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I read this book very carefully It s a great fit for the cerebral part of my brainhaving anything to do with complex relationships and family dymamics.I literally can pick this book apart piece by piece to analyze..a perfect group discussion choice Several Goodreads members, and I, picked this book for a group discussion.For those interested to join in if you ve read the book Here is how to find the discussion group go to groupsjoin the public group The Reading For Pleasure Book Club do not worry about obligations many members have joined just to link into the designed book discussion for this book Scroll down through threads until you find The Amateur Marriage clink link you will find other members many you know discussion corner My Quick Review saving to say for the discussion group RANDOM THOUGHTS This book can be read re read picked apart Basic generalizations to deeper introspections not everyone would have the patience for it I didbut towards the end, I began to feel a little weary only the last 10 15 pages did I finally feelI exhausted my energy, and needed a breather BOTH Michael and Pauline, were in a quandary doubting each other s intelligence decisions financial choices parenting social appropriateness anniversary celebrations dealings with grief loss sex and love..Pauline was often erratic, having explosive outbursts, and volatile At the same time, she took action Looking put together and beautiful, were of some importance to her, pride in her cooking, and home decorating skills She could also squash Michael being too righteous..Michael could be a cold hearted icebergcallous insensitive borderline cruel and often just wimpy He also could squash Pauline being too righteousThe children bruised each in different ways and as they growwe see some suffering in their relationships..I might conclude that each of us have our bruises We are all amateurs in love living and connecting togetherAnne Tylerloving this author Pauline and Michael meet just as America is gathering troops to help fight the Second World War It s Balti in the 40 s, and we are about to observe this seemingly mismatched couple Michael quiet and straight , Pauline vivacious and wild act out the rest of their lives.I read this book as part of a group read, so I ll not delve too deeply into what happens But I will record a few thoughts on the experience of spending a week in the company of this duo And let s modify that statement for a start, as we meet friends and neighbours and, of course, the wider family too along the way it s not totally focused on Michael and Pauline.It s a gentle tale A story of a normal marriage really I didn t find any major twists within the pages but there were the typical ups and downs and changes we all experience in our lives And that might just be a strength of the book we can all find something to identify with here But in truth I found it slow going to start with, though I did learn a few things about America in the 40 s for instance, I hadn t computed that rationing wasn t only a British thing during the war That came as a bit of a shock In fact, it was beyond half way before I started to build up any real empathy for the characters I think that s because the story is told in a very matter of fact way the visual picture I had developed was documentary than dramatisation As the characters aged I did become engaged in their lives I can t quite put my finger on why that was the case, but maybe it was because I suddenly had in common with them we were meeting the same challenges and sharing some similar views But still the narrative seemed to be locked on this path where nothing going on in the outside world had anything but a minor role The inverted telescope was focused on the people we d been introduced to and everything else seemed like an irrelevance that wasn t allowed to intrude.In the end I was sad to finish, as I usually am when I ve tracked peoples progress through the generations And I ll need to take some time to really understand how I feel about this book No doubt this will become clearer as I share detailed thoughts with my fellow readers, but my initial reaction is one of mild disappointment that the book didn t grab me by the scruff of the neck and drag me, breathless, to the end I m also conscious that maybe I missed something, that the essence of this book has passed me by Time will tell and maybe I ll come back and add some thoughts once I ve had time to cogitate a while and to discuss my experience with others. 4 starsThey were such a perfect couple They were taking their very first steps on the amazing journey of marriage, and wonderful adventures were about to unfold in front of them Wow, don t most marriages start out with this assumption I had to laugh to myself when I stumbled across this quote in my notes after having finished my journey with this book And what a wild ride that was I am honestly quite drained after reading this I can t recall another book compelling me to scrutinize my own behaviors and my relationships so intensely as Anne Tyler s The Amateur Marriage Michael and Pauline have a brief courtship followed by a wedding during the turbulent wartime of the 1940 s They are perhaps a classic example of opposites attract Pauline, recognizable in her dangerous and dramatic red coat, is lively, spontaneous, dramatic and unpredictable Michael is very conventional, anti social, rigid, and judgmental Both