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4,5 toilesJ ai ador cette lecture mais on ne va pas se mentir c tait tr s prouvant.Le sujet est dur, le style simple ne fait qu ajouter l horreur du destin du protagoniste, auquel on s attache malgr tout.Dans les premi res pages, on per oit Rafael comme un poivrot paum , qui donne l impression de ne pas bien comprendre ce que l oncle lui explique concernant le tournage du film et ses derniers instants sur terre, qui seront atroces lisez le chapitre 3 vos risques et p rils J avoue que de ne pas m tre encore attach e Rafael ce stade de l histoire m a permis de me distancier, de ne pas trop me prendre de plein fouet les horreurs qu il s engage subir pour 30000 La pleine mesure de toute cette horreur m a frapp e plus loin dans la lecture, en suivant Rafael durant ses 3 derniers jours.On d couvre un homme certes d une ignorance crasse, mis reux, le rebut de la soci t mais aussi un p re et un mari aimant qui, peine son acompte en poche, s empresse d aller acheter des cadeaux pour sa famille la sc ne du supermarch est bouleversante.On ne peut s emp cher de penser que, dans d autres circonstances, la soci t aurait tiquet Rafael comme un type bien ce qu il est dans les faits.Il devient alors d autant plus insupportable de le voir marcher presque sereinement vers la mort, le martyre m me le parall le avec le Christ n est pas tr s subtil dans le livre, mais tr s efficace Si l on peut voir que sa femme et ses enfants sont dignes de son amour et de son sacrifice, le reste de sa communaut laisse d sirer et je ne me lancerai pas sur le cas de son fr re Luis En bref, un roman que j ai ador , m me s il a t douloureux de le lire Les images que le texte a voqu es vont me hanter toute ma vie, assur ment.Voir ma review d taill e By far, one of the most underrated books I ve ever come across The story that this book tells is completely petrifying and the vividness of the writing is absolutely astonishing The thought of this book conjures up all sorts of intense feelings in me I remember when I finished reading this book, on a particularly weird Halloween night, I had the distinct feeling of being surrounded by dusty bones Reading this book gives one the feeling of reading a dead person s final thoughts, and there s a dark and unflinching way about it that keeps the tale interesting The story itself is quite captivating, though because of how morbidly tragic and cruel it is than due to anything mysterious or unanswered THE BRAVE is one of those books that is cold and direct, though sensibly so The starkness of the main character s journey somehow manages to stay readable, even when things get horribly graphic This book will forever be seared into my memory, and, though it may not necessarily be for everyone definitely not for those with a weak stomach , those who this novel was written for will be in absolute heaven if they ever are able to discover it It s a must read for those who love any novel that is ugly, macabre, tragic, and realistic in equal measure. #EPUB ñ The Brave ⚫ Rafael S World Is A Place Where Armed Guards Patrol A Dump To Prevent Poor Families From Foraging Through The Garbage With His Family, Rafael Lives On The Edge Of The Refuse Heap In A Forgotten Corner Of America S Southwest Desperately Poor, He Is Determined To Give His Family Some Respite From Their Dire Poverty, Even If It Means Trading His Own Life To Do ItRafael Finds A Man Who Says He Will Pay Many Thousands Of Dollars In Exchange For His Life And So He Agrees To Star In A Snuff Film To say that Gregory McDonald s The Brave is one of the most nauseating books I ve ever read is not to say that there isn t plenty to recommend it to a certain type of reader The narrative is so inevitable, once I began reading after, say, the first 30 pages I felt like I was standing at the bottom of a steep hill watching a boulder gathering speed as it sped down toward me, a sort of Sisyphus in reverse But it isn t Sisyphus that McDonald had in mind, apparently, when writing The Brave it was Jesus Christ If you like your Christian allegories tinged with enough sadism to make your skin crawl again, all by page 30 , then The Brave is for you The Christ parallels are not heavy handed, but as inevitable as the plot movement There is an interrogation by a round faced smiling Pilate There is a last supper There is a crucifixion, of sorts that doesn t happen until after the novel ends, but believe me, you will know in sickening detail what is to happen to your protagonist, Rafael.Not to give away any plot points, suffice it to say that Rafael is dirt poor, living with others including his wife and three children in Morgantown, an unincorporated, unrecognized dust bowl that exists alongside a dump which, through picking, serves as the only means of income for Rafael and