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the book was a very cool and creepy book it was interesting because the tractors came to life. Terrible Tractors of Texas by Johnathan Rand is a very cool book Jake and his friend John are taking some days of fun when the decide to try some experimental fuel in the tractors There is a catch though The fuel causes the tractors to come alive Jake and john need to act fast and come up with a plan to stop them before these tractors destroy everything Can the do it @DOWNLOAD â Terrible Tractors of Texas (American Chillers) ⚽ Jake And His Friend John Have Planned A Few Days Of Fun But When They Fill Up The Farm Equipment With A Special Experimental Fuel, They Get Than They Bargained For For The Experimental Fuel Makes The Tractors Come Alive And Now They Re Turning The Entire Ranch Upside Down Tractors, Bulldozers, Lawnmowers They Ve All Come Alive Worst Of All, They Re Trying To Take OverCan Jake And John Stop The Vicious Iron Beasts, Or Will The Freaky Farm Machines Have Their Way This is too good, I want you guys to read this and find out what happens Jake and his friend john is spending their time on a farm that Jake s parents rented But Jake and John are finding out about something unusual about those tractors Why is the tractors breaking the barn, why are they moving, no HOW are they moving with no one in there Will jake and John find a way to end this madness with the tractors Find out and Read, Terrible Tractors of Texas, by Jonathan Rand. Interesting The reader is never bored since the plot moves around a lot and keeps moving Very creative. Everywhere they go there are tractors How can they escape All the tractors have turned evil What will happen Find out in Terrible Tractors of Texas My favorite part is when Tony flips All the tractors because He and his friend John and his little sister keep getting cornered This is a page turner. Great thriller love this book Terrible Tractors of Texas was a great book It was funny,full of action and scary at times There are some books you read just because you know your students are going to read them and you want to know what s in them This is that book Part of theAmerican Thrillersseries, this one is set in Texas each book is set in a different state Kids who loveGoosebumpswill go for these books It will appeal to those who love hyperbole, italics, and exclamation points especially if one likes all three together Each chapter ends with a cliffhanger and the author constantly reminds the reader that, as horror filled as the story has been so far, it will get worse These books are for those who like horror and action and don t want to deal with the complications of character development. I think this book was overall great The story was great but didn t make sense They Could ve have just explained how the tractors came alive instead of a special fluid that made no sense I m not going to bash a book form not making sense but in this instance with the tractors doesn t make sense The book also didn t have much character development and used cliches like the parents don t notice monsters and stuff but the book was still OK because i felt like the charaiters make some real life decision i would make.