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Ek het die boek baie geniet Dis iets baie mooi. Hannah St James is a geriatric nurse who was recently laid off and is now searching for work She didn t intend on finding a new job by crashing her old clunker into a Mercedes, but it happened As a widowed single parent, Hannah was determined to keep up on her house mortgage, pay for her sister s schooling, raise a little boy, and have a job With all this stress on her shoulders, Hannah managed to stay strong and generate her love to others However, Tyler Matthews, her new employer, didn t appear to let anyone close to his lonely heart until Hannah showed him a different way All it took her was a cute little boy and one obstinate elderly woman to demonstrate that family is the best care around I enjoyed this quick, easy read because the sequence of events that we re happening made me want to read and This was a sweet story that warmed my heart especially since Tyler Matthews cared for his grandmother so much There were some parts I wasn t fond of though One part that comes to my mind is the brief ending of the book I wish the author would have included details of what happened in the end Readers are left hanging about how the grandmother s new housing plan turns out and how the lives of all the other characters turns out, too Despite the lack of details in the ending, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good book about love, family, and priorities. Can anything else go wrong Hannah St James is a widow with an 8 year old son Danny, is putting her younger sister Trisha through nursing college, is a geriatric nurse has been made redundant With her mind on her job loss how she is going to manage financially, she ends up driving into a Mercedes only realising it was there when their fenders met Why did the owner have to be so good looking Of course she had insuranceliability insurance which would pay for the Mercedes, but not her 8 year old car Now she ll have to the bus to get to places To top things off, her late parents friend, Dr Harvey, isn t able to give her a job either what with budget cuts belt tightening imposed since the recession He takes Hannah s details assuring her if anyone needs a caregiver, he will recommend her.Tyler Matthews has reached the end of his tether His 90 year old grandmother has broken her foot, so has come to live with him Only Lily gets bored very quickly, doesn t sleep much wants Tyler to keep her entertained He can t get any live in help, all having quit for one reason or another Lily running them ragged with her demanding ways his business, not to mention his health, is suffering as a consequence Dr Harvey suggests Hannah St James.When they meet, both Tyler Hannah are startled Hannah figures she won t get the job Tyler, however, is desperate, Dr Harvey has recommended her He offers Hannah the job of caring for Lily, being available for her 24 7, allows her to bring Danny with her The arrival of Hannah Danny turns Tyler s world upside down The house is filled with love laughter not to mention mischief, with his grandmother firmly at the bottom of it Tyler begins to believe that with Hannah, he can finally have the love he s been longing for, but had thought was lost when fianc e Anita died For her part, Hannah had also believed that love only came once, but Tyler has managed to slip under her defences, she too starts to hope that maybe love hasn t disappeared completely.With a feisty Lily, a lovable 8 year old Danny, a scatty sister, 2 hurting hearts stirring with hope, the result is a very heart warming romance with the undercurrents of compassion, faith love flowing through the pages. Title THE BACHELOR BOSSAuthor Judy BaerPublisher Love InspiredAugust 2012ISBN 978 0 373 87763 4Genre Contemporary romanceHannah St James is not having a good day She s been fired from her job, her bills are behind, and her sister s tuition for school is due Not only that, but her son s clothes were all too small, even though she d just bought them a few months before The day gets even worse when she goes to talk to a doctor about a job and gets into a car accident Tyler Matthews is getting worn out He s having to take too much time off his job to care for his elderly grandmother, and she doesn t sleep much, instead wanting to stay up late playing Scrabble When the doctor gently suggests live in help, Tyler isn t one hundred percent on board though He would be, if his grandmother hadn t already run off everyone he hired But grandma promises she ll only be good if he hires the woman who hit his car Tyler finally calls the number the doctor provided in desperation To his surprise, the nurse is none other than the woman who d caused the accident But still Hannah is in no condition to pass up his live in caregiver to his grandmother Hannah adores his grandmother and her son s new bedroom is every boy s dream But workaholic businessman hides behind ledgers and meetings Will he find a life beyond work I have enjoyed many of Ms Baer s books, and was looking forward to this one I did feel that the plot was a bit overdone car accident, then the man hires the woman I ve read a lot of contemporary books with that theme, but otherwise, the writing is stellar, the characters interesting, and grandma is a real sweetie that adds a whole new dimension to the story Discussion questions are included at the end Recommended if you are looking for a sweet romance 224 pages 6.75 I bought this book Nothing was expected from me. A fun and quick read The story moved right along Enjoyed this story of a lady who learned how to get on with life after losing her husband and then hard times hit Loss of a job, dealing with a siblings growing up, her own child, and then seeing that life was good for an elderly lady Enjoyed all the characters of the book I liked that moment when she realized the uselessness of holding on to things you don t need while they could be blessing others. Normally, I like Judy Baer s romances but for all her hits, this is a definite miss Hannah St James, one missed mortgage payment away from homelessness, is hired on the spot by a millionaire exporter named Tyler Matthews to care for his invalid grandmother, a 90 year old spoiled child woman named Lily I can suspend my disbelief on occasion I cannot and will not suspend my disbelief that the woman who dented his Mercedes is the perfect companion for his grandmother that Hannah s college educated sister, Trisha, does not know how to pay bills that Hannah s spunky 8 year old son Danny likes to hang around with older people and that somehow, through the magic of plot convenience, everyone lives happily ever after Find a better fairy tale and read that instead of this book. Everyone in this book is nice There are no bad guys Little tension other than normal life stress But there is a delightful little old lady who loves to stir things up Lilly kept me chuckling And a cute little boy who needs a dad Definitely a feel good romance The characters are Christians, but there is no hit em over the head message. Cute, fun story about a widow and bachelor They start off on the wrong foot but throw in a little boy in need of a father and a meddling grandmother that wants grand kids and you have a fun light adventure Quick read. {E-pub} ⛏ The Bachelor Boss ò Widowed Mother Hannah St James Didn T Expect To Meet Her Next Employer By Crashing Into His New Mercedes But She S In No Financial Shape To Pass Up The Position That Workaholic Businessman Tyler Matthews Offers Live In Caregiver To His Grandmother Hannah Adores Caring For Feisty Lily, And Her Son S New Room Is Every Boy S Dream But Her Handsome Boss Hides His Guarded Heart Behind Ledgers And Meetings Underneath Tyler S Tycoon Exterior Is A Tender Side That Stirs Her Heart And Hopes Again It Ll Take Hannah, An Adorable Little Boy And One Determined Elderly Woman To Show Him That Family Always Provides The Best Care A heartwarming and funny story One I just had to keep reading to find out what Lily was up to next What a character and makes one wish they d had a grandmother like her, altho mine was pretty terrific in her own right A really good read.