his poor brethren In a visit to the city, Rafael follows up on a lead that promises to pay enough money to guarantee deliverance or salvation, if you will for all of Rafael s family and friends The only catch it will cost Rafael his life.An indictment of have have not America, of the prevalence of alcoholism among the very poor, of racism, of classism, The Brave is difficult to resist even as one feels he must put it down or else I found myself reminded several times of Jack Ketcham s The Girl Next Door except that McDonald s novel has substance and subtext that makes the creepy crawlies much well deserved Oh, and the final piece of the Christ allegory the resurrection I will leave that up to readers to decide, as they interpret the ramifications of the contract Rafael carries with him to the very end. I can honestly say that of all the books I have read and I am an avid reader , I can recall the images from this book easily than any other I read it when I was young, I m 57 now and it has stayed with me all these years Its not an easy book to read But it is very powerful and will make you think and feel than you might like I highly recommend it. This book was a hard read and it banged around in my head for weeks afterward Couldn t stop feeling how sorry I was for the main character and everything that happened to the poor bastard If you re looking for the witty barbs and quick pace of Fletch and Flynn, this is not the book to pick up I m glad I read it, but I don t think I could read it again It d be like going back to the same bar when you got the hell beaten out of you the first time. Comment peut on tre pauvre et heureux Comment des personnes peu scrupuleux peuvent ils profiter de la faiblesse d autrui Et ses violences gratuites sont plus que d rangeantes.Malgr tout, Rafael reste convaincu de ses actions.C est un livre qui m a beaucoup touch. This book is the only one I ve read by Gregory McDonald but I was under the impression that the Fletch series is comedic The Brave is a very troubling look into the division between classes and how even people who might be considered poor the bus driver who used to be a drunk but then got a job look down on people poorer than themselves I always read this book urging Rafael to reconsider, to think about what Mister McCarthy is actually doing There are so many slights characters make towards Rafael that are infuriating, even by people he thinks are friendly to him I think the only tertiary character that doesn t treat Rafael completely like dirt is the woman behind him in line at the store. This is one of the most depressing books I ve ever read It is every bit the downer that classics like 1984, The Jungle, and All Quiet on the Western Front are It gets so bad that, after a while, you dare yourself to turn the next page and see if it can get even worse And, quite often, it does.This is the story of Rafael, a young alcoholic who lives in a shantytown on the edge of a municipal dump The dump is the primary source of income for the assortment of marginalized figures who pick through it in hopes of finding scrap metal to sell Most of that money goes to booze, with cheap food and other creature comforts placing a distant second However, the owners of the dump have taken to posting armed guards who shoot first and ask questions later Rafael, with a wife and three children to care for, sees the hopelessness of this situation and tries to find a way to get his family out He thinks his lifeline has appeared when he is pointed toward a very unusual opportunity if he agrees to be the main attraction in a snuff film, the filmmaker will give his family 35,000.To the illiterate, naive Rafael, this sounds like a princely sum, one that will buy his family a better life and all the things he can t provide any other way He even gets an advance of 200 and a final few days to spend with his family before he reports to his new job.Our knowledge of what is going to happen to Rafael makes his subsequent interactions with his family all the poignant, especially since they think he has somehow landed gainful employment and will be bringing home a steady paycheck But the appearance of even 200 in this impoverished group sets off a chain of events that ultimately leaves them even worse off than before So yes, seriously depressing, and I haven t even gone into all the horrible details because I don t want to spoil it Let s just say this book is nihilism personified I gave it five stars because it was such a visceral experience that it would not leave me alone after I was done with it Any book that can hit my psyche that hard earns my respect, even if I never read it again. En crivant ce livre, Gregory McDonald voulait d peindre la cruaut des plus puissants et la mis re humaine Il est au final parvenu donner une profonde dignit cette mis re.