appear to be passive aggressive But, even if it s true that opposites attract, can they really survive and stay afloat for the long haul Marriage is a lot of work and every new couple could be called amateurs But as with any relationship, marriage is one that grows over time and requires both partners to learn from one another and to compromise Pauline and Michael seem unable to do so, and this book illustrates the damaging effects of a deficient marriage not just on the couple themselves, but their children as well The novel spans several decades and is really a fascinating character study Almost every person in this book will seem familiar to you could this one or that one actually be someone you know disguised as a character within these pages Or, worse yet, could this person be YOU I kept asking myself these questions Every time I sat down with this book I thought about my own actions, the actions of my spouse, my parents, my sibling, and my friends Are my children getting the right messages from quietly observing my own behaviors and listening to each word I say Am I doing this all wrong I m doing my best and I hope that s enough for now This was my first Anne Tyler novel and I am happy to see that there are many others waiting for me I may need to take a short break before opening another, but not because I found the story lacking Rather, I need a bit of a rest from my own self examination I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading about relationships and family dynamics There is not a lot of action here, but instead a thought provoking and in depth look at everyday peopleHe believed that all of them, all those young marrieds of the war years, had started out in equal ignorance He pictured them marching down a city street, as people had on the day he enlisted Then two by two they fell away, having grown wise and seasoned and comfortable in their roles, until only he and Pauline remained, as inexperienced as ever the last couple left in the amateurs parade I am fascinated by how families work, endurance, how do we get through life Anne Tyler, from an interview in The Guardian Two mismatched people impulsive, gregarious, Wasp Pauline and methodical, quiet Polish Catholic Michael get married, continually fight, move from one Balti neighbourhood to another, raise three children, experience loss and then well, I don t want to spoil the plot, such as it is.You don t read Anne Tyler for big drama you go to her for her vivid characters and the way she shows you people to borrow from the quote above getting through life The Amateur Marriage spans than half a century, with several years elapsing between each chapter Each chapter, shaped beautifully like a short story, is centred around a significant event a big anniversary dinner, a lie, a reunion As I got further into the book and I got invested in the characters, I found myself wondering What s become of X Why hasn t Y been mentioned in a while Beginning a chapter, I had to brace myself in case I learned someone had died in the interim I was eager to know how Pauline and Michael s children turned out Were they like their mom Their dad After a while it felt like I knew everybody, complete with their faults a bad temper here, a bit of coldness there and I wanted things to turn out well for them There s a scene with two middle aged people on a date that had me quietly cheering them on it s contrasted later with a date scene that had me laughing at its awkwardness.I m not sure how Tyler does this She s great at getting us deep inside someone s point of view, but she s also a master at showing them doing things, even ordinary things How a person drives a car says a lot about them Following them walk up and down the aisles of a hardware store fixes them in your mind Even the way someone sits at a table Tyler s a cultural anthropologist in the way she depicts body language tells you what their dialogue doesn t.Not that her dialogue is bad Each one of her characters speaks a certain way I adore Tyler s prose There s nothing fashionable or faddish about it No tricks Just simple, old fashioned, good writing.People complain that Tyler keeps writing the same novel This is only the third book of hers I ve read, and yes, all three have been set in Balti and concern families But in each case, she s dealing with people I know, people I ve been, people I will likely become Perhaps we read realistic fiction to see how other people live, to prepare us, if only subconsciously, for the future If Tyler writes the same novel all the time, then so did Jane Austen. Another wonderful story from Anne Tyler about a perfectly normal family, told in an anything but average way She has this remarkable ability to craft stories that are incredibly engaging and heartfelt about a subject that s so often written of She certainly has her niche, but it s not cliche or dull or overwrought it s just perfectly right I loved Michael and Pauline and hated them at the same time I loved how each chapter jumped a bit in time so we were really able to live out this marriage with them, through it s few highs and many lows A great family saga and again confirms my love for Tyler s work 4 stars A lot of people who reviewed this book thought that it was about a marriage in which the partners were incompatible They were too different He was ethnic inner city, she was of WASP heritage Their personalities were too different They were both stuck in adolescence, hence the amateur