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A very handy guide Sometimes the enthusiasm and You can do it spirit of it feels a bit contrived, and it would be an stretch to say that the book s guidelines can be molded to every situation and cultural context But I really, really like the organic transition the author makes to discussing the ex and the breakup to focusing on you and rebuilding your life She also talks about the complexities of dealing with exes you have children with and the evasiveness of closure One of the most useful parts was getting the reader to make their personal love maps, or reflect on how she might have been expecting her relationship to meet any unmet needs she had while growing up I know, I m no fan of blaming family or reliving the past either, but I now think that it can be helpful to do such an exercise I also especially liked how she dispels common fears about dying alone, so that it s hard not to end the book on with a positive outlook.Highly recommended, even to women who aren t necessarily in the midst post breakup healing, but are confused about their love lives and why their past relationships haven t worked out. I found this at my local library and decided to read it It helped out a lot I found some great insight on my last relationship I actually did most of the projects most were fairly simple and they actually helped me with myself and my life I think this is a great book to read no matter how early or late it was from a breakup This helped me heal and help me put things into perspective. the only reason i read the book is i am helping fellowship group people in their relationship i am not sure how much useful the method in the book can be applied when there ia relationship broken down , people experience mental and physical pains , then accept the pains, transform in the end the process isor less is like what the book discusses what i found going through the process varies from a person to person one important thing during the process is aweareness awaring the pain is there and awaring the pain has its benefits when people are really going this process, i am not sure how much help the book can provide. This book told me a lot of what I already knew about self healing but is also very inspirational as far as what women can do to help themselves after breakups or divorces The part of the book that I favored the most was regarding the section about your personal love map I thought it was interesting and eye opening to see how childhood and past events can affect the way each person loves and shows gives their love in each love relationship That particular section gave me a lot of insight into my own past relationships as well as myself in how I show and give love the way I do Overall it was a very interesting read. [ DOWNLOAD ] ♚ The Breakup Bible ♼ Breakups Are An Unfortunate But Inevitable Part Of Every Woman S Life, And There S No Denying That The Heartache Experienced After The Ending Of A Serious Relationship Can Be Excruciating But It Doesn T Have To Feel Insurmountable, And There Is Always Hope To Be Found In The Breakup Bible, Psychotherapist And Breakup Expert Rachel Sussman Reveals The Secrets Every Woman Needs To Get Her Life Back On Track Drawing On Hundreds Of Counseling Sessions She S Conducted With Women At All Stages Of Recovery, Sussman Developed A ProvenPhase Process For Healing From A Breakup The Breakup Bible Takes Women Through Healing, Understanding, And Transformation, With New Perspectives And Advice From Real, Healed Women At Each Step Sussman S Plan For Getting Over The End Of A Relationship Is Revolutionary And Sound, Complete With Steps For Creating A Personalized Love Map, A Vital And Groundbreaking Tool For Moving On After A Breakup The Breakup Bible Proves That It Is Possible To Not Only Survive A Breakup, But To Emerge From One As An Even Stronger, Empowered Woman Game changer Sussman is encouraging and reaffirming and unwavering in her determination to help women in need Covers the initial period following a breakup to our transformation into self assured, successful, happy women Although the book has very good points, and is efficient in its purpose, a little dose of comedy would go a long way and there just wasn t enough However, I would recommend it to anyone who is grieving over an ended marriage or just moving on in general. Reading this book will go a long way in helping with any woman recovering from a breakup or divorce Rachel gives you homework to do on yourself, your history and that of your ex This book is just full of information and I think any woman going through this process should read it. Rachel Sussman, LCSW writes with poignant clarity but with warmth and kindness The whole book felt like multiple therapy sessions with a kind and gentle therapist who is also very factual and straight to the point I appreciated the excercises in the book and the women s testimonies in each chapter By the end of the book I felt relieved, encouraged and ready to live my best life individually first A big chunk of the book focuses on self improvement and confidence happiness boosting practices She delivers great advice for every stage of a breakup and I especially love that she does not use religion as much as most other self help books tend to do Although her tips were awesome, I wish the book had beenscientific, quoting and citing actual studies in the text But I didn t mind this too much because she is an expert who s words and advice come from her own knowledge and hands on experience, so I took them as such So overall I highly recommend this book to anyone in need of a pick me up, especially but not only after a break up. This is not the kind of book you can just read through You need to read this book one chapter at a time I picked this book from the library and had to renew itthan once For someone who is going through a breakup from an engagement, a divorce, or a serious relationship, there is great advice to take hold of I am in the middle of reading this book and trying to digest what I need to do while I m in the middle of a breakup.Great read