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!Ebook ♴ The Boys ♈ This Wordless Picture Book Tells The Story Of A Quiet Boy Working To Overcome His Shyness And Finding The Courage To Play Baseball With The Other Kids In The Park With The Help Of A Few Old Timers From The Nearby Park Bench, Our Boy Is Coaxed Out Of His Shell And Into The Game Beautifully Illustrated, This Is The Story About The Young Finding Out How Much Fun It Is To Live Life And The Old Finding Out How Much Life There Still Is To Love Practically wordless, I love love love the old men s faces and the lengths they go to in order to help a new kid get up the gumption to join the local baseball game. When I first picked this book up I was like what kind of book is this I flipped through it and since it didn t have any text other than the days of the week I put it aside since I was reading outloud to my adult special needs son But then I thought the little boy on the cover looked cute, so I picked it up and read it Each page is very nicely illustrated with emotions and lessons learned It teaches a little boy in the most incredible way how to overcome his shyness and join the other kids in their baseball play And the way he finds his courage is through four elderly men that he watches and mimics every day sitting on a bench in the park The elderly men see the little boy sitting out on his fun, and so they begin to act like a little boy themselves Bringing happiness in the end not only to the little boy but to the elderly men as well What started out as a book I was just going to send back to the library unopened ended up being a very nice book. In this wordless picture book, a bashful boy works up the courage to join the other kids in a neighborhood baseball game Thanks to the gentle nudging of a group of old timers that he meets on a park bench, the boy transforms from a shy bystander to an active participant as his confidence grows Newman deftly illustrates how the old men coax the boy to evolve with his gesture filled character sketches paired with bold brushstrokes No need for words. The Boys starts with the sadness of a little boy who is nervous to interact with other children So, he turns to the bench and assimilates into the old man group that rests there This book teaches the reader to be bold, to interact with people of all ages, and do the things you love. A shy boy is always left off the baseball team, so he tries to make new friends but is left out there, too, at first One day he gets up the courage to assert himself with good results Interesting illustrations in this wordless book. 198 Fun wordless picture book with amazing and expressive illustrations I only opened this book to get a feel for the sort of book it was I was immediately captivated by the art, the wordless story I set it down with misty eyes and a wide smile What a book My problem is that I want you to discover it and I don t want to mess any of its wonder of wordlessness up for you I ve tried to put words to it, but it seems to minimize the story, as if pinning it down removes the life from it So I will briefly tell you the premise and proceed to gush about it ingeneral terms A young boy moves to a new town He heads to the park with his bat, ball and glove He watches from behind a tree but is too shy to approach the playing children on the baseball diamond So he plunks himself down on a bench near some older gentlemen The story continues from there It is fresh, winning, and sweetly surprising There is a universal quality to it, a subtle humor, and a lovely simplicity.Newman has created a book that is an instant classic His use of a vintage style works well with the subject, giving the book a timeless feel The only words in the book are the days of the week as time passes, otherwise all of the story is told in the illustrations Newman tells this story in the slump of shoulders, bowed head, glaring eyes, and a determined set of a jaw There is never any doubt what the young boy is feeling because it is shown so clearly and yet with subtle skill.Get this book, read it, read it again because you must and then decide what lucky person you will hand it to next It is a book to read with someone on your lap, to savor and to simply enjoy. I absolutely love this book With no text other than the days of the week marking the passage of time, Jeff Newman has told a fantastic story of a shy little boy s whose inspiration comes from an unlikely source.Day One father and son unload a moving van Boy unpacks his box of beloved baseball gear, then heads for the local park, where a group of kids are engaged in a lively game He is too shy to ask for a place on the field, so he seats himself on a bench beside four older gentlemen who are reading, feeding the pigeons, or just watching the world go by in general Though no one speaks, the gentlemen take note of the boy s unhappiness Day Two Boy packs away his baseball gear, grabs a loaf of bread and heads to the park to sit beside the older men and feed the pigeons.Day Three Boy again heads to the park bench, but this time he has combed his hair back off his forehead in true old man style and is wearing a bowtie and pink plaid pants Yep, he s becoming one of them.I ll let you read the book yourself to find out what happens It is so worth it.Newman s spare gouache and ink illustrations are reminiscent of the 1950 s and 60 s, and they are perfect Excellent use of bold streaks and white space There is no need for words the characters facial expressions and body language tell the story.There is nothing about this book that I did not love It s a gem.