quality of their marriage But for me it was Every marriage Of course they were of different backgrounds, with World War II acting like a giant cultural mixer Of course they were different opposites attract As to adolescence, that represented where they were mired, not a personality type Look at our society these days, look at Congress Both their personalities were problematical She was totally temperamental, he was the cold fish The she pursued, the he walled himself off She became the trouble maker of the family, the proximal flashpoint In comparison he looked good, wore the mantle of the victim Yet his personality was such that as a young man in basic training he was a victim of accidental friendly fire by another man whom he than annoyed.We know what Greek tragedy is This is American tragedy Neither partner could decide this wasn t an amateur marriage but the real thing Neither could take a leap of faith For neither did a door open and reveal the way where before there seemed to be only wall Neither could give up that the other was maliciously withholding what he she needed.He thought the answer was a woman with a cool personality But at the end, when she was long gone, who was it he yearned to see when he rounded the bend This book packed a punch Of the Anne Tyler books I ve read, it was the most powerful I read it six years ago and have never forgotten it although some of the details have faded in the meantime You could get PTSD from reading this book.Why read it if it is so traumatic So it can function like Greek tragedy and exorcise the demons Cry it out via literature and perhaps not have to suffer it in real life. I read this book a few years ago but it has stuck with me The book is a portrait of a marriage between two incredibly different people The woman is very emotional, with a flair for the dramatic The man is very non emotional It paints a picture of so many marriages I have seen I think there comes a point in marriage where a woman realizes that she married a GUY Sounds weird to say but there was a part of me that imagined my husband would enjoy shopping and fashion and cry at the opera, and love Jane Austin OK, not exactly Jane Austin but He points at helicopters in the sky and talks about fuel pods and rotors and anti torque propellers and that s just MEN You know And it s quite adorable, and we love them for it.I loved the characters in this book I identified with a lot of it It s interesting to read about how these two people and their very volatile marriage affected their children as well It s so very plausible It s a book I d like to read again Also, one of the characters has a Polish background and I m all about that So that was fun to read about as well. He wished he had inhabited of his life, used it better, filled it fuller As the title suggests this was an exploration of how not everyone is an expert at companionship marriage Simply put it this was a magnified look at an unhappy marriage or watching a train wreck happen over three generations and how it affects everyone around the couple.This was my third Anne Tyler this year after loving A Spool of Blue Thread, I was dead set on revisiting her family oriented books She has this ability to showcase complex characters in very complex relationships especially in this book She paired two very different individuals An extroverted over the top Woman with a reserved Introverted man and spending each chapter in both their minds, we get to see how the lack of communication destroys their union.I enjoyed this one I found myself caring for them and constantly shouting at them to treat each other well and the whole generational transition was fascinating plus I genuinely enjoy Anne Tyler s writing she really knows how to structure dialogue, I can always hear the characters voices.I just wish this featured a diverse range of characters because it felt to suburban for my taste that lessened the emotional impact Another thing about Anne Tyler is that all her books are set in Balti so I tend to separate my time between each of her books or they become too similar.Regardless, She still makes the reading experience feel like you are sitting at a dinner table with a f cked up family pardon my french I recommend her books if you are remotely interested. {Free Epub} ß The amateur marriage á Popular Ebook, The Amateur Marriage Author Anne Tyler This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Amateur Marriage, Essay By Anne Tyler Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Once again, Anne Tyler has written a warm and beautiful story about life, destinies and everyday worries This particular one deals with Michael and Pauline who got married way too quickly They realize through their marriage that they re incompatible, which makes this book an exploration of their life together Each chapter skips ahead a bunch of years, and in that way we get a fast forward, intriguing story What I liked the most about this novel is that it challenges the romantic idea of a happy marriage These two people can t seem to make it work simply because it went wrong from the beginning, and naturally you can t help imagining what their lives would have been like if they had chosen a different destiny In many ways, this novel reminded me of Fates Furies by Lauren Groff which I read last year and equally loved It s an honest, however brutal love story, and it s one of those books that make you think about life in general and the choices we make.