heavy on the Christian bias for my taste But if you can read through that or it doesn t bother you, well worth the read. This small book composed of five letters from Karl Von Eckartshausen is an excellent piece of meditative literature for anyone interested in Christian Mysticism. Enlightening if you want it to be, or if you allow yourself to believe it is Confirmation bias or transcendental philosophy made flesh You decide I guess you had to be there Some Before G d died nonsense Worthy if you have no sense of innate mysticism. &FREE DOWNLOAD ⇯ Die Wolke über dem Heiligtum ☝ AE Waite Recommended This To The Young Aleister Crowley In As The Book He Should Read To Understand The Nature Of The Interior ChurchKarl Von Eckartshausen Was Among The Most Unusual Mystics Of His Day He Was Both A Fervent Catholic And A Theosophist In The Tradition Of Jacob Boehme A Convinced Believer In The Interior Church That Mystical Body Of True Believers, Linked By Spiritual Experience Rather Than By Doctrine Eckartshausen Sought To Broadcast His Unique Understanding Of The Way Of Regeneration In Christ In The Cloud Upon The Sanctuary, He Succeeds Beyond Expectation Beautiful book on Christian Mysticism