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Pure shite I loved it There isthan enough name dropping in THE AU PAIRS to satisfy the cravings of any reader However, this series by Melissa de la Cruz stands out from other, similar series because of its character development.Eliza, Mara, and Jacqui are three girls who are going to be au pairs for a rich family s four young children during their summer stay in the Hamptons Eliza was once the NYC It girl, before her family lost their fortune and they had to relocate to bleeech Buffalo Therefore, this summer is her glorious return only made not so glorious as she realizes she s working class and struggles to hide her financial status from her old friends Mara is the small town girl with big town looks She came to the Hamptons to actually work to save money for college and doesn t realize until later that she s totally Hamptons material In the meantime, Mara struggles to figure out her relationship with her boyfriend, Jim, as well as deal with her feelings for her bosses son, the hot and nice Ryan.Jacqui is a Brazilian bombshell who only came to the States to search for her true love, Luca, whom she met when he spent his spring break backpacking in South America Jacqui finds him, all right, but he s not the sweetheart he had been over spring break, and Jacqui seems to lose her purpose for being an au pair at all.This is a really fun read, great for anyone who wonders about the summer lives of the rich and privileged The characters aren t exactly lovable, and even sweet, kind Mara becomes corrupted after ten weeks, but there arethan enough hot, sweet guys and shopping sprees to get lost in. [Free Pdf] ☨ The Au Pairs ⚔ Three Girls With Three Agendas And The Ultimate Destination The HamptonsSummer In The City Way Overrated Everybody Who S Anybody In New York City Summers In The Hamptons Mara, Eliza, And Jacqui All Want A Piece Of The Action, All For Different ReasonsSo The Girls Answer A Classified Ad To Become Au Pairs How Bad Can It Be, Watching A Couple Of Kids On The Beach All Day They Ve Got The Swank Address, The Sweet Ride, And An All Access Pass To The Hottest Social Scene On The East Coast It S Shaping Up To Be The Summer Of Their Lives A fun fluffy read and I will be continuing with the series A great poolside book. Rating 3.25 5Review to come McLaughlin and Kraus s The Nanny Diaries St Martin, 2002 meets von Ziegesar s Gossip Girls Little, Brown, 2002 in this high fashion, air kissing, celebrity sprinkled whirl of fluff Three unique chicas one exotic exchange student Jacqui , one plain Jane from suburbia Mara , and one former society girl Eliza find themselves sharing a summer nanny job and a staff bedroom in the Hamptons Juggling boys, babysitting, and beaches is a challenge that can only be accomplished if they work together despite their differences Their reward A summer of jet setting at parties and a salary of 10,000.The author weaves three predictable stories together with ease and allows her characters to have neat, happy endings The characters genuinely learn something about themselves by the end, and have some effect on their young charges are well And, their situations and observations along the way are laugh out loud funny.Less snottily sophisticated or scathingly judgmental than its contemporaries, Au Pairs is the perfect beach read for fans of Sex the City or Gil Girls light, fun and flippant Libraries on a shoestring budget can wait for the paperback edition. It had been my intention to read the whole series which was composed in a single collection I signed out from the library, but after finishing the first one, I know that I can t While I had gone into this book expecting a pretty light, brainless summer read, I did not expect it to be so dull Predictability is something that I expect from this kind of book, but it s important that it s presented in an engaging way And for me, there was just nothing interesting about most of this book Relationships and situations developed slowly and when secrets came out they really didn t have the impact or element scandal that would make you care that it even happened Hell, the characters barely cared All issues just rolled off or were easily resolved and it left the whole story feeling empty and pointless. When I was a teenager I did what most girls did for extra money, I babysat the neighborhood kids I worked weekends, weeknights, and one time I worked through my junior prom I always had cash on me and loved the kids that I watched I sometimes thought the kids liked me better than their parents at times The babysitting experiences that I had were fun, but never glorified and were hard work Beach Lane is about a group of girls that decide to take a babysitting job for the summer in the Hamptons Each girl has their own expectations and level of experience One girl is a ritzy glamour girl that only cares about herself, the next would be considered loose at best, and the last seems to be described as a country bumpkin I am not kidding with the stereotypes As you can imagine I did not like this book whatsoever There are so many reasons why it will be difficult to pin down The positives were that it was well written, a fast read, and descriptive Throughout the story there was a constant referral to drugs, alcohol, and sex It describes wild nights where these girls sleep with men in their 20 s and up, drinking until they pass out, and not watching the kids like they are paid to do There is a constant theme of irresponsible bratty girls that are upset due to their lack of the latest Gucci bad How lame is that Hollywood is described as being stoned and drunk all day and only shopping at designer this and designer that Their is an elitist attitude toward the average citizen and the girls display a spoilt grabby lifestyle I did not like the concept of the book, but held strong and finished it I kept hoping that the author would show me that the girls would grow as a character and learn that their isto life than what you purchase at a store or screw the night before Sadly I was deeply disappointed If you enjoy shallow lifestyles and loose girls than this book is for you Other than that don t bother wasting your time. This is a real summer read book I really enjoyed this series, honestly sometimes I want to read books for pure enjoyment and not get a lesson or another out of them, I mean come on I need to leave room to learn on my own and this book definitely delivered on the fun pleasure read part It s a page turner, quirky characters and who doesn t love getting thrown into the rich and fabulous life I love the 3 main characters, how all three were different but they still became close friends and experienced new boundaries I loved the romance in here especially spoiler between Mara and Ryan, I love maid and boss stories.Over all this was a good read, it maybe for a bit of an older crowd 14 but then again it all depend on maturity level and it certainly reached exceptions from a book you want nothing from but good ol entertainment thank youcome again. edited March 2013 New covers New Title for the frist novel Looks like these are going to get a new push forthe summer season Three very different girls are brought together for the chance of a lifetime A summer job as an au pair in the exclusive, luxurious Hamptons with 10,000 dollars of cash to boot for the Perry family.Eliza Former guest of the Perry family , but now a poor girl since Daddy got arrested for fraud Wants the job so she has a place to stay in the Hamptons to get back in.Mara Small town girl totally astonished by the excess of the Hamptons who wants the jo so she can save for a car college.Jacqui Cool, Confident Brazilian who takes the job in order to find the boy who left her broken hearted.We see the girls struggling to get along with each other,with their smarmy boss and his gold digger wife and with the Hamptons and its crowd Don t forget the 4 toe rag children they are supposed to be feeding raw tuna, teaching to read, teaching to swim and potty training Throw in the older evil twin sisters, the older brother that seems to be the only sane person around and the elite of the Hamptons to finish off what is sure to be a recipe for disaster.So will Eliza be outed as the help Will Mara stay true to her small town roots And will Jacqui get back together with the one